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  1. RGB ribbons ,ctb16 ,1602 ,cmb24 all for sale.

    The forum has a fairly small total size limit. The workaround is to upload the file to a website and post a link to it.
  2. Lets Have a PLUS 1 for the LOR Staff....

    I make use of the Documentation folder regularly - usually for stuff I don't own when trying to help someone with their problem.. Very handy!
  3. Pixcon16 No ethernet connection

    The forum has a fairly small overall storage limit per user. The normal workaround is to upload the photo to any website that you have access to and post a link to the photo. For example, this photo is actually on my web server: I just typed the link, and the forum goes out and grabs it when needed. Most people use one of the public photo sharing sites.
  4. Too late on the controllers, but I have no need for the FM, so maybe something can be worked out...
  5. SE & PE Can't Get Along

    Is your LOR network configured for Enhanced mode?
  6. As I tell people, it is so much easier to decide what you want to change, when you can look at this year's display. I figure I have the following year pretty well planned out prior to the current year's show ending. I also want to be able to start sequencing (or at build the Visualizer changes) in February. Next year may be more involved assuming that the SuperStar integration is improved in S5 as I will have to change a bunch of stuff to make that migration. I have been playing with S5 beta versions, but had no intention of moving my 2017 show to S5. However I assume I will move to S5 by the time I start 2018 sequencing...
  7. Thank you. BTW, my wife and I spent almost 6 hours driving today. Had a long discussion about next year. Got a green light for everything I was thinking of doing, so the P10s are gonna happen!
  8. I'm on the road for a few days. Once you get all the pieces ordered, can you send me a list. This thread is moving so fast it's going to be hard to keep up... Thanks
  9. Dinner completed and on a computer rather than a phone. Dennis told you what I would have. If you need more detail, just ask. One of us can answer.
  10. LOR AND Holiday coro dmx

    Should not make any difference. If you use a USB hub, I do generally recommend a powered hub rather than an un-powered hub.
  11. I saw that too and had pretty much the same thought that you did. Turns out it's sold out. No info on expected return.
  12. I assume you are running your show from a computer and not a director. My comments assume that to be the case. 1) You can run the Visualizer and see exactly what is going on. It’s very easy to do that on the show computer, and fairly easy to do it on another computer that is on your same LAN. With a little effort, you can even run the Visualizer anywhere on the internet with a little advanced planning - I have done it. 2) There is no way to abort a currently running song and skip to the next song. However you might want to look at MIIP which lets you (or anyone else), change the order of songs. Search here on the forum for MIIP and you’ll find it. If you want to see what it looks like, go to wfcl.miip.mobi and you can see what’s playing on my show and change the order. Obviously you can’t actually see my show unless you happen to be in Glendora, CA. 3) What issue do you have with the calendar? 4) When you start a Show on Demand, if you give an ending time, it will stop at that time and if there scheduled show, the scheduled show will start. If you don’t give an ending time (the box for run it until you tell it to stop), what do you expect it to do - read your mind that you want it to stop?
  13. Talked to wife. Good to go. Details via email this evening.
  14. Whole House FM Transmitter

    Search Amazon for a CZE-05b or CZH-05b. Better radio for less money and you should be able to get it overnight.
  15. I’m still thinking about what I’m adding for next year. I’m still leaning towards the Three AC controllers, but if someone else wants to send money, don’t turn them down on my account... Have to chat with my wife. Note that she and I are trapped alone in a car for the next three hours or so...
  16. CMB24D interfering with LOR CTBPC setup

    Forget the Hardware Utility, will it play a sequence?
  17. 2.7 volts! That would do it - all right...
  18. Thank you Brian. I would agree for a single ring star, to use a single long row on the sequencing grid. In the case of my star, each ring of the star is a row - it's the flat top pyramid sort of shaped think starting in the 18th row in the screen capture above. In my case, the rings of the star are 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, & 30 pixels and then there is a center fill area that is the top row of 30 pixels.
  19. Splicing RGB pixel node wires

    I don't worry about it. I cut off the wires at a little bit of an angle so the exact ends are not right next to each other and just leave them open. The photo below is the bottom end of one of my strings on my pixel tree. This point is about 15 inches off my lawn and because this is southern California, the sprinklers get run during show season. Once in a while it rains too... This is the sixth season for these 5 volt strings.
  20. Zara Radio and WIndows 10

    I don't use Windows 10 (thankfully), but I do use Zara - and love it. Only suggestion would be to make sure it is working, and then exit Zara. Then restart it. A lot of programs store settings when doing a proper exit. I don't remember if Zara is that way or not.
  21. To do much of any arrangement other than a tree in SuperStar, you need to use Visualization mode. Then create a visualization using Visualizer and import it (or them) into SuperStar. For example, here is mine (from last year - but I already the image on my server): The star (last year) was 360 pixels. And the grid:
  22. Watching this intently as well as I'm looking at a matrix (or three) for next year. Can you explain why it needs to be on your home network and not my E1.31 network?
  23. Do you have the LOR control panel running (which in turn starts the Comm Listener)?
  24. COM Port Speeds

    Correct, you have to set the speed on the ELL manually. And remember you have to each on separately and at the speed that they are currently set to. The old rule of thumb for 115k networks was 900 channels - or six CCRs. If you’re running more than that, you may need to split things into multiple networks.