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  1. You could put each node separate in the sequence editor and do it that way.
  2. I have a couple of the Holiday Coro matrix 3 inch spacing I never used forsale if your interested i could give you the specs on what I have .
  3. Once you have the prop built assign it to your preview in pixel editor. Then click on that prop and play with all the effects till you find something you like then save effect and add to your sequence.
  4. you normally unscrew to open the connector then insert wire and tighten down to secure wire.
  5. Your matrix looks nice what's the size in feet
  6. If you have a dmx network setup you can buy a simple 3 channel dumb controller for about $10.00
  7. I also you the Boysco Studios. Top of the line quality .
  8. I have 6 archs like the Johnson type 50 pixels in each arch I am using a Sandevices controller E6804 4 universes and 1 350 watt 12 volt power supply I run 2 archs off one universe no power injection needed.
  9. Did you decide to sell them separate?
  10. free sequences are right on this forum scroll down to sequence sharing .
  11. If your going to build a ccr tree you should consider making it like most people 12 or 16 strips full length strips with 50 pixels per strip there are many sequences available for free and very affordable to buy from places like Holiday Sequences .
  12. it depends on what type of tree your building 360 degree or 180 degree 180 like a ccr tree looks better with strips and 360 trees look better with pixels ,just my opinon.
  13. Please explain how you did it ?
  14. I have a falcon f16 v2 and am going to order the new f16-v3 you should check the specs these controllers a hardly another 16 channel controller they do much more I also have 2E 682's And 4 6804's as for service I never had to call ran perfect all season and very easy to setup.
  15. What controllers are you using for the pe props if there are lor they need to be set to enhansed mode if E1-31 they need to be setup in network Preferances