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  1. Time to start talking turkey, or should I say "Hot Chicken", for our time in Nashville/Lebanon TN this year for Christmas Expo! If you are from the area, I would love to hear about your favorite places to eat. Just remember the rules: Local Independent places are preferred. Small Regional Chains are OK. Even large chains are OK as long as they are not national. I can get Chili's anywhere, but not In-N-Out :P. Preferably local food. I know for sure I will want to sample some Hot Chicken. So, what do you recommend? I know for sure I'll be hitting up for some hot chicken for sure. They look like they are right up the street. This looks like something to try: Maybe this:
  2. Other than what we have revealed already, we will make no announcements on capabilities/etc until the Beta Release - that includes pricing, availability, etc Sorry. but it is easier to deal with the backlash of not giving out information that it is to deal with any other backlash.
  3. Several months yet.
  4. FYI (and this is personal experience, and YMMV): I always hated LED strobes. Just like many on this thread I found that they looked more like a blinking white LED than they did a strobe. A few years ago at an Expo one of us LOR guys (Cliff) decided to buy some from Christmas Light Show. I swore up and down that he was NOT going to be happy with them. Xenon was the ONLY way to go. I was wrong. The LED strobes Darryl had looked great, nearly identical to the Xenon ones he was also selling (they were side by side). They had the correct 'pop' and 'decay' - which is what most people (or at least yours truly) noticed as the difference with old LED strobes and Xenon. Before discounting LED strobes completely, I would buy one or two as a sample and see if you think they are good. FYI: There is a PPT presentation floating around on how to repair Xenon strobes.
  5. This is our normal canned 'Changing Computer' response: Moving to a new computer should be relatively easy in regards to the Light-O-Rama sequencing suite. First, download and install the Light-O-Rama software on the new computer. Light-O-Rama software downloads can be found at The latest version is at the top of the page and previous versions are located at the bottom of the page. It's a big file and could take several minutes to download so be patient. To retrieve your license key goto: Next, start the Sequence Editor and register the software (see more details at This is important since it will also set up your LOR data directories. Exit the Sequence Editor. If you did not change the suggested location for the LOR Data, it will be 'My Documents/Light-O-Rama'. Now, simply copy EVERYTHING in the My Documents/Light-O-Rama from the OLD computer to the NEW computer. This includes all folders (like 'Sequences' and 'Visualizations'), as well as any other files. How you copy the files is up to you and depends on the configuration of your computers. If both computers are connected to a network, you may be able to move them that way. You can also copy the files to a removable drive from the old computer (thumb drive), and then from there to the new. You could also burn a CD or DVD. Since you have moved to a new computer, none of the 'Recent File Lists' will have entries in them (since this is a NEW computer). Instead you will need to use the 'Open File' command in each program.
  6. I've battled with this for years.... Typically a modern HD dies because the bearings that allow the platter pack to spin eventually wear and either slow the spin down so much that it can't be compensated by the electronics, or they completely seize. In my experience, which goes back to the mid 1980s, 80% of the HD failues I have dealt with are spin related, about 15% are electronics, and the other 5 are other (including head crashes). There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to hard drives, since most failures tend to be bearing related. Shut them down as much as possible. It is the total hours that kill bearings. Less use = Longer life Keep them running as much as possible. It is the start/stop cycles that kill bearings. Long term storage allows the lubrication to separate leading to gunk and seized bearings. I find myself more and more in camp 2 - letting them run in a controlled environment 24/7 extends their life. I have 11 10,000 RPM disks that have been spinning now for 13 years. I did have one fail a couple of years ago, and quickly replaced it (I love RAID). Also, it has been my experience that a drive left to spin will usually let you know that it is failing before it actually fails - by the grinding sound you hear. You will hear the bearing starting to go and usually have just enough time to copy everything onto a new disk. If you should ever hear something not right, I would NOT turn off the computer. Leave it on while you get another drive and start making a backup. If you turn it off, the bearing may completely seize. I've also had drives in storage for a few years (when you help everyone on the planet with their computer, you tend to stack up spare parts). A few times, but more than you would expect, when I power them up they refuse to spin. Giving them a light tap will most times get them to spin up (but that is not something I would recommend you do). Sorry. A little off topic, but important (I think at least).
