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  1. Correct. We didn't <embarrassed/> notice until the next day. We try to let the forums run on auto pilot. The forums are also hosted by a different provider than our website, which is different from our help desk software (if I am not mistaken), which is different from our store, which is different from... Well... We have a lot of different servers
  2. When I posted that in 2016, we did not have a real Facebook page. We did have something, but like today it is more of a place holder and pointer to our website. The reason I posted that message was more to let people know that we are in no way affiliated with the LOR Facebook group. That is a separate entity that we do not control or endorse. Much like our newsletter, we really only update the Facebook group when we have something to say The forum outage the other day was unplanned. As soon as we were aware of the issue, we took the needed steps to get it back up and online - that only took a few minutes, so it didn't make sense to post something to FB. If we do have a planned outage, we try to let you know ahead of time. If you do notice something is down for a unusual period of time, go ahead and open a help desk ticket and make sure we are aware. Please remember that most down time is transient and only lasts a few minutes. If it has been a few hours, that is the time to let us know.
  3. They are 5V Pixie controllers connect to a regular LOR network and are just as easy to configure. The PixCon controller can be connected to a LOR network, but it really is best run in E1.31 mode. The problem with E1.31 is that you have to just about be a network engineer to configure it (it requires some in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP). Remember there is an upper limit on the number of channels an LOR network can support. Usine ELOR and 500K, you should be able to run around 2000 pixels on a single LOR network. You can have up to 16 networks. Just remember: Pixie = Very Easy, PixCon = Very Hard. (This is not to say the PixCon is a bad board. It's a great controller - probably the best one we sell - but all that flexibility and power comes at a price) You will want PRO for the software, even if you are not going to program the pixels yourself. Pro include the pixel editor for writing your own sequences, BUT it also includes other features that improve pixel performance (like the ELOR protocol). You can always find all of our documentation/etc on our website. Product manuals are here: There are also entire sections devoted to RGB/etc.
  4. Once again, we extend our apologies for some of the people in that Facebook group. We are not affiliated with them, and because they are un-moderated things can get 'salty'. If you ever see anyone up there getting the same treatment as you, point them down here. Is there an all-in-one package? No, not really at this time. However you can piece it together yourself. For hardware, take a look at some of our packages. For dumb RGB, we have CMB24 packages that include ribbons (currently sold out), floods, and the needed power supplies as well as enclosures. For Pixel products, take a look at things like our Pixel Tree Kit. RGB Flood: (The RGB Dumb Ribbon package when in stock is the same but instead of 8 floods you get 8 ribbons. Price may be different) Complete Pixel Tree: Complete Pixel Packages (no tree hardware): For sequencing, you have a couple of options right now. If you are only adding dumb RGB, then sequences from our sequence store are programmed to work with them. We have hundreds: For Pixel sequences, we recommend our own Brian B's creations at SuperStarLights:
  5. The Server 2000 problems sound about right. If I remember my history correctly, that was during the NT transition and a lot of software just failed to work. You might have got an early S2 to run on it - S2 had a LOT of 'transition' code that allowed it to run on 95/98 (more correctly, PRE NT) as well as NT. I can't tell you how happy the rest of the dev team was when Visualizer was finished for S3 and it was going to be XP and above ONLY (again more correctly NT). That finally pushed Dan into allowing us to drop all that nasty code. The speaker issue started (again, If I remember my history correctly) around Windows 7/8. I remember I spent several hours on a remote with a customer trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with that 'no audio device detected' nonsense. Previous Windows versions never cared if you hooked up a set of speakers or not. If the card was there, the driver was loaded and active. Somewhere along the line Windows added a feature where it could notify the sound card if you plugged in something to one of the audio jacks. I could see the sound card in device manager but that error kept popping up. I was finally reduced to adding debug code into SE, uploading it to the custs computer, and running it to pin down exactly where the issue was. Finally I found it was the initial call to the WMP API. So I start up WMP and..... No error. At that point I'm stuck in the worst programmer nightmare imaginable - on one side I have a proper call. On the other side I have a properly working media player, putting the issue somewhere in the middle - a place I don't control. I have to blame it on Windows, but if WMP is working then it can't be. I don't remember if I finally got WMP to throw the error or not. I do know that at some point I asked the person if they could hear the MP3 I was playing and they said 'I don't have speakers connected'. As soon as they did I watched windows finish installing the drivers and things worked. I was embarrassed to say the least. I've seen that issue once or twice since then.
  6. Except of course when you need an absolute reference and not a delta.
  7. When I have an LOR question.... I go to Jim
  8. It's all good, no offense taken. It is (was) confusing. This is what the new screen looks like when you have a Pixie attached:
  9. The current HWU test of Pixies does not do a very good job. We have a new version that will come out with the next release that is more intuitive.
  10. Yes, for you. I picked your ticket up Sunday and sent it over to shipping then. It is in their queue right now.
  11. Shipping has your ticket and we'll be sending you a new one and a return label for the bad one.
  12. I don't know the answer to that one off hand, however if you open a help desk ticket I can make sure it gets over to engineering and get you an answer.
  13. You can duplicate props, but with 1 important thing to remember: You can not duplicate any PIXEL key. So if you have a pixel tree, you can not have a second pixel tree with the same pixels. A pixel key is either the Universe and Channel (DMX), or for LOR: Network, Unit, Circuit. Strings on the other hand are OK to duplicate. In fact, a single channel can be used in up to 16 fixtures. For example, if you have a 8x4 mega tree (32 normal channels), you can duplicate that. Rather than copy/paste, I would create a second tree using the Tree wizard. Adjust the vertical slider so you are looking top-down, and create the tree. Then run the Channel Wizard and assign the same channels as your 'upright' tree.