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  1. If only it was that simple, this one has more issues than could be covered in a reasonable time on this forum. Right now I am fuming because our pressure washer she apparently loaned out because when I went to use it a few weeks ago it was blowing water from everywhere it was not suppose to be. It's electric so it also tripped half the circuits at the house. I don't understand the mentality of folks that trash your stuff and then put it back like nothing happened.
  2. exactly, not as many as Kansas and Oklahoma though. I have worked with different variations of styrofoam over the years but out here the winds are brutal and they just get shredded. After we moved out here the sister-in-law took it upon herself to get rid of most of our Halloween stuff we left behind (our daughter is living in our house). we had nice concrete ones we found at Michaels that are no longer there. thought I could try and make some and give them a more "customized" and "weathered" look.
  3. anyone done these using molds and concrete? thoughts?
  4. add me to the list, does it have audio or will I need to purchase?
  5. I haven't seen where anything has been revealed.
  6. Just looked and you are correct!!
  7. where did you find the tubing? They don't carry it here at Menards.
  8. but still what does it buy us, for the vast majority it will not be a free upgrade so cost and features matter.
  9. any idea of what S5 gets us? Will it support P10 matrix's?
  10. what he carries has worked for me for a while.
  11. where were you getting them from? I haven't had one fail yet and I have been using them for 5 years.
  12. IMO it depends on the effect you want, I will use nothing but Xenon strobes mostly for the "random" nature of them as well as the "pop". Have used LED strobes as well but didn't like that they are "predictable". When you use LED strobes it appears that they all come on at once and flash together at the same time for the first second or two before sorta getting random, don't like that. Xenon remind me of the old flash bulbs and in my Christmas display I want that.
  13. I would love to use it for my intro this year if you care to share?
  14. if I am reading it correctly the free version doesn't grab the computer audio, is that correct?