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  1. When I do that, I get more of a push to XLights or other things I don't want to learn outside of LOR. Looking to socialize and solve problems with LOR folks! :-)
  2. I love LOR and want to continue using the software I know how to use. I am experimenting with Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap. I finally got two strands of pixels to light up using FPP direct from my computer to run a test mode from FPP. Now I want to light those pixels up from LOR - preferably from the hardware utility, but eventually from my showtime products. Can anyone help me in the final steps and give me some advice on how to make LOR control the FPP Pi Cap on a Pi B+? Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide!
  3. All of us lighting fanatics will have at least one light out this season...
  4. Can you describe how you are using the lights? Like how far from the house/display and what coverage you get. If you point them at your house, do you feel it is a concern to look out at the yard and see them directly even from a distance?
  5. I read that Blacklights are at 365 for the most part. I'm trying to find the spec on what the wavelength is on the LOR UV floods....
  6. Also sorry for your loss. Know that you gave Little Man a great life and that others lucky enough to have you in their life also appreciate all that you have to offer. Wishing you the best of strength through the healing process....
  7. I forgot about this post - but a couple of weeks ago I was invited by the locals to a mini! We drove about 2.5 hours north in to the Chattanooga area and I met about 20 brilliant folks!!!
  8. Thank you for the cheer! And yes, I think we could start something here in the south with our own mini. As soon as a bulk of the new-home fixes are complete, I think putting some effort in to an event might be warranted!!!
  9. I just moved to Peachtree City, GA a couple of months prior and was nervous about how my neighbors might accept my passion for Lightorama displays. My closest neighbors who have been extremely supportive in our family move happen to be Jewish and made a few tongue-and-cheek comments about all of the Christmas stuff I was setting up. So, I modified part of my display with a blue and white gift and then spent about 20 hours programming a short 12 CCR song for them. It went over well and they brought friends and family over for all great nights of Hanukkah!! Sharing the love with LOR!!!
  10. I used metal cable to span between two trees to make the center loop and legs, and then zip tie attached light rope to them and just hung the light rope in the other loops. I used springs at the highest points in the trees on the metal cable because the distance changes in the winds.
  11. I also have about 50' on one of mine and it's fine. (Being that far from the other floods, a color variation will not be noticed)
  12. "http://youtu.be/RwdM5TRAWKU" http://youtu.be/RwdM5TRAWKU Trying to make the link work or appear in tapatalk...
  13. Here is my filmed version of PAW PATROL for my son. It was a great first lesson for SuperStar and I am eager to program more for next year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwdM5TRAWKU
  14. You can add a wire on to the end of the strand where you cut it off as an extension cable, just make sure to keep the same order of the wires as when you cut it off. It would be best to mark the wire before you cut it. And the data can only go one way - so if you cut it up in to many small pieces you might have a problem with installing some segments backwards. The trick becomes when you add too much length to the next bulbs, you might have too much of a power drop and need to inject power again somewhere along the way - if not the other end. If they are wired like CCRs - the power would be the outer two strands and you can test for this on a volt meter to find your + and - 12v.
  15. I first take two 10' long 1/2" diameter EMT conduit and connect them together with a coupler and also a 1' long 1/2" threaded rod inside to keep the 20' section straight. I then zip tie the CCR to it at almost every cut point and the CCR never moves ever again. Repeat this 12 times for a 12 CCR tree. Then I use unistrut to make an A frame. Each leg is two 1 5/8" square segments and one 1 5/8" x 7/8" segment at the top. 6 total. I then made a cross member using three overlapped larger unistrut members. On that cross member, I attach super strut beam clamps spaced out to your CCR spacing and in a way that you can clamp the end of the CCR conduit. Then the tricky part is that I have a 2x4 up near the star that has 1/2 holes drilled in it to feed the conduit through. Lastly, I have a stainless steel cable I pull over my house through a pulley to raise the A frame up in to place. So it goes like this 1. Run the cable over the house 2. Bolt together the sides of the A frame and attach cable to the top. 3. Install star and 2x4 with holes at the top. 4. Raise up in to place pulling the frame against the house. (You can add bumpers if you don't want metal to touch your house) 5. Attach the cross member 6. Insert the conduit with CCR in to top hole, set bottom in to clamp, and tighten set screw. (Repeat 12x) 7. Connect CCR wires to control boxes in storage bins below tree. It all breaks down quite easily. The only trick is the 20' long segments. I store them diagonally across my garage ceiling.