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  1. Forgot to add my email address sstachowski.mobile@gmail.com Thanks Again!
  2. I also would love a copy, As always, thank you! Scott
  3. Please help, I am spacing out here.... I have all my channel config from the last year which is 300+ channels and most of my elements are staying the same. I have added some new elements, (About 1500 Channels of RGB pixels and CCP's, CCBs, etc.) For testing I created a channel config with JUST one of each element to make sure it works. Now, I want to merge the two channel configs into one. They are all different Unit id's, etc. but then I try to import my new config overwrites the old config in the sequence. It was LONG and PAINSTAKING adding/creating everysingle channel (even with the wizards). Is there any way to combine the two? I though there was, but I cannot figure it out: PLEASE save me from DAYS of work putting all the channel configs into one config file manually. There HAS to be a better way... heck even the Visualizer lets you import just fixtures and props. Thanks in advance... Scott
  4. I know that it will run an any number of CPU's and number of cores. But, I am looking to finally replace my REALLY old Show machine with a newer spare PC. It currently has a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Will upgrading to the Intel Core 2 QUAD give me any noticable difference in my shows? I am really not worried about sequencing, etc. as I do that on a different PC. Basically, Does LOR benefit from more cores in the CPU? If not, Will it anytime in the near future (1-3 Years) Thanks in advance for your answers.... Scott
  5. stachows

    Does LOR Support Multiple CPU Cores?

    Mike, THANK YOU for your response! I am going to hold off upgrading the processor. I have already split my LOR networks and my E1.31 networks up to reduce load on those links so I should be fine! I don't think my processor will be a bottleneck.... Thanks again! Scott
  6. stachows

    Does LOR Support Multiple CPU Cores?

    Hey Ducks, thanks for the response. I was thinkng the same thing. My new "spare" PC has 8 USB ports, so I can break up my LOR traffic into multiple networks, and I put 2 extra nics in it to break up my e1.31 networks as well.
  7. So I want to use a cheap lighted doorbell to trigger a few sequences. I have the doorbell working, and the interactive part all functioning, My question is how do I get the doorbell to LIGHT UP? There are only two connections on it. The doorbell is N/O so I could connect the +9v to one and the Gnd to the other, and it will light up, but then which side gets the INPUT wire? Or will this cause problems on the controller when the button is pushed (connecting the +9 and Gnd together.) Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Scott
  8. Thank you everyone for your responses! I do REQUIRE a small doorbell so I just ended up removing the existing bulb, and running an additional wire for the +5v to the LED. Works perfectly. Thanks again! Scott
  9. I would like to have the button lit all the time if possible. Thanks, Scott
  10. stachows

    Just another day on the Help Desk

    Just watched the vid. tonight...OMG I almost wet myself. Thanks MIKE!
  11. When I right click the control panel I can no longer select "Status" I used this religiously for many things. I have seen it mentioned here a couple times, but I don't see anything definitive. I am running the latest Beta, is a work in progress or Is this now gone completely? Thanks, ​Scott
  12. BOB, Thank you VERY much. That is exactly what I was looking for!!! Scott
  13. stachows

    SuperStar price reduction

    Did not work for me. I had a 40 which I JUST BOUGHT last fall, and it still shows up as 40.... UGH...
  14. I have had a controller get fried, and I was wondering If I could control them with my E682's? I have already figured out which wires are +, D, Clk, and G. and that they run off of 5V. Just wondering if anyone knew what chipset they were? Thanks, Scott.
  15. OK, So I am have a brain fart moment. I am trying to go from Red to Blue on an arch, BUT have it static. NOT a Chase. In other words, one side is Red, the other side is Blue, and in the middle the gradient between the two. I want this to be static, NO MOTION. My mind is drawing a blank on how to do this EASILY with the tools provided. (LOR sequencer and Superstar) Thanks! Scott.
  16. stachows

    Static color gradient on RGB ribbon arch

    Thank You Guys!!! This makes perfect sense now. I knew I had done it in the past, but could not for the life of remember how. The Chase tool method worked great!!!!!! I am in you debt! Scott.
  17. stachows

