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  1. Why do you think that SuperStar will only control 50 pixels? SuperStar does not have a problem controlling more than 50 pixels.
  2. Thanks Matt. I stand corrected.
  3. No. New format and filenames used as far as I can tell. No. I would not expect to ever be able to. As I understand what is happening with an intensity file, it is just the results of the sequence. Since there is essentially an unlimited way of creating those results, there is no way to know how those result were achieved. Let me give a math comparison to what I am saying that may make it more obvious. If I told you that the solution to a math addition problem was 4, and asked you what the problem was, there is no way you could tell me as there is an unlimited number of possibilities ( 0 + 4 = 4, 1 + 3 = 4, 2 + 2 = 4, 3 + 1 = 4, 4 + 0 = 4, 5 + -1 = 4, 6 + -2 = 4, etc. ). I'm sorry that you lost your sequences. It's one of the reasons that I preach so often about backing up your sequences - and in particular, off site backups. S5 is essentially Pixel Editor with some of Sequence Editor added to it. There is an awkward and exceedingly limited way to use SuperStar with it, but it has a long way way to go before it is usable in my opinion (examples available if desired). Personally I would LOVE to have a good interface so I could sequence almost all of my show in SuperStar (how I do it now), and then add a few Pixel Editor effects.
  4. Can't help you with C-section or PE as don't use either. Personally I sequence everything in SuperStar. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  5. Actually they allow a total of 500K. You apparently have used almost all of your 500K. What most of us do it upload the photo to someplace on the web, and post a link to it rather than the uploading the actual photo. For example, the photo below (taken on Valentines day) is actually on my Newburgh Lights website which is hosted on my web server. When I typed the url, the forum software automatically grabs the photo and inserts it (and gives the option to only post the link instead). Below, after typing the url, when given the option to display the link instead, I selected that option. Now you can see what the link is (in case you wanted to). http://www.newburghlights.org/photos/Valentines-1.jpg Most people don't have their own web server, but many do have a website for their show. If not, you can use any number of public photo sharing locations such as DropBox, Google Drive, PhotoBucket, etc.
  6. I'll try it again when I get to the computers that have the S5 beta installed. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  7. Interesting numbers. I assume for playing in S4 you used a compressed .lcs rather than .lms. What was that file size? That's a better comparison to the .lid file. And of course when using intensity files, the .lms file will be very tiny since there is essentially nothing in it. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  8. That's a cool idea. Although physically the same hardware, the VMs appear to be completely separate. I just recently set my server up for Virtual Machines, but have not yet loaded any VMs onto it. This may be a very good excuse for that...
  9. Correct. The solution is to never use the username as part of the path. For example, c:\LOR In my case, I have a mapped network drive of L:\ Where that actually is located varies depending on the computer, but as far as LOR is concerned, it's always L:\ For example on this stand-alone computer, it's really C:\LightORama, and for all three computers at home it's really D:\Shared\LOR on my server, but in all cases, it appears to be L:\ as far as LOR is concerned.
  10. In S4 - The only thing the show computer needs is the .lms and if it has intensity file(s), the .lms.ss.lid (SuperStar) or .lms.pe.lid (Pixel Editor) need to be there. Note that if not present, the show player will create the .lms.lcs file on the first playing unless you don't have the setting to use compressed sequences, so you CAN copy over the .lms.lsv, but it's not required (but I recommend it). Obviously the show computer also needs the audio or video media files. I have not played that far into S5 to be able to answer that part, but I do know that some of the filenames have changed. You can use whatever media to copy the files over to the show computer (network connection, USB drive, Cloud based file storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), SD card, or most any other type of media), but I would recommend saving the files onto the local hard drive of the show computer.
  11. I also have different directories for each year and holiday. After a few years, the shear number of files gets too darn big to be easy to work with if all the files were in the same default locations. No problems using the Show Editor as you can specify any file location. However that won't work if you are using the Simple Show Builder. With SSB, the files must be in the default locations (so I've read - never used SSB). Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  12. I don't know this, but a couple IFs. If you use compressed sequences, and if you don't create a new compressed sequence, it may not. Speculating here that the show player would see the same filename, but not know that the un-compressed had been modified, and just go ahead and play the old compressed sequence. Maybe the show player is smart enough to know better. Note that if you are using intensity files, updating the Intensity files in the middle of a playing show works fine as long as that sequence is not playing at the time you save the revision, and the revised version is what will play next time that song is played. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  13. Brichi, I don't use PE so I don't know how or if it stores parts of the data separately from the actual sequence file. For SuperStar and Sequence Editor, you can get by with only the sequence file (.sup for SS, and .las or .lms for SE). For SE, there is also file that saves the state of SE (zoom levels, etc) but that is NOT required. As I recall, that is a .lsv filename (don't hold me to that as I'm on my phone right now). As for the suggestion to play your show from an internet file location (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), I do not recommend that. Do you really want your show to barf because you internet went down, or hickupped? Or maybe just your visiting grandkid tying all your bandwidth watching YouTube? I got burned (sort of) a few years due to that. For Halloween, I only do a simple show (the lights are a background animation sequence, and the music files are music only with no lights). A couple years ago, my son who is really into Halloween created a large playlist on Google because he did not like my music selection. So I jest ran the animation, and the music was coming from a PC playing the Google playlist. About an hour into the evening, my DSL started dropping once in a while. A while later it was dropping out badly enough that we stopped his Google playlist and went back to a show with my music files. Sent from my phone using Tapatalk, so blame any typos on Android!
  14. Only one issue. Your 2 CCR SuperStar license won't allow you to export a 16 string x 100 pixel file. You would have to upgrade your SuperStar license level.