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  1. Have you looked at P10 panels from DIYLEDExpress?
  2. that can't be correct, I ran my mega tree plus ten other props (1600 pixels or 4800 channels) over 16 universes on ONE controller with no issues unless that's the count for using LOR RGB. will be pushing 10,000 pixels over two controllers this Halloween and Christmas.
  3. I think the limit on universes per network is somewhere around 500ish.
  4. Hail Caesar!!
  5. I think there may be a limit on the number of universes per network but I would think 7 controllers is nowhere near that limit.
  6. nope, or at least not what I got from HC. IMO you might be able to find 3-wire at a hardware store, then only thing that is important is the guage.
  7. that will make it a challenge but not impossible depending on your vision (tiny writing on the pixels). basically three wires, +,-, and D for data.
  8. HC has a roll of the three wire stuff to cut and splice lines, only wrinkle is if you got the ones with the waterproof ends because you don't know what color each wire is (or at least not easily). They also sell connect that require no soldering, they have a small bead of solder in them and you just put one wire in one end and the other in the other then use a heat gun to shrink/join. Works great.
  9. do you have a "theme" for this years Halloween?
  10. I am sure it is out there, saw it here a couple of years back. Will search my archives.
  11. 2007, my better half and I invested in a Mr. Christmas. After dealing with that POS for four weeks I knew there had to be a better way and there was. Thanks to all those on here that helped me along the way.
  12. been a busy day, ordered new sequencing PC (to arrive Monday), upgraded my SS software to 24CCR's, all the goodies I need for power injections are on the way (Thank you SantasHelper/Tom for hosting the mini and making it a topic), distro panel for the power injection box, let the sequencing games begin!!
  13. yup, pulled up SE, hit register, bada bing bada book!!
  14. upgraded my SS to 24CCR but it still shows 2CCR, what did I miss? Nevermind, nothing to see here!!