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  1. Nope.. mine are all 1000/100/10. I tried two different ones. Both Netgear. The problem they tell me might be the WIZnet they used. I wound up buy a cheap 100/10 switch just to run these two bridges and it seems to have done the trick just fine. I put it between the GB switch and those boards and it works.. I am not the only one that has this issue.. but these are a few years old. They may have fixed that issue by now.
  2. I actually have a issue running GB switch with the DIY LEDExpress E1.31 Bridge. It just doesn't like it. I have two of them that are a few years old now and I have to run 10/100 switches or they won't work.. Everything else seems fine with GB switches..
  3. Only you George.. only you... ha ha
  4. ha ha.. this is my 3rd try at it.. and I'm so darn busy I wonder how I ever had time for a real job
  5. I am young it seems at 60.. ha ha
  6. DE.. .say it isn't so.. I love your voice overs.. I used your free ones for one year and then the ones I paid you for the next year... They were so worth it. (if you remember, I actually paid you more than you asked for because of all the work you put in). We would miss you deary as a community. Please don't let a few people run you out.. Dave was of course not looking for anything that you didn't already give away freely.. and I understand some have been sharing what they shouldn't.. and that sucks..But don't let it sour you from our hobby..
  7. I don't know Jim, With PFC and all the other protections listed you would think they might actually be real power supplies and not just chargers.. Would be worth asking for a spec sheet before ordering I would think
  8. Thanks.. I hope you make it this year..
  9. So the Dollar Tree had these plastic Hula Hoops.. for a dollar.. I had a butt load of pixels hanging around.. There will be at least 12, maybe 20 of these.. They are already devoid of noisy plastic, painted black and gorilla tape at the seam to replace the cheap plastic tape they came with. Just have to finish applying pixels and wire ties. This is just a pattern off my testers thingy.. I kinda like em This video is a bit long and shaky at points, but that's what happens when you have to push buttons and hold the phone.. ha ha
  10. PM sent back! ha ha
  11. I think I have about 50 brand new in a box.. I doubt I will get to use them..
  12. My favorite is when a parent references the start of a tradition with the young age of a child. NICE! I hope it is something you pass on and he loves
  13. LOL @ DevMike.. I like that line..
  14. I got sleep... ha ha.. I stopped buying LOR hardware after I got all the AC controllers I needed plus spares... Already have plenty of ELLs and a spare dongle.. Everything else is pixel related and there are no real "deals" with LOR's pixel hardware that I can see. I may at some point play with the servo drives.. but not sure.. If I do, there is always the summer sale.. and sleep! ;-) Glad you all had fun!