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  1. FYI... I believe it will only be the Pixie 4 that will be able to use the Macro channels when the new firmware is released.
  2. Correct. The current test facility for Pixies in the HWU is... well.... crap. I can say that because I wrote it. Unfortunately when all of this was being worked on, we had to make some assumptions that in the end did not turn out to be true (I wrote the tests using a prototype, not the actual board). The new test routines in the newest HWU (that has not been released yet), are much more robust - and actually work. I also wrote the Pixel Console, and as stated by someone else that does work with pixies correctly. Use that. The select a single unit ID is in line with other LOR products, especially CCDs that can run in 'Dual Normal' mode. You will only ever pick the STARTING address. The Hardware Utility will only ever find 1 unit - the unit you selected - since it is only a SINGLE board. However, the addressing will depend on how you set the board up. For pixies, that means each port will have its own unit ID. The manual for the board should clearly point that out. We also discovered another issue, which you may have seen posted here in passing. Pixie controllers required a lot more processing power than the processor family we had used previously. That means we started using the latest and greatest processors, which we were assured work exactly the same as the older family. Except they don't. When we initially programmed the 1.01 pixies we inadvertently locked ourselves out of our own boot-loader [not really, but its easiest to say it that way]. That means we (and you) can't update them with software. We are currently manufacturing a hardware device, that will be available FREE, that is capable of updating them. You will simply plug the device into the Pixie and when powered up it will upgrade it. Once upgraded you remove the device and from then on things can by updated normally. Version 1.02 pixies already have the corrected bootloader and will not need the device. Any pixie sold after 4/1/2017 - which includes the 2017 Spring Sale are V1.02 and are not affected. Only Pixies sold before 4/1/2017 are V1.01. Again, you'll only need to use the device one time per pixie and then after that they will be software upgradable. Only V1,01 pixies are affected. Please don't start asking when they are available, or open help desk tickets asking for these devices. We will let you know when they are ready.
  3. Not 100% true. We do have an E1.31 product, and then almost all of our stuff can be controlled by DMX - which can use a DMX adapter not made by us. The best advice to give the OP is to know what control system each controller he is purchasing uses, and then know how those controllers connect. That's why we provide the table here:
  4. S5

    Expo will be one of the first places to be introduced to S5, but it won't be the only place. We will of course have materials available on our website, and I'm sure that is going to include video tutorials for S5 as well. We don't control the Expo, so you'll need to ask those people for live streaming/etc. We also can't just tape our classes there and then post them (as that 'performance' is owned by the Expo people). What we do still own is the content - which means the hard part (developing the materials) is done for a tutorial video. -- I'm sure that we will use that material in some way.
  5. S5

    S5 will have a public (open) beta. S5 is currently undergoing internal testing and debugging. S5 has not been released to beta yet. We are targeting 'By Expo' for a Beta release. Target does not mean scheduled or even 'educated guess'. It means 'We would like to have something by that time. We are working very hard to make that date. But if we don't make it, we will still sleep at night'. We have a full class load scheduled for Expo this year on introducing S5 to the world. Those classes will include advanced functions in depth, so some classes have prerequisites. No one will get turned away, but for your maximum benefit, be sure to check the class schedule and attend classes appropriately. Matt is teaching the bulk of those classes, and since he is the programmer of the LOR Sequencer, you will have the best. Sorry, no sneak peeks or more info on functionality/etc in S5.
  6. FYI, anyone who sees anything even remotely IP theft, please press the REPORT button. We will sort it out. Unfortunately, we just don't have enough eyes to constantly police everything. Had I seen this back in December when it was posted I would have politely told Dave and closed the thread. I'm glad to hear that in the end Dave was looking for something that was offered publicly by the holder. so no harm no foul. However some misunderstanding could have been avoided. DE-- Sorry, and I hope this isn't the reason you want to retire from VO work. We do our best to protect all artist's work, and yours would not have been the exception - if we had seen the request.
  7. I know you didn't mean any disrespect. It's just a brotherhood thing. I know a few that I can match up, usually for the wrong reasons. I knew yours because I had just read the ticket while it was in Mary's queue.
  8. First, being a pilot, I have to say I'm sorry for the 2 killed on the aircraft. Half of me wants to say that since we ship sale orders ground, that it shouldn't have been on a plane. However I know that isn't true. Sometimes a UPS package for me will arrive at a different 'satellite' depot. When that happens, I know it was air-freighted rather than strictly ground. Obviously UPS will alert us if we had any shipments on that plane. JR - we do have your ticket and it's over with our logistics queen to see what is the best way to change your order.
  9. FYI... Not a senior moment. Apparently the USPS tracking application had a hiccup. I did keep receiving status updates, however the package was just delivered about 1,200 miles from me
  10. I fixed it for you.
  11. If we are talking about the same site, your DISAPPOINTMENT is misdirected. We were not the owners or operators of lorsequences dot com. Don't try to go there now, it is cyber-squatted with a bunch of fake pop ups/etc. Many of the sequences that were hosted there ended up on the landolights site.
  12. Thanks for sending me the ticket number by PM. I did take a look at the ticket and see where you let us know that the ribbon was out of warranty when you opened it. The regular cost of a replacement ribbon is $169.95. However as a courtesy we offered one to you for $99 + shipping (which we also discounted), giving you a 40%+ discount, and you accepted. It looks like despite the comments from others on this thread that we did in fact offer a substantial discount on the replacement. If however you are now having second thoughts about the replacement cost, please let us know in that ticket. As long as the replacement is in new unused condition, we will be happy to accept the return of it and refund your repair cost.
  13. Sorry, we didn't catch this in December when you posted it. Please PM me your Ticket Number where you asked about the repair/replacement so I can take a look at what happened. CCRs have a 2 year warranty, and we will stand by that.
  14. Could be worse... USPS has notified me that I have a package coming. I don't have any open orders anywhere... Or at least none I can find/remember. Maybe it's a senior moment
  15. Normal price orders made after the sale are all shipping next business day (with maybe a few exceptions). Full price always jumps to the front of the line