  7. "Improving Visualizer Peformance" may help.
  8. File under: No good deed goes unpunished. Sorry if you pre-ordered, looks like it will be up to a few more weeks, the printer didn't ship ontime They did get enough printed for the signing, so if you were planning on going, it's still on.
  9. She also turns up at a lot of 'scare' conventions. If any of you go to those, you may run into her there. Also, she usually takes off in mid-September on a road trip up the east coast hitting haunts and conventions along the way. If you are in the FL area, she is having a book signing/launch party June 16th in St. Petersburg. I've tried finding a way to get her to come to Expo, but Expo is strict on it being Christmas only.
  10. For some reason, I always seem to fall in with entertainers/musicians/authors and the like.... For all you 'Halloween-ers' out there, here is a new book coming out from my good friend Chris about haunts and scare culture: I've known Chris for about 2 years now as she is the girlfriend of one of my other good friends. We regularly all hang out together and tend to eat out much too often. Last time we all went out was a week or so ago. It was to an all-you-can-eat sushi place, and I'm the only one who got his money's worth! . So if you are in the market for a summer read, why not order "Drawn to the Dark", or one of her other published books ->
  11. You can always install S4 in demo mode and see if you like it or not. Just create a backup copy of all your sequences and if you don't like it you can go back to S3.
  12. Advanced versions of the software allow for the export/import of network preferences - there are buttons to do it.
  13. FYI... I believe it will only be the Pixie 4 that will be able to use the Macro channels when the new firmware is released.
  14. Correct. The current test facility for Pixies in the HWU is... well.... crap. I can say that because I wrote it. Unfortunately when all of this was being worked on, we had to make some assumptions that in the end did not turn out to be true (I wrote the tests using a prototype, not the actual board). The new test routines in the newest HWU (that has not been released yet), are much more robust - and actually work. I also wrote the Pixel Console, and as stated by someone else that does work with pixies correctly. Use that. The select a single unit ID is in line with other LOR products, especially CCDs that can run in 'Dual Normal' mode. You will only ever pick the STARTING address. The Hardware Utility will only ever find 1 unit - the unit you selected - since it is only a SINGLE board. However, the addressing will depend on how you set the board up. For pixies, that means each port will have its own unit ID. The manual for the board should clearly point that out. We also discovered another issue, which you may have seen posted here in passing. Pixie controllers required a lot more processing power than the processor family we had used previously. That means we started using the latest and greatest processors, which we were assured work exactly the same as the older family. Except they don't. When we initially programmed the 1.01 pixies we inadvertently locked ourselves out of our own boot-loader [not really, but its easiest to say it that way]. That means we (and you) can't update them with software. We are currently manufacturing a hardware device, that will be available FREE, that is capable of updating them. You will simply plug the device into the Pixie and when powered up it will upgrade it. Once upgraded you remove the device and from then on things can by updated normally. Version 1.02 pixies already have the corrected bootloader and will not need the device. Any pixie sold after 4/1/2017 - which includes the 2017 Spring Sale are V1.02 and are not affected. Only Pixies sold before 4/1/2017 are V1.01. Again, you'll only need to use the device one time per pixie and then after that they will be software upgradable. Only V1,01 pixies are affected. Please don't start asking when they are available, or open help desk tickets asking for these devices. We will let you know when they are ready.
  15. Not 100% true. We do have an E1.31 product, and then almost all of our stuff can be controlled by DMX - which can use a DMX adapter not made by us. The best advice to give the OP is to know what control system each controller he is purchasing uses, and then know how those controllers connect. That's why we provide the table here: