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  1. you didn't show up for the last one.. ha ha No, not yet..
  2. I forgot to add chewing gum to the list.. ha ha
  3. OH man.. I rushed to look at the video so fast I didn't notice it wasn't yours.. My bad.. What I meant by topper was not a star.. just a thingy to stick in all the PVC pipes at the top to keep them in place and spaced evenly without wire ties.. (from the video, not your pictures). Now that I take my T... i... m... e.. and slow down to really look, I see yours are neater than the video.. but I thought the hose was a cool DIY touch.. ha ha.. Now, as for me being a "professional"... I'm more of a professional trouble maker! .. I'm pretty sure I'm not fooling anyone.. I do love to see everyone's DIY stuff. I think that is half the fun of the hobby.. Hoses, PVC, Pex, HPDE, wire ties, duct tape and bailing wire.. I love everyone's imagination.. I just wish I could draw, would be so much easier to get my points across.. .. sniff, sniff. I can't draw a straight line with an ACAD system.. ha ha..
  4. Nice DIY video.. It was interesting to see how you used the hose. I do have a suggestion.. Maybe you could get one of the guys with a 3D printer to print you a topper that has legs coming down at an angle which can be inserted in the PVC pipe at the top and keep them equally spaced.. Won't really change the look of the lights that much at night perhaps, but would put a good finish look to the top during the day................ you know.. when most people drive by.. Good job..
  5. Yes, they are more to the "yellowish" side. They are good for some applications but with the stars they are just too dim for me. Now that I am adding so many pixels this year, I need my stars to "Pop". That is why the CW change out
  6. I also need to replace the warm white, not so bright rope lights on my tree topper stars that I got from The warm white just doesn't stand out enough..
  7. My plan this year includes singing faces and I can't see any reason to use anything other than rope light. I just wonder where the best and most cost effective solution will come from.
  8. We are dating ourselves.. huh! ha ha.. I remember getting this color organ because I had been playing with lights for a year or two and my mom thought this would be a cool present because I spent so much time in Western Auto watching it.. In high school I actually started a lightshow company with a friend of mine. We did lights for local live bands.. Now that was a fun time..
  9. So How did you get started in "lights". My nephew posted this pic of me 47 years ago with my first commercial "color organ". It's been all down hill from there.. ha ha color organ.jpg?dl=0
  10. OK.. here is one more thing to consider. DI and DO. DI is no problem.. but what about DO? That will wind up at the top of the Fire Stick. Well, it turns out Ray may have a fix for that. He can make strips that have the DO on the PCB. I just ordered new Plasma Icicle replacements that very way.. however those are only WS2811 5v. He has the ability to make 12v 60/m in the same configuration. I am working on getting some answers on those now. If those are viable and not too expensive.. it will be so much easier to build for programming
  11. Thank you sir.
  12. Ok.. here is a quick test video I through together. Please read the description and the "show more".
  13. I know your question was directed at me but... I use strips instead of strands. You can use strands I suppose. I use the strips because they are easy to use and they lay very low to the back and the spacing is always very linear. I use the 12v 3LED per channel type. For me I like the look. I am still working on what I like best for mounting. Using wire ties could allow spinning around the EMT in the strong winds we get. With conduit clamp that would not be an issue. Still working on figuring out all of the details.
  14. As soon as I get some decent video I will post.
  15. I have some industrial Hook and Loop that I can use.. Hot glue is for the ends while testing.. Mounting is going to be my next fix..