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  1. go over to the aussie lighting forms search on using pi
  2. I need a little well a lot of help with hooking up the p12x to different arrangements of power supply all 12volt any one familiar with these thank you Blair
  3. Hi rainy Oregon Christmas sent you an email about shipping waiting to hear from you
  4. looking to buy ccr controllers that you may not be using anymore thank you
  5. have sent payment did you receive it
  6. looking for ccr's controllers if you have any that you don't need let me know thank you
  7. how do I change a ribbon from red - blue - green to red - green - blue I forget how to do it thank you
  8. search for the above man's name great sequences for spiral trees really helpful send him a message
  9. can anyone tell me what program I can use to open a sequence that ends in .lcb thank you
  10. it doesn't matter the whole top bar goes gray can't stop song
  11. USING 3.12.2 went to sequence editor today played a sequence could not stop the sequence it just kept on playing to the end also tried to add more rgb channels to a sequence using Bob's vegomatic could not do hit edit and the only option there was [ export protected] any ideas thank you Blair
  12. looking for ccr controllers If you have any your not using and want to get rid of let me know Blair
  13. looking for ccr controllers if you have any that you want to get rid of let me know thank you Blair want let me know
  14. Mr Grinch thank you and gsmith thank you