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  1. this is for 19 houses :-) plus we have 15 more houses so even more! thanks
  2. When your doing 34 houses- you gotta be organized. Hubby made these stands out of 1 piece of 2 X @ furring strip and painted them black. 2 16 channel controllers fit on each one. He will put a surge protector on the side. We will over with a black plastic garbage bag for rain. Best part is the connections wont be on the ground!
  3. Hahaha..GOLD??? Not even...I have the DIAMOND membership! lol
  4. Mega, Mega, to give you an insight- I just ordered 50 controllers, 30 ELLS and 14 CCR's....I think they like me at LOR now :-)
  5. How long are the light string you used on this tree?
  6. gone
  7. yes send me a message please thanks
  8. used only 1 year- had to upgrade to higher wattage. heres the one I bought: Asked $50 plus shipping- send me a message if interested- thanks!
  9. I would like a copy please thanks!
  10. Ive had no issues with Youtube or Facebook and I post all kinds of video with music....out of everyone on the many people have gotten sued??? Sure they give out warnings but its nothing more than a warning and we all use copyrighted music. Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission..........
  11. aww that was a nice interview!
  12. If you are on Facebook- Tom got those from Jeffrey Holmes- they have a special weatherproof cover on the them. I believe they were around $900 a pair. One note- if you live near an airport or in a traffic pattern, we have to get permission to use them. If you have trouble contacting Jeff- send me a message with your contact info and I can forward to him- Merry Christmas!
  13. My response to everyone after the thousands of questions I have received this year in person and facebook " ITS CHRISTMAS MAGIC" pretty much covers all questions :-)
  14. try splitting your controller into 2 networks.