    Static color gradient on RGB ribbon arch

    Hi guys, First off thank you for all your hard work. I really do appreciate it!!! I must be missing something, because even after Steve's steps, I can't get it to work, I must not be understanding it properly. I still end up with an arch where the entire thing turns from red to blue.... I am looking to go from red to blue left to right on the arch itself, but static. In SE, the arches my arches are top to bottom RGB channels 1-50.... HTH.... My eventual goal is to have my arches come on starting from left to right ( I have (6) 10' arches) gradient of ROYGBIV, but all on at the same time, STATIC!!! I hope this makes sense... Thanks Scott!
  18. stachows

    Static color gradient on RGB ribbon arch

    Hi Steve, the arch is a group. I filled the first pixel(1) red, and the bottom pixel (50) blue for the time segment. Neither the "Fill Tool" nor the "Inteligent fade" tool work as they are design to pick up the adjacent colors horizontally, and not vertically. I am beginning to think this might not be possible?
  19. stachows

    Static color gradient on RGB ribbon arch

    Hi Vince, The Color fade tool works Horizontally across Sequence editor (chaning as TIME changes).... How can I use it Vertically in sequence editor? (down pixel 1-50, but all in the same Time segment?) When you drag vertically, it just changes all the pixels from the first color to the second in that time segment.
  20. Hi Brian, I do not see the file attached... can you possible send it to sstachowski.mobile@gmail.com ???
  21. Hi Brian, Thank you for your quick response! I have been working on this matrix in Superstar and Visualizer for about 8 straight hours, and have not much hair left. I have a 1600 pixel megatree, and 1200 other pixels in arches, and poles that work great in Superstar. It it just this darn matrix that I cannot figure out I have attached a link to the files that I have been using for testing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00VsQRaJy3ZX0owQlR5d3NHWG8/view?usp=sharing\ These include: My Visualizer .LEE file for my Matrix. This is configured exactly the same as my actual hardware, Except the Channel ID's are for CCRS (I hit the 1000 Pixel limit in the Visualizer long ago)A Simple .LAS sequence that has the same channel config as the Visualizer so that I can test.A Superstar .SUP file of simple text in CCR mode.A .LAS export of the the CCR mode sequence above from SuperstarA Superstar .SUP file of simple text in Visualizer mode (Using the above Visualizer file).A .LAS export of the the Visualizer mode sequence above from SuperstarNotes: My Pixels are actually running on SAN-Devices controllers, NOT CCR's I am aware that I need to cut and paste the output from the superstar exported.LAS/LMS file into a sequence with the proper channel configuration, and I know NOT to include the Macro channels from the CCR's. I have been doing this for my Megtree and Arches. It works perfectly. My Matrix is configured of 6 stings of 50 pixels each. They start at the TOP LEFT, and are folded in half. (i.e. Row1 is String1-Pixels1-25, Row2 is String1-pixels50-26**** They are reversed on purpose...You can see this in the visualizer file). I am not sure what to do to make this work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Again, Scott
  22. Hi Brian, I am trying to use Superstar this year for my matrix. (Already using it for my Mega Tree). I have been using Nutcracker until now. In Superstar, It looks, and display normally, but when exporting the sequences, the text is upside down. I have checked the configuration settings, and that did not help. My Matrix is cabled with the CCP's starting at the TOP Left, and not the bottom. I AM NOT CRAWLING UP ON THE ROOF AND TAKING MY SIGN DOWN TO REDO ALL THE PIXELS. Is there any else I can do to correct this? Did I miss something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  23. stachows

    Let It Go from Disney's Frozen

    I would also like a copy if possible! Thanks! Scott sstachowski.mobile@gmail.com
  24. stachows

    Who wants a free sequence?

    If you are still sending it out, I would love to have a copy as well. sstachowski.mobile@gmail.com Love your display!!! Thanks, Scott.
  25. stachows

    Visualizer behind

    I am having the same issue as RON, Can't really use visualizer for my RGB channels. Tried making background smaller, but did not help much. SS work fine though! Scott.