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  1. Sent via email
  2. Just one pixel segment. Thanks!
  3. Right now, I'll probably just keep the one I have. Concerning the repair, I only use 4 CCRs in my display. I currently have 2 working spares, and the one flakey CCR at the first pixel. I'll probably just keep the flakey one as a donor for any new problems and pull working segments off of it to help any future problem. Thanks for all the help!!
  4. No. My solder station doesn't have all that on it. I don't have the air gun, just the iron and digital setting for temp.
  5. I don't know what a rework station is. If I had a section, I'd use it, but I don't have a section either.
  6. I didn't ask. Since my strip problem is intermittent, I figured the best thing to do would be to rip it a part and reflow the connections on that first pixel. If that doesn't work, I'll see about a section. I'm just not sure if it's worth the hassle. It may be cheaper to use something else for that prop.
  7. Yes, I'm using the entire strip. I hope to work on this in the next month or so.
  8. The cost was $99 or $100. Thanks! Paul
  9. They don't repair these, I checked. They will sell you a replacement for $100. The pixel out is Red on pixel #1. I bought a replacement and I'll dig into this eventually. I just haven't had the time since the snow melted Thanks! Paul
  10. Hi I'm looking for XLights and LOR model files for Boscoyo Medium 180 Mini Tree Coro, ChromaStar 23 and Pixel Pole. Pointers on where I might find them? Thanks! Paul King
  11. Thanks Bob for a great service and work on this software. With 30+ songs in my show, our visitors really appreciate the ability to vote for the songs they want to hear!!! Paul King
  12. I have a CCR strip that is having an issue with Pixel #1's Red LED. It's a little flakey and red doesn't always work, but it you press around on the area of the flex circuit items (traces, LEDs elements, etc), it will turn on and function. Green and Blue work without an issue. All other pixels work as expected. I'd like to repair the strip or have it repaired as the cost of a replacement strip is pretty high. What should I be looking for? The section contains resistors, diodes, capacitors and an IC. There has to be a bad trace in there somewhere. Advice? Thanks! Paul King
  13. That's just because I had you debugging this before your morning coffee! Paul
  14. Yes - thanks for all the help Mike! Paul