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  1. I don't own a projector as yet, but what you are wanting to do is something I had been thinking is what I'd want to do in my display down the road. I'm thinking the projectors manual off/on control switch would need to be replaced with a relay to turn it off/on, and then the video files would have to be copied to a computer, edited with a video editor for the portions you want to run, this would unfortunately require the same number of projectors for the number of video files you want to use, 6 different video files would require 6 projectors, one for each video wanted ran at any specific time, this could get very expensive to do, but is the only way I can see how it could be done. If anyone else has any better ideas, I'm all ears too, because if this could be done with a single projector that'd be great, but everything I've drawn up and racked my brains on over this type setting always come back to multiple projectors that would all need to be modified for this to function like you're attempting. And that would also eat up quite a few channels on your controllers too. I keep thinking and working, but so far, I haven't come up with any real viable way to do this with a single projector.
  2. Well, let's see if I go by cat years, I'd be around 600 or so years, dog years, hmmm, let's see, I think that's about 420 if my multiplication skills still work "without" a calculator....
  3. Nice little RGB prop you made out of those! I think I like those better than arches! LOL
  4. If I'm reading his initial post correctly, sounds like he wants to take a multiple video file and play just specific portions at a given time, that is trigger video 1 at some point in the show, then maybe trigger video 4, then video 2, etc. Not actually leave the projector running the entire time "looping" the video in sequence endlessly until showtime ends, but to randomly select which video plays when the projector is triggered to come on. I'm not going to say for sure, but I don't think it can be set up like this using just a single projector, I think this will require the use of multiple projectors. Each projector having the video of the single scene being wanted played out when the controller would access it to turn it on/off. If I'm misreading the original ops intention, please disregard this response, but I think this is what the original poster is trying to accomplish. .
  5. Great mouth movements, and I, like a lot of others here, don't care for the song either, so I didn't listen/watch it in it's full entirety. Didn't need to to see how well you accomplished the mouth movements. There are a few, "very few" rap type songs I may use in my Halloween display{at present I don't think there are any} and only one close one I use in my Christmas display, but it's been tremendously cleaned up for family consumption{"Santa and I know It"}. That's my only complaint with the majority of rap songs, the vulgar language, some of the other s*xual innuendos and especially violence the portray, all that I can do without.
  6. Very nice Jerry! Definitely something that could be used year round too, not just for Holidays!
  7. Nice find! Congratulations. If I could only be that fortunate when I'm just rambling along and check out yard/garage sales.
  8. If BOTH power cords are plugged in and only one side is NOT working/functional, chances are the fuse on that side of the board has blown. Remove fuse, check with a continuity tester, if bad, replace fuse, if good, put it back in and then do a hard reset of the controller, hopefully that corrects the issue. Most often when this happens it's usually always a blown fuse, however it could also be a bad power connection from the power cord, unplug the controller form ALL POWER supplies, then check the wires ate the end of the power cord on the PCB{Printed Circuit Board} in the controller box, check to be sure all the spades that the power cord attaches too do not move when slightly wiggled, if any of them do, either find another spade that can be used for that particular wire or, remove the wire from that space, then reflow and add some more solder to secure the loose spade, reattach the power cord wire and repower the unit to see if all is well. I had this happen with one of my controllers, the solder had broken loose just enough that the neutral {white wire} spade was not making very good electrical contact, reflowed the solder and added a small bit more, reattached the neutral wire back to it and corrected the issue I had. Sp that's a couple of things to watch for when this happens, it could happen to the "hot" {black} white spade terminal as well, so check those as well. The hot{black} and neutral{white} wires are the ones to check, as they are what supply the main power to the unit via the power cords, the ground should be checked, but even if they were loose, they wouldn't or shouldn't cause one side of the board not to work, only power or a fuse in most cases. Good Luck.
  9. The "EXACT" video I saw that initially got me into all this too! Hi JR!
  10. Sad news indeed. I used quite a few of their songs in my displays, both Halloween and Christmas. Paul and his talent will be missed. Prayers and condolences to his immediate family and his "extended family", TSO.
