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Speaking of Backups ....

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As has been mentioned several times, backing up your sequences is something you should be doing.

For those of you who don't have a backup solution in place then I'd ask you to consider Acronis Backup. It's one of the programs I use to backup my stuff, and I'm very happy with it.

You can get it here. It does have a free trial offer, though I forget what limitations might be on there.

Seriously, get a backup plan in place. We see it every year that people lose sequences because their computer crash, hard drive failed or worse. Don't be that guy/gal/person. 


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Posted (edited)

Anyone that spends the amount of money it takes to even get started in this hobby/passion, yet, would not spend a messly $60 for an external HD to back things up, is probably not going to have an easy time with anything they do.   Cutting corners simply is not a good idea with this hobby, and not investing in an external back up (out side of the computer you keep your sequences and info on) IS cutting corners.  It is simply not wise, and should be the first piece of advice given to any newbie.

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Even 1 external bu device should be considered a bad move.

I have posted my wife's problem before. Cost to recover my two little boys entire life up to 2 years ago $650

Bramd new WD device failed. I opened case to send just drive to Seagate recovery and discovered the drive was already past expected life. Drive dated 2005 purchased 2014 died 6 months later. It was only used as a backup to children's photos and videos

now I have 3 HDD's but not near as complicated as some of you here.


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I personally have five copies of everything. I know it seems like overkill but here is where I store copies of my sequences:

1) Programming computer

2) Show computer

3) Home server

4) Dropbox - off site in case the house burns down from all my wiring :D

5) USB stick that I keep in my home safe - fire proof.

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I was just looking into all this and i found the safest way (for me anyway) other then external is i just wrk all out of google drive so my stuff is all on their server

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