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  1. This thread blows
  2. This tool look useful, are they still for sale?
  3. There are uses for smart and dumb pixels, I plan on using dumb for my wire frame stuff. No need to make them smart pixels in my view.
  4. I ordered one set of dumb pixels from Rayb Wu, if I like them I can see me going that way and ordering a bunch more.
  5. Look forward to attending again this year.
  6. Speaking of dumb pixels, anybody have a good place to get some from?
  7. Apparently I lost some posts and pic of my trees being made on the website and are not on the website above, I will look for them again and post if I can find them.
  8. I forgot to follow up and post a pic, I ended up making mine out of 3/4" Electrical conduit (non metal) and glued 3/4" dowels in them in the hope to make them stiffer and not need as much support. I did some welding of hinges for the top. Drilled my holes for zips ties (after lots of math) and wrapped my lights and zipped them in place. Ended up with needing some internal braces to keep from getting pulled in from all the lights being wrapped around 10' poles. Just ran a brace across to opposite side leg, all of them are not tied together. I loosed a wing nuts and let the four braces drop down for storage. I can move it by myself but much easier with two people. When it came time to set it up it took about five minutes for my brother and I to separate the eight legs, and use the four braces. Taking it down took me about 10 minutes, and that was me doing it solo. It know hangs in my garage from the rafters waiting for next year., you can see a Pic Here of the two I made. They are
  9. Thanks for the great ideas, I truly appreciate the feed back.
  10. Didn't think about pixels.......... that's a good idea too. More to think about.
  11. I am working on planning a snow man wire frame that will be animated so that it will juggle some snow balls. Thinking about what controller to use since the snow balls (for example) will be small sections of LED light strings. I was thinking of using a CMB16D-QC, (16 Channel DC Controller) and not worry about making my own full wave rectifiers for each little snow ball. I will add the right sized resistor(s) to get the right voltage drops so I don't burn out the LEDs. Never used a CMB16D-QC, anyone have any insights, or other ideas? If I over achieve might make the juggling interactive and have a push button to make it start juggling. That would be another new thing since I would need to use an input pup. Not sure how feasible this part of the idea is.
  12. Sweet, when I am home for the holidays, I will try to drive by, I live in Chesapeake VA, will be in Mechanicsburg area for a couple of days.
  13. When it got dark I noted the glitch went further down the daisy chain of controllers. After some more monkeying around with plugs it went away.
  14. Two plug contollers, and yes its weird! happy it appears to be gone, waiting for dark to confirm 100% fixed. Before it was very pronounced, I couldnt tell after playing with cords.