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  1. Thanks guys!
  2. 68 yesterday
  3. If you have the pro version of LOR. And you already have the pixel editor. It's much easier to use the pixel editor just about the Same as X -lights minus a few effects for now but certainly easier to use
  4. S5

    DevMike thanks for all the info .
  5. S5

    Dan is there a release date for S5 ?
  6. Buckley if you look on Light O Rama website you can buy dumb strips and everything else you need this would be the easiest way for a new person in the hobby because it is made to connect to the lor system.
  7. What do you mean that the pc is not detecting it , Can you see it in the hardware utility ?
  8. What controller are you using for the dumb strips?
  9. should be no problem just two networks one lor and one on E1-31
  10. what your asking for is already in the pixel editor.
  11. You could put each node separate in the sequence editor and do it that way.
  12. I have a couple of the Holiday Coro matrix 3 inch spacing I never used forsale if your interested i could give you the specs on what I have .
  13. Once you have the prop built assign it to your preview in pixel editor. Then click on that prop and play with all the effects till you find something you like then save effect and add to your sequence.
  14. you normally unscrew to open the connector then insert wire and tighten down to secure wire.
  15. Your matrix looks nice what's the size in feet