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  1. Yea, stuff has changed A LOT! Played with an Apple 2 first and some early Radio Shack computer, then my room-mate bought an original IBM PC right after they came out. My first computer was an Amiga 1000, then later an Amiga 2000. First PC clone was in the late 90s. The Amiga 1000 had 1MB of RAM and I paid $115 per megabyte to add two more. My server today has 48GB of RAM. I have not looked at either and also have no plans to do so.
  2. Yes, the Red USB-RS485-HS is RS-485 (hence the RS485 in the name). RS-485 can be used for DMX or LOR protocol. For the technically curious, RS-485 is the electrical standard, LOR or DMX are data protocols that are in this case carried over an RS-485 signal. DMX is also commonly carried over ethernet in a protocol called E1.31. When using E1.31, the LOR show computer generates DMX data, but encapsulates that data in ethernet frames rather than a RS-485 data stream.
  3. First of all, I big thank you for all of you who have served. For me, I was attempting to get an appointment to Annapolis in the mid 70's, but my eyes got bad enough that I would have failed the physical when I was in 10th grade. Then talked seriously with a Navy recruiter in 12th grade, but ultimately did not go that route. I have often wondered how my life would have been different if I had joined the Navy. It is in my blood a bit. My dad made 26 trips across the Atlantic as crew of a troop transport ship (read that as un-escorted, high value target) in the Coast Guard during the latter portion of WW2, and then the Navy reserve after the war. Got called up for two tours on a destroyer during Korea.
  4. Hopefully Mr. P's explanation has it figured out for you. For whatever it's worth, I sequence EVERYTHING in SuperStar. Currently I have the 40 CCR license level for SuperStar which lets me export 6,000 channels. My current 2017 layout uses 5,643 channels, but there will be more channels this year, so I am expecting that a SuperStar upgrade is in my plan this year. I have never even looked at Xlights, and never have figured out how to use do anything useful with PE.
  5. Take a look at this page: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/ This will give the comparison for the LOR software levels. With the pixel controllers, the number of controllers is a little confusing because a single physical controller may very well have more than on controller ID. It's the number of controller IDs that matter. As Mr. P pointed out, your Pixel controllers will use 20 IDs so the advanced or Pro level license will be required. You asked about CCR X amount. Are you asking about SuperStar? If so, I can explain that as I use SuperStar for essentially all my sequencing.
  6. Happy Birthday Dennis. I just turned 58 last month.
  7. Except for a handful of lights, everything I have is RGB - both year round and Christmas. PM sent with my phone number. BTW, you list your location as Co. That's rather ambiguous. Can I guess that you're not in Columbia? I would suggest that you update your profile with a little better location. Trust me on this, it will help you in the long run.
  8. S5

    Google is your friend (that's how I found it). ChristmasExpo.com Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  9. S5

    13-15 July in Nashville, TN. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  10. I found a solution to a problem and I wanted to share my solution. The problem is that my front porch light is very visible from the street. Over the years I keep turning the intensity down (it's on a LOR channel), and it's still too bright. The solution is that I installed a piece of cardboard in the light fixture so that the light is completely blocked towards the street and unblocked towards the house. Now I can leave the porch light on at a useful intensity and not have it shine brightly towards the street. The photo below does not really do it justice, but you will notice that you don't see any direct light from the porch light, but you can see the shadow from the wreath on the front door being cast on the wall. Took about 10 seconds to install the cardboard, and will take about that long to remove it after the season is concluded.
  11. S5

    Thanks for that info Mike. We understand that you can only say so much. That much was great! Looking forward to the Beta when it comes out... I would love to get to Expo, but I doubt I will be able to
  12. S5

    Yep - When it's ready. I would not expect anything until it comes out in Beta testing. If there are people outside of LOR Alpha testing it, no one is talking (if there are such people, they are likely under a NDA). Based on my perspective of the S4 public Beta (of which I was quite active), it was a success, so I would assume S5 will have a public Beta - but that's just my opinion.
  13. I am also very saddened to learn that Kevin was closing down. Just this morning I received my package 6 files. Kevin does such nice work. I started using his Demented Elf Radio Network for my non-show hours radio last year. So happy with those files, that I ordered eight more segments of DERN earlier this year and then the package 6 during his spring sale. Had to make sure that files were worded so they were not 2017 specific...
  14. Export the prop and E-Mail it to me and I'll take a look at it. Jim at k6ccc dot org Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  15. I assume you are not seeing the controller in the Hardware Utility. What do you have set as the Unit ID for the search (upper right corner of the HU display)?
  16. As a pilot, I just can't see jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! Now a friend of mine did get his F4 all shot up and bailed out over the South China Sea a bunch of decades ago - different situation!
  17. Almost all of my pixel tree sequences were purchased. I just add the rest of the yard around it. In the case of Carol of the Bells shown above, that is a Brian Bruderer sequence. I have a bunch of his. BTW, I learn A LOT about using SuperStar by buying an expert's sequence and seeing how he did things. I have purchased sequences from several sources and learn different things from different sources. My opinion is a 24 inch star on top will look pretty small on top of a 16 foot tree. My video is using a customized Brian Bruderer star with is 29 inches across and my tree strings are only 122.5 inches from top to bottom pixel. You would be hard pressed to get 16 strings to fit at the top with that small of a star using my alignment method. I can barely fit 12 strings with the way I have them mounted. however with strips rather than the square nodes that I'm using, you could get a tighter density than I can. When I go to 16 strings, I will use a larger star. I'm looking at the 36 inch Boyscoyo Studios star for that.
  18. Yep. Starting in S4, the Comm Listener must be running for any non-LOR channels to work to visualizer.
  19. Mine is a 12 string using pixels and not CCRs. In my case, the tree is topped with a star. I made it so that the strings of the tree are spaced such that the outer strings line up with the outer light of the star and continue with that line. In other words, draw a line from the very top pixel of the star to the very bottom left pixel. Continue that line to the ground and build the leftmost string along that line. Repeat on the right side. Then evenly space the remaining string between them. I have the bottom pixel of the strings in a straight line. This results in the top most pixel forming an inverted V shape which fairly closely matches the inverted V shape of the bottom of the star. My website is still down as I type this, so you can't look at the photos, but if you look at this video at the 40 second point, you can see how the outer strings and the outer edges of the star line up.
  20. That was a VERY common issue when S4 first came out. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  21. Must have the LOR control panel running for DMX. E1.31 I assume? Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  22. I don't remember. Normally the only time I use Visualizer to simulate a sequence is when the show is running on the show computer and I'm watching it using Visualizer on my sequencing computer. Can't hurt to set it up. Is your MegaTree using LOR networking or DMX? Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  23. If it's DMX (or E1.31), you must have the LOR control panel running. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  24. The E1.31 uses an ethernet LAN, not RS-485, so it would be connected via your "normal" LAN connection. The LOR network needs an RS-485 dongle. Remember that ethernet and RS-485 are not compatible and there is a possibility of hardware damage if they are mixed up. To minimize that possibility, I use different color Cat-5 cable for each. E1.31 is Green and RS-485 is Purple. I have several other colors that are used for specific purposes as well.
  25. I agree on the hot glue. Won't hold up outdoors. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!