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  1. Hope Homeland Security aren't on here.....
  2. I see many of the same symptoms as you do. Seems to me that as the channel count and or size of sequence increases the SE gets slower and slower to respond, including freezing up completely at the end of a song occasionally. I also notice large increases in memory usage, which I think are large Undo's or clipboards being stored, which sometimes don't seem to be given back, resulting in eventually running out of memory perhaps, and then crashing. Saving the file, which also is starting to take an eternity, seems to release the memory back. I have also noticed the scratchy payback issue occasionally, for years now. Usually stopping and starting playback once or twice seems to clear it out. Now waiting around for playback to start........that's another issue entirely.
  3. I send him a spreadsheet with my required items and ask for a quote with combined shipping. He will do Paypal if you ask. He will also do custom orders such as specific wire lengths between pixels. I bought a bunch of pixels with 3 cm wire spacing this year for a project I was doing.No extra charge and had them in 10 days or so. His direct email address is
  4. Sorry to say, but not really Queen. Cleverly done but not Queen
  5. And, you absolutely CAN'T use an ethernet switch with RS 485 of any flavour.
  6. East Tennessee here, so the weather is not that dissimilar, except no salt air. Mine are just under my car port by about 5 feet, and about 2 ft off the ground.I used keystone punch down jacks and put tape over them when idle. Installed them about 2 years ago. No issues so far
  7. Read the When is a reboot not a reboot section Below..... Also check your clock is correct. May be a dead CMOS battery
  8. All you ever needed to know about the path differences between XP and 7.
  9. Nothing to do with the owner, Its a Tesla Easter egg, hidden in the software.All the cars of this model have it.
  10. Well, I suppose it's more of a Christmas egg......
  11. Sounds like a failed download and/or a failed install. Uninstall the software and the drivers. Delete the downloaded files and re-download from scratch. Re-boot and attempt the install again. The license key is not needed to complete the install. Once installed properly you can enter the key in the help/upgrade menu to access all the program features.
  12. Agree totally with Ralph. He also made me pixel strings with custom wire lengths, no extra charge. Took 7 days from sending the Paypal to DHL knocking on the door.
  13. Have you created a show using the show editor? Then schedule the show file using the schedule editor. You should not even be able to put a sequence file in the schedule editor.
  14. That would do it. If the date continues to be wrong, you might need a new CMOS /clock battery on the motherboard. It will be fine while its running but will forget the date when shut down.
  15. Has it ever worked?. Have you tried a reboot. Any programs running in the background. What does the comm listener and LOR status log say. You might want to try and post screen caps of your network config, status log and comm listener window if you can. We're flying a bit blind here,