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  1. In Visualizer, go to Options and on tab 6, verify the communications setting. For normal people it should be Local which will show and IP address of If you are using Visualizer on one computer and SE on another (as I sometimes do) there is a different setup. BTW, just since I sort of mentioned it, if you push the right magic buttons, you can get Visualizer to work anywhere in the world across the internet (I've done it). Kinda cool to sit in my office and watch what is happening at home 26 miles away.
  2. Did you remember to put Visualization in simulation mode (the button that looks like a "Play" button on left end of the lower row of buttons)?
  3. If you go to: http://newburghlights.org/Videos.html and select the first video, there are five camera angles used. Two were a GoPro, and the other three were a Canon DSLR. The two that were the GoPro were the "closeup" of the pixel tree and star that looks like the camera was sitting on the grass (it wasn't), and the view that looks along the row of arches with the pixel tree in the background - that also looks like the camera was very low. The views farther back were the DSLR (yes, I know one of them was out of focus a bit). This was shot in January 2016 so obviously not the same new camera you are looking into. I will ask the guy who shot and edited it what the camera was.
  4. I will assume that you simply did not that it was down. Actual down time was almost 24 hours (confirmed on three separate computer all with different internet connections, plus my phone via both web page and Tapatalk). I'll remember that for future reference
  5. I just confirmed from the Help file. The Advanced Rendering Engine was released with 4.0.0. That would explain why you don't see it.
  6. Yes. If I recall, the advanced rendering engine came out with S4 (early 2015), so if you're running three or four year old software, you would not have the advanced rendering engine.
  7. Yep, full hard drive will cause all kinds of issues. Time to do some housecleaning and/or larger/more hard drives. Fortunately hard drives have gotten so inexpensive that adding capacity is not that hard to do. Glad you got the install resolved.
  8. Sorry it did not help. I had not noticed that this thread was in the Pixel Editor section (I had just been looking at new posts on my my phone and it's not very obvious what section of the forum a post is in on Tapatalk). I don't use PE (never could make it work), so really don't know anything about it.
  9. Every one of the "euro" type connectors I have ever seen are righty tighty, lefty loosey. If you are trying to install the wires so that is not the case, you are installing the wires wrong, and that is likely your problem. The electrical contact is on the side of the connector on the opposite the screw. The screw moves the clamp part towards the fixed contact. I have seen people who screw the clamp part all the way down which leaves a nice gap to put the wire into on the screw side of the clamp. Then when you screw the clamp back "up" it will sort of hold the wire, but it is not making contact with the electrical contact. It's little hard to tell in your photo, but in the second photo that has the connector with the DVM probes connected it looks like the problem are on the screw side of the movable clamp.
  10. Thanks for the reminder = had a REALLY busy weekend. http://www.landolights.com/main/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,54/func,select/id,20/
  11. Nice quickie job. One advantage of having essentially all of my year round landscaping being RGB, is that I can make it any color I want. I have run all green for St. Patrick's day for quite a few years. My Irish neighbor across the street loves it. I also do other colors for several other evenings through the year. Sorry, I did not take a photo of it last night.
  12. It would solve the problem of the GFCI tripping. What isolating a metal cage from ground does NOT do is keep the cage from becoming electrically hot. What is so often forgotten is that in this situation the GFCI is not mis-behaving when it trips, it's doing it's best to protect you and your visitors from death. It has no way of knowing if the current leakage is from hundreds or thousands of tiny capacitors created when energized wires are really close to the metal cage, or a place where the insulation on that wire has been compromised and is now in direct contact with with the metal cage. The GFCI won't trip in the latter case if you isolate the cage from ground, but the metal cage will be fully energized until you or one of your guests touches it, and then their life may depend on the GFCI tripping. Think about it this way. If you were to attempt to get a UL rating for an exposed metal cage with lights wrapped around it and intended to be plugged into an AC outlet, in all probability you would be REQUIRED to ground the cage and use a three wire cord and plug it into a grounded outlet. Same concept as your washing machine which comes with a three wire cord. Personally I think this is a great project idea. Thanks for sharing Daniel.
  13. You got me with the subject - I was asking what the heck is an LPL file, until I saw you wanted a Prop (LPF) file. I assume you mean a prop of the flying mammal common in Halloween displays and not a baseball bat (I'm watching the World Baseball Classic as I type this)... Since the prop in Visualizer needs to match the actual lights, It would help if you told us what your actual prop looks like.
  14. What lights are you using? Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android
  15. Matt, I also prefer the look of the S, but out of my budget. Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android