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  1. Hello everyone, I am curious if anyone cracked the Budweiser Light up Cups to turn on their lights briefly when their team scores? Can you use it as a switch? Having fun with the NHL playoffs.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a problem. I made a 16 second sequence for New Years. Its 8 seconds before and 8 seconds after midnight. I guess i was in a hurry and posted it on the week schedule not the calendar schedule. I noticed this past weekend the New Years sequence was going. How do I delete it? Because it is so short of a sequence there is nothing I can click on to get the pop up menu of "edit", "delete". Not sure if I can just delete the calendar file or week file in the program files without screwing things up. I don't care if I have to re enter my shows again but don't want to screw things up. When I try to put a longer show over the existing one I just receive a "conflict" window but don't have the option of replacing it. What do I do to delete this short sequence/show?
  3. I found that if one of my units do not have power then it doesn't get detected. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi there everyone, I am curious as to how many channels my USB485 adapter can handle before I need to set up another universe? Right now I have three CMB24Ds and two LOR1602W for a total of 104 channels. I have NOT tested ALL controllers together yet but hoping it will be fine for this year!!! Last year I only used one CMB24D and the two LOR1602W with no trouble. This year I am adding the other two CMB24Ds. If I allow this addiction to consume me (LOL) I need to know my limits for the USB485. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi everyone, I have an audio track but there is no dead space right in front. I would like to add a few seconds at the very beginning. I'm able to add time to the total (which adds time at the end) and I tried to skew track to the right but still have no space right at the beginning. Is there a way to add time to the front of the audio track? I have even tried with Audacity using the slide tool and re-saving it. I must be doing something wrong...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a 1600 series Gen 2? issue. It is a metal enclosure and no LED display. I reset the board but still no cure. What is happening is my channel 16 is staying on. I tried the Hardware Utilities to turn it off but still on. Is there anything I can do to fix? Has anyone else had this problem? Need to fix before X-Mas!!! Please help.
  7. Hello everyone, I just want to make sure of some calculations. I am building 4 singing faces with RGB nodes. A total of 804 nodes. Spec sheet states each node uses 0.24W If I am using 804 nodes X 0.24W = 192.96W What I want to know is... My faces will be using 2 CMB24D's - can I use one 350W power supply to power both CMB24D's or should I have them on their own power supply? 192.96W is only 55% of my 350W power supply You folks have been doing this longer than I have and know better. Am I forgetting something? Thanks in advance...happy lighting!!!
  8. I was playing around with my lights still on the house for Canada Day. Did a simple looping sequence and enjoyed. After when everything shut down, I noticed one of the eight strips a slight glow of green. It wasn't very bright maybe a percent or two but you can see a hint of green. My computer was shut down but the green was still on. Anyone had power leakage before and know what to do to fix it? I don't know where to start looking. I hope it isn't a problem with my CMB24D, I only used it for this past winter season.
  9. Curios if LOR is has a summer sale? I need another CMB24D controller. "Can't stop expanding!!!!" LOL
  10. I too have used the 1/2" pvc. Made my frames, painted them the same color as my window capping but I used the zip ties at every 'cut point' of the strips. Cut and soldered wires at every corner. Because of my frame size, I used leftover J-mold from the vinyl siding. Cut them up to make an "L" screwed them to the frame and inserted the part of the "cut up J" that was sticking out between the capping and the siding. So far I have no issues with wind but I live on a sheltered street. If the window only has the siding around the full dimensions of the bay window, you could use the "J's" as hooks and hang the frames off the J's around the full bay window? But from my experience, cut the rolled end of the J off or you will catch it on the rolled edge of the siding J's and curse you ever thought of this. LOL Hope this spurs some helpful ideas.
  11. I was wondering about the 10mm vs. the other thinner material but again....how is everyone cutting the holes for the nodes? Will a drill do? or is there some kind of hole punch? The 10mm is quite rigid. If I double up the smaller stuff it is easier to cut but still wondering how everyone cuts the many holes?
  12. I am planning to build my own singing faces with RGB nodes. I understand most have used that plastic corrugated board. What I am interested in is how thick is the recommended board? I have seen a sample and it is about 1/8" thick. Do most people double it up? My display piece for all 4 faces will be about 4X8 and about 812 nodes. I know I will have to build a frame support but what thickness is recommended? Thanks everyone!
  13. I had the pink issue as well. Turned out it was the soldering joint. After I touched it with the iron and sealed it back up, it was fine. I also had one pixel (3 led section) go out on me. I just cut it out and soldered another section back in. Works fine now. My dumb strips were not even a year old. As for warranty - even if there was....too much trouble sending it back to China - easier to repair it myself. Just my two cents.
  14. My singing light bulbs have only 4 shapes. 1 - closed mouth 2- small open 3- large open 4- "O" shape I use the #1 for a small smile then #1 with the #2 to form the complete small open mouth and the #1 with the #3 to form the complete large open mouth then if you wanted you can use #2 for a medium smile and #3 for a larger smile. I imported 4 identical sized pics with the different mouth shapes (made in Microsoft paint) into the Mouth folder and placed them into their own folder. The program may say you need permission but if you continue through, it will allow you. You have to name each pic accordingly (like the other mouth folders- make sure you have the exact name and spelling or papagayo will leave it blank). You WILL have the same pic for different phenomes (just copy and paste - then rename). If you choose the shapes to best match the phenomes it will look pretty good. Also in papagayo when you choose 25 FPS - look at the actual work area. If the frame count doesn't count up by 25 select 25 again. There is a glitch there. Also if you don't have the P2LOR and can't seem to find it, go back to ItsMeBob's site and click on the parrot icon on the left hand side beside the download links. Sort of hidden behind it. Good luck and happy lighting!
  15. Hello everyone, I am planning my project for this year - singing faces. I am looking at buying dumb nodes and wondering where on alibaba do I find a particular seller. I've read many posts commenting on Ray Wu but on alibaba I don't see where I can enter his name to contact him. I am looking at about 1000 nodes or so. Also the other thought is, other than energy consumption - whats the difference between 5V and 12V nodes? Brightness? My dumb strips on the roof and windows are 12V and I am ok with the brightness....don't want 5V if it gets washed out by the strips. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.