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  1. I'm with you, I am still looking for the dumb RGB fade stuff, S5 is great for smart pixels. Looking forward to see how I can program with it, just need to get over this learning curve.
  2. When programming old school lights and props set up with bundles (super strings), I figured out how to sort them so I can group the items together that have the same color. It would be killer if there was a way to select a group and a color and run with it. Example, I have 16 mini trees that have Red, Green, Blue, and White. Select the group (mini trees) select the color, and the say ramp up for 2 seconds. I say this since In S4 I was able to group them together (red mini) and do them all at once, S5 it seems I need to open up the tree, go down to select all 16 minis and then do the ramp. This is going to take much more time and effort. S5 made leaps and bounds for pixel side of things, and I will use those functions as much as possible.
  3. It's all in there, the visualizer is the first step now, (called something different). I use two monitors, in S5 i can detach the "visualizer" and have it on the other monitor. very similar to S4. Give it a chance. I do think biased towards, and will work better, for RGB than traditional lights now. Like all things, there are some positives and negatives with changes.
  4. At Expo, they said the "back side" is all done, and it should be good to go.
  5. I'm getting frustrated with S5, and I'm just trying it out with mostly no pixels, just old school contollers.
  6. Be prepared to relearn lots of "basic" things with S5.
  7. Still not power injection, but it paralleling the power source.............like to see them mess up and connect the wrong phases. I've seen an SSTG on a Aircraft Carrier shake a little when paralleled out of phase a little too much when bringing it on line.
  8. Power is a function of how much Current is drawn at a certain voltage, you can not inject power. If a system operates at 5V and draws 10 amps, that 50 watts of Power, You can not Inject 60 watts and have 10 spare floating around. In this case: Power = E*I , I2R, or E2/R all relate back to how much Current is drawn at a certain voltage, yes even E2/R ( P=I*E, I =E/R sub in, and E*(E/R), current is just hidden). You can not INJECT anything, current is drawn on what resistance is at certain voltage. I= E/R. Never once, in any class or working as commercial electrician, was the term/phrase, Power Injection used, or taught. Its just plain fundamentally wrong, but we can call it that, it just bugs me, Mr. Ohm would agree with me if he was still around, I bet. But as I read your profile I see you were a Electronic Tech in the Navy you should know that...... Where you a Nuke, or conventional?
  9. Let me work on it for a day, I'm sure I can come up with something better that will be more technically correct, but 100% ignored. I was in the Navy, and now work in a job that I still need to deal with military acronyms on a daily basis, I should be able to makeup some wonderful ideas! Off top of head, and procrastinating from cutting the grass in hot and very humid VA weather): PVU (or PEU depending on what you like for use for voltage abbreviation, PE-U is more fun to say) Parallel Voltage Usage MPS (MiPS) Mulitple Power Sites. VDCS Voltage Drop Compensating Site CTSNMIS Conductor To Small Need More Current Site and yes, I hope people realize I'm just having fun with this now.
  10. It's to late now, too many people use the term without knowing that you can't "inject" power, (Even if it is so wrong ) .
  11. As a electrician in a former life, why do I hate the term "power injection" so much? It is fundamentally wrong, I will get over it, but it will always nag at me.
  12. This thread blows
  13. This tool look useful, are they still for sale?
  14. There are uses for smart and dumb pixels, I plan on using dumb for my wire frame stuff. No need to make them smart pixels in my view.
  15. I ordered one set of dumb pixels from Rayb Wu, if I like them I can see me going that way and ordering a bunch more.