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  1. Bulb paint

    Check out Krylon they carry a glass spray paint that i have used it works wonders
  2. Check out Christmasleds.com they have Minleon color changing bulbs i have been using them for 3 years now and have not had 1 led go out.
  3. Snubbers

    Plasma to answer your question these are standard 120v ac led floods
  4. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Well reality set in at 40, but that was 13 years ago say hello to 53
  5. Snubbers

    I need all of your ladies and Gentlemens advice, i know in the past we have all used snubbers, but my problem is a bit different. I am in the process of building a Halloween display and i have noticed my 100 watt led flood lights are staying on just partially between sequences if i use halogen no problem,my question is this can the snubbers handle this kind of power.I was planing on using as seen in previous post a 47k 1 watt resistor. Thanks Rodney
  6. Needed Incans

    To all Decorators out there, I am in need of Incans. new if possible, if you have some you want to get rid of and for a reasonable price i am interested ( colors needed are as follows Red,Green, Orange and Purple ) I need them for an upcoming Halloween project. Thank You Rodney
  7. For Sale

    PM sent
  8. LOR Controllers/parts/lights for Sale

    PM sent
  9. My system is controlled by a 40 amp 3 pole contactor which is controlled by a 120 volt timer . It controls my entire system lights,transmitters,music everything, and it has never failed since i built the controller in 2014
  10. 2 Singing Monsters for Trade

    PM Sent
  11. Can it be a triac?

    To answer your question a triac can short, lights staying on or it can stay open thus lights never coming on . I had the exact problem you are having with 1 of my controllers approx 2 years ago. So i replaced the defective triac problem went away
  12. Where to find bursting star?

    Also 3 G lighting creations also has them
  13. (1) CTB 16 PC kit love to solder and build them myself
  14. First 7 Jobs

    1. Car Stereo repair Technician 5 years 2. Car Stereo and Accessories installer at various Companies 15 years 3. Communications Technician for Sheriff's Office 10 years 4. Installer Technician building Police Vehicles ( new Job )
  15. Spring cleaning - Lots for sale

    Jackal what you asking for the red LED strobes I am interested in them also. Thanks Rodney rdlee64@comcast.net