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  1. What to do with bullet pixels

    Disney Matt Thanks for the reply. I also like this idea. But I have 5 metal frame wreaths with a big bow on them that I rebuilt 2 years ago with led rope lights that cover my upper level attic windows. I am not quite ready to do away with them yet. Thanks Wayne
  2. What to do with bullet pixels

    Thanks for the info everyone. Default, You have got me thinking, what do you think 1/2 of your spinner would look like with the center hole down on a porch floor that is about 2 foot off the ground? The 3 X 6 half would come very close to fitting in between my porch poles and being about the same height as my railing. So it would be almost like a different style Marty fan. Plasmadrive, Very simple piece ( which I need simplistic to get things working for my first time with pixels ) What do you do with these in your display? Do you stack them or just have them hanging or do you tie them together to form a design? Thanks guys Wayne
  3. Looking for some ideas on what to do with bullet pixels. I bought about 800 pixels last year and was going to make a matrix. But I am not sure I am going to do that. So with that said, what would you built with these type of pixels. I was thinking about some fire sticks, but not sure if this type of pixel will work for that. See below for the pixels I bought. This will be my first time playing with pixels. Thanks for any idea's Wayne Well no picture came thru. they are Holiday Coro Smart / Pixel RGB LED Node 8mm/12mm / 12v / 2811 / 50 Node String / 3" Spacing
  4. Thanks dibblejr that is what I have done to get them on here. Here are pictures of my porch poles. They are only about 5-6 inches in diameter. I am not sure the pixnode net would give me the effect that I like with the rope light.
  5. I have been trying to attach a picture with no luck. Can anyone tell me what the picture size limit is and what format to paste a pic in this forum is? Thanks wayne
  6. I have 5 poles on my front porch that I have wrapped with white, red, green rope light for years and the last 5 or 6 with led rope light. The poles are about 5-6 inches in diameter. In my case 18 foot of rope light works out good for length. I am thinking of wrapping them with smart pixels this year. I bought a bunch with 3 inch spacing and I am thinking about using them. Has anyone wrapped there porch poles with pixels? and how did it look? If anyone has done this, did you just use 1 string of pixels or did you parallel 2 or 3 strings down the poles. Any info or video's would be appriciated Thanks Wayne
  7. Dual CMB-24D's

    Basically I had one controller last year controlling my flood lights around the house. But I had 4 cords running over my sidewalk to get to the other side of the house. So since I had an extra controller and did not get any programming time this year ( due to building a new shop ) I wanted to get the cords off of the sidewalk. So I took the second controller and took the 4 flood light channels going across the sidewalk and put them on the second controller. So by using a second controller I am able to run the 4 floods off of one controller and 4 floods off of the other controller and not have to do any programing and get the wires off of the sidewalk. It is a waste of a controller, but for this year it gets done what I wanted to do. Wayne
  8. Dual CMB-24D's

    Guys Thanks for the reply's. Jim you are correct. Since I had gotten no replies, I opened a ticket with tech support and they advised that 2 controllers will work with the same ID as you stated. And what I wanted to do was ok and a lot of people do that. Wayne
  9. Dual CMB-24D's

    I have 2 CMB-24 controllers. I want to put one on each side of the house so I don't have to run cables over my sidewalk and long runs to the other side of the house. I currently have 8 all outputs on one controller used. Can I take lets say 4 of the outputs and move to the second controller and make both controllers the same id? If that is not a problem, then what about the 4 open ports on each controller if I split them up 4 on one controller and 4 on the other controller, will that damage the boards with no load on the open ports on each controller? In other words 2 controllers with same ID North controller using 1 thru 4 controlling lights, 5 thru 8 open South controller using 1 thru 4 open, 5 thru 8 controlling lights If this will not work, I will just go back to using one controller. Don't have time to reprogram sequences due to building new garage that has gotten into my X-Mas time. Wayne
  10. Tree Dazzler

    Was in Menards Sunday and noticed they had them also: http://www.menards.com/main/home-decor/christmas/tree-decor/tree-dazzler/p-1468407000511-c-12298.htm Wayne
  11. lor network

    Thanks for the info guys. I have been testing on the lor enhanced network setup using a standard usb adapter. But with all of the reading I have been doing, it sounded like I needed the high speed adapter for the pixcon board. So what my thought was to put the pixcon and the cmb24 board on the high speed adapter and leave all of my controllers on the old usb adapter. If this is not a good way to do it please advise. So if I use this scenario how do I assign the high speed adapter to the pixcon and cmb? Thanks Wayne
  12. lor network

    Ok I am diving into the rgb stuff and have a question about the networks. I ordered the high speed usb red adapter. I have a pixcon 16 board and a couple of cmb24 boards. I also have about 18 lor controllers. Is there a network guide any where? I am guessing that the normal lor controllers can stay on the old adapter and the new boards go on the high speed adapter. How do I select the high speed adapters for the new boards? Does the aux setting become the new adapter? Thanks Wayne
  13. LOTS of Incandescents

    A couple of years ago I was in the same boat. I don't remember for sure, But I had a lot of new ones and old ones. I throwed out the worst ones and then donated the rest to a couple of church's in my area. Wayne
  14. Menards Christmas stuff

    I was in Menards yesterday and they have started putting out their Christmas stuff. They didn't have a lot out, but they have started. I have not seen any other place yet with stuff out. Made me think that Christmas is closer than I was thinking. Wayne
  15. I am trying to get into the pixels and I have a pixcon 16 board. I am using holiday coro 50 string pixels. I have port 1 hooked up to a 50 led strand and I have port 2 hooked up to a 50 led strand. When I go to the pixel console and run the sliders up and down the coresponding pixels lights up. But when I do all of the pixels on the last pixel in the string does not follow the color of the rest. It comes on as a green color. and stays that color until I do a turn all off. So that is when I hooked up a second pixel set to port 2 and it does the same thing. Now if I go to the last pixel adjustment slider and them move them all down or all up the last pixel responds ok. and the same on port 2. When I do the pixel test from the controller( pushing the button for 3 seconds ) all of the pixels work fine. I have not done a sequence yet to see if they work ok that way. Is this a bug in the pixel console? Because it seems like the hardware is working. Wayne