  11. Sorry for your pet dog "Cody" loss. I, too know how that feels, having to put down my favorite cat after 18-1/2 years due to the incompetency of another vet that caused us to seek out another vet and by then, it was too late to save him, so we had to put him down in March 2013. I still miss him {Timone Snowstar} a lot too, I have his ashes in a special photo and paw print urn on a shelf in our bedroom. I have a lot of other cars since his passing, sometimes I think a wee bit too many LOL. But we love them all as much as we loved him before we had to put him to sleep, and then send him off to Rainbow Bridge with other many of our other pets that have gone before him, and those that will follow him there in years to come. Those that don't have, or have never had a pet, just can't relate to how close our pets truly are to us as family members. And we mourn them just as much as any of our human family members or even friends that we lose along the way too.
  12. Considering that I "edit" many of my songs, removing some of the foul language or sexual innuendos that have no place in a family light display for public consumption, especially where children are or would be present, that can create a big issue for sharing sequences and getting the "MP3" music to fit said sequence, even if you did buy the same exact song, if the sequence creator has edited it in any way, someone else, in all likelihood "is not" going to edit in the exact spots or at exactly the same length to make it fit the downloaded sequence{s}. So that really makes it difficult for the downloader to have the music fit the sequence they just acquired. I've been trying to keep a better record {by embedding the info inside the MP3} of Artist, Album, etc. of the songs/music I use, but then I, again, custom edit just about every song I use, so someone, even having the correct info on, where to buy, and for the song I used, can get it, but it won't fit the sequence unless it's edited to match the original sequencers creation, and in most cases, it would need to be edited in the exact spot{s} to match up properly and with the timings of the sequence. Just my nickels worth.
  13. I've been using L.E.D. strands from all the Big Box Retail Stores, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Garden Ridge{now renamed to something else in my region}, Walgreen's, Ace Hardware, Dollar General, Family Dollar and even Big Lots Discount/Outlet and some I've found on occasion at Dollar Tree stores, all my L.E.D. strands shimmer and twinkle just fine, no issues with any of them at all. And funny thing is, I originally programmed those shimmers and twinkles using incandescent strands at the time, now that I swapped out to L.E.D.'s later on in those sections the blended right in. Now some sequences I did do a little tweaking to, others, I just left them alone and they still worked out fine for me with all those L.E.D. strands I'm using from the retail stores.
  14. Yep, silver screw {or white screw as some may call it} on an electrical outlet is the wide blade side and is the neutral, same for the ridged side or marked line {sometimes red band/broken stripes, sometimes solid white line, sometimes white band/broken stripes, but can even be blue or yellow band/broken stripes at times} along a wire is usually most always the neutral side, which is in most cases. always the white wire{silver/white screw} in electrical ~120VAC~ wiring, but not always, depends on wiring/outlet manufacturer, at times some do, and have gotten it incorrect, but it's not common. The dark screw{usually a dark copper color}, or solid black wire is the small blade and the Hot side. The green screw or wire color is always the ground wire, that is, if a ground is used, but usually there is no ground, since it is not necessary for 99% of the Holiday lights we use. On one occasion I did get a brand new blow mold with a grounded plug on it, but that is usually a very rare occurrence, at least it has been with all the blow molds I've purchased over the years. Oh, as per spacing, nothing set in stone on that, make them the length you need, just don't run them parallel or directly alongside your cat5 connections, unless you've got some really good shielded cat5 cables, the ~AC~ line cords can sometimes disrupt the signal in the cat5 going to each controller. I try to keep my cat5 and ~AC~ power cords at least 6" at a minimum away from each other, as well as try not to allow them to cross if at all possible over each other for the same reason.
  15. Cool vids. Wizards wasn't too flashy for me, I just love those epileptic light displays. Really liked the Phantom of the Opera too, very cool!