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  1. I would recommend the Monster Matrix from Boscoyo. I used it for my 84x42 matrix. I made a frame from 1 3/8" top rail fencing. Great quality like everything from Boscoyo. https://www.boscoyostudio.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_30&products_id=59
  2. I started when my son had his first Christmas with large static display. He's now 12. 16 channels in 2008 I believe, 32 in 2009, 224 in 2010, 60k+ channels in 2016. Who knows for 2017... It started with a bunch of blow ups and static C9's.
  3. My driveway arch spans approximately 16 feet with 1" sch40 PVC with 3/4" solid shaft 4 feet in the ground and 4 feet up on each arch for support. I attach the PEX tubing to the 1" PVC. I have guy wires as well. An arch over a 30 ft driveway is no easy chore. Especially as an entry level RGB project. You could bend EMT, but I don't know if I would even trust EMT for this. That's a long span...
  4. Mine are 20 feet long. I've always just spooled them up kind of like you would an extension cord in a large circle. I have big boxes I store them in. My tree is constructed similar, 48 strings of 110 pixels with up and down format
  5. My larger matrix is 84x42 with 1.125" spacing utilizing Boscoyo Monster Matrix.
  6. There is no set guide for a pixel tree. People have different designs, spacing, etc. I started by laying the strips out on the ground and seeing what I wanted for spacing at the top and bottom. I ended up going with approximately 2" spacing at the top and 9" at the bottom on my 16 string tree. There is no right or wrong. Its DIY... make it however you want. I found these pics from BMurray on a previous thread which might give some insight on how some people do it. https://goo.gl/photos/5WCF4NMoeixB9q2HA My tree frame is all welded together with 1/2" EMT with the strips ziptied to the emt. Lots of different ways to do it. None are right or wrong. Think outside looking for a parts list and figure out what you want your tree to look like.
  7. The strips I have are labeled "OFF SPEC PRODUCT This product has been marked as off-spec as it doesn't meet our high standards for "regular" product. This product is still completely functional" Its been a while since I bought these.... but it was in the presale for 2015. On sale yes... but I don't remember any mention a faulty off spec material. It wasn't "completely functional" the nodes were falling out... Regardless Boscoyo would never ship product as flawed as this... I was a big fan of Holiday Coro and a very loyal customer. Davids customer service is horrible in my opinion. I spent close to 10k there in 2015 and wasn't treated very well. I had an issue with a Boscoyo product and they took care of it. No questions asked. The same cant be said for Holiday Coro. Trying to warn people is all. This isn't LOR you're dealing with when it comes to product quality and customer service. I still have a couple of unopened 20 strip rolls with the "OFF SPEC... etc " sticker on them if you're interested. Make you a killer deal on some quality Holiday Coro product... Like George said, trying to warn newbies so they don't make the same mistake I made. Holiday Coro copies what other vendors come up with, lowers the quality as well as the price tag. Undercuts them with an inferior product in my opinion.
  8. I have found auschristmaslighting.com to be one of the better sites. Active chat to get answers to questions quickly. The ACL101 manual is worth a read for anyone venturing into pixels. Most of those sites are more DIY based. Not much LOR talk. I find it beneficial to know all product options available so I frequent all of the sites.
  9. No problems here as well. I have about 500 feet of the stuff on my house. I love it! Time consuming but very clean
  10. I constructed my Mega tree with Holiday Coro strips in 2015. They were trash as was Davids customer service in my opinion. Maybe they're better now but I had to ziptie every node of my 20 ft tree in to keep them from falling out... I threw them out and started over with Boscoyo strips last year. Much better product! More than "a few people" have had issues with him and those strips. Customer service of holiday coro is no where near what you receive with LOR, Boscoyo or other online vendors. Give it time and you will see why so many people aren't fans...
  11. I had several small bushes I did last year. I used square nodes in the