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  1. Static RGB Display

    I assume you meant "now add a bunch...". I did not realize you were still on S3. Lots of cool new stuff with S4. Then S5 is another major change. This year is being a royal pain between moving from S4 to S5 and some major changes to my show hardware, but by sometime later this year, I should be fully S5. Although all my sequences that are running were created in s4, the server (what runs the landscaping show during non-Christmas season) has been S5 for a couple months. I will soon be reshuffling the landscaping sequences into S5. All the Christmas sequences SHOULD be S5 later this year. The last step will be to update the Show computer to S5 when it takes over running the show in November...
  2. Moving to a NEW Computer

    Correct Correct. Let the install wizard install the program where it wants. It WILL work if you force it somewhere else, but there is no reason to. When you run Sequence Editor the first time it should ask where to put the data files. Point it to where ever you are going to put your files (for example: My Documents\LOR). It will build all the sub folders for you. Note: Because you had a prior install on that computer, it may not ask where to put the files. If that is the case, exit SE, find LORPOST.exe in the C:\Program Files (X86)\light-o-rama\ folder. Run that and it will ask where you want the files. Let it build the sub folders. Then copy all your sequence and audio files to those new folders.
  3. Tee Shirt

    Maybe old, but I think it’s cool. One will arrive next Monday...
  4. Moving to a NEW Computer

    You may not need to get that drastic, but it is an option and does not really have much in the way of down sides - does not even take all that long to do.
  5. Moving to a NEW Computer

    The first time you run SE on the new computer, it should run the LORPost.exe program that will ask where you want LOR to store your files. Tell it where you want them. You DO NOT want to point to anything under \Program files. The reason is that depending on what operating system you are using, the Program Files directories are somewhat protected to make it at least somewhat harder to accidentally screw up installed programs. Most likely target for normal people would be to create a LOR folder under My documents and point to there. The LORPost program will then create all the sub folders (Audio, Sequences, Visualizations, etc) for you. AFTER that, then copy your existing files from the old computer to the new computer. Note that you may still need to change the Media File setting in every sequence because of changes to how Windows creates user "My documents" folders in different versions. There is a solution to that however (although you would still need to change existing sequences). This is what I do. In Windows, create a mapped network shared drive and assign it a drive letter. I use L: On every computer, as far as LOR is concerned, all the files are in L: In the case of all the computers at home, L: is really D:\Shared\LOR on my file server (shared across my network). In the case of the two stand alone computers (a laptop and this desktop that is 26 miles from home), L: is really C:\LightORama, but as far as LOR is concerned, it is always L: That means I can move files around or edit stuff on different computers at home and never have to worry about them looking for different file locations. The big advantage is that if I replace a computer (I have several times since 2012 when I started), I just map L: to where ever it needs to point for that computer, and the LOR software is happy. One other note - since you brought it up.. With Windows XP and prior, program files were normally located in folders under C:\Program Files. With the advent of 64 bit computers and operating systems, Microsoft created a different versions of the Program Files folders for 32 bit vs 64 bit programs. C:\Program Files is normally used for 64 bit programs and C:\Program Files (X86) is used for 32 bit programs. The software installation program will NORMALLY put it in the proper location.
  6. Static RGB Display

    Vegomatic (while a very useful program if you use SE) is completely un-necessary for this as you can "Insert Device" in SE to add 50 RGB channels in about 3 seconds.
  7. Static RGB Display

    I’ll let someone else answer about using PE, but in about the time it took you to ask the question, you could have completed an animation sequence in SE to do this.
  8. That discussion talks about terminations and includes a picture near the end of what I was talking about with the little pigtail method of terminations. The LOR USB485B is a bit of a special animal in that it is an active device that DOES allow two outputs. there are also some third party RS-485 splitters that actively split the RS-485 signal. I've never used one as I have always just run my LOR circuits in a single run.
  9. At the end of the data circuit, the easiest way is to build a RJ-45 plug with a 120 ohm resistor between pins 4 & 5 (LOR standard) and a second resistor between pins 1 & 2 (DMX standard). Plug it into the unused connector on the last controller on the network. If you desire to terminate the USB to RS-485 adapter end of the circuit (a lot of people don't), you can do what I did. I have done it two ways. One is to have the cable going out to the yard terminate on an RJ-45 "biscuit jack" that has screw terminals rather than insulation displacement connectors. It's easy to ass a resistor across the pairs with the screw terminals. Then run a short jumper (about a foot in my case) from the biscuit jack to the USB to RS-485 adapter. The other way is to build a little pigtail with a female jack on one end with the resistor built in to a male plug. Plug the male into the USB to RS-485 adapter and the cable from the yard into the female. Both methods work.
  10. Both LOR and DMX (data standards) ride over RS-485 (a wiring standard). The RS-485 spec defines a bunch of technical characteristics such as the number of nodes on a circuit (32), the total length of the circuit (4,000 feet), the types of wire used. One of those specs is that a circuit is supposed to be terminated with 120 ohms at both ends of the circuit. There are some videos that show what the data signal does when it is not terminated. As I said before, many users get away without terminating. However if you are having odd problems that might be related to data communications, one of the first recommendations is to properly terminate the network. And yes, although I have never had any problems, I am terminating all three of my LOR circuits At both ends. But I'm an electronics tech so A) it was easy, and I try to follow the standards when possible.
  11. The RS-485 spec states that the network needs to be terminated. Lots of people get away with NOT terminating their LOR or DMX networks. The simpler and shorter the network, the more likely that you will get away without. Personally, all three of my LOR networks are properly terminated.
  12. You absolutely can drive your DMX moving heads with LOR software. You MUST define a DMX network, and in SE use DMX intensity. I'm sorry, but I have S5 on this computer so I can't tell you exactly how to do that in s4, but I know there is a setting to do so.
  13. Tee Shirt

    I'm not aware that LOR ever sold a T-Shirt directly. However, I like that one... There are several various ones out there.
  14. If adding a string that has pixel 1 in that universe fixed the problem, then you most likely did NOT actually have pixel 1 defined anywhere else. If you did, you should now be getting a duplicate pixel warning.
  15. Moving to a NEW Computer

    Install the LOR software. Run Sequence Editor. It will ask where you want your data files. Point where ever you want. You will likely need to re-enter your registration code. Do so. Copy your data files from your old computer and put them onto your new computer in the specified location.
  16. 6803

    One of the big advantages of the 2811s (and I suspect that is the reason most people use them) is that they are far less distance limited compared to most other pixel types. There is a reason that LOR only gives you a couple feet between the controller and first pixel and they don't sell extensions - they don't work well if the cable distance is very long. On the other hand, WS2811 pixels reliably work over 15 feet and generally more than that. As for 48 RGB LEDs per meter strip, that is what I'm using for the strips in front of my roses (although mine are WS2811 strips). Last thing, please use punctuation in your posts. When you don't it makes it very hard to know what you were trying to say.
  17. Yes, you are making sense, but you kind of missed my point. So many users of the forum can't be bothered to enter a useful location in their profile, what makes you think that they would enter it into a map based system. I think it would be cool system, but with very little participation. There are already map based show finders out there - https://www.christmaslightfinder.com/ for example.
  18. Most of us give our exact locations on websites, social media, etc, so that part is already there. Reports of having stuff stolen from displays is extremely rare.
  19. Zara Radio temperature announcement

    Kevin, I'm curious what was your reason for purchasing Zara? I am also planning on that this year, and I'm wondering what your reason was.
  20. Zara Radio temperature announcement

    OK, that statement confused me. How are you getting audio from the show computer to the show (speakers and/or FM transmitter)? I understand checking on your show from a remote location with TeamViewer (I largely switched from VNC to TeamViewer this year), but the audio is delayed enough it would not work for your show.
  21. I would be happy if we could just get people to put a useful location in their profile. Too often I see people put very generic locations. For example, does "CA" mean California, Canada, Cameroon, Cambodia? Even if they meant California, this state is almost 1,000 miles from one end to the other - does not narrow it down much... On my web site, I have a street level map:
  22. RGB Grid Question

    I’m assuming in Sequence Editor. Expand the RGB to the individual colors. Copy the red line for whatever timeframe you want to convert to white. Paste to the green line and the blue line starting at exactly the same time. This method will retain fades - just change them from red to white.
  23. Thank you for the "nudge" buttons. Being a long time SuperStar user, I am VERY used to using the nudge buttons. Nice to have them in Sequencer.
  24. Interesting. I'm not seeing any of those issues on this laptop (not what I normally sequence on).
  25. Round power cable

    To be picky, it's the insulation that is the issue, not the wire. However with that said, yes, most interior wire will not survive long term in the sun, but it will be years. I have some of the exact wire I was talking about in my year round landscape lighting that has been in service for over five years in the Southern California sun without major issues. Now most of it is in conduit, but the ends that are in the sun, are still fine. Other weather can affect the cable as well, so there are lots of things that can degrade the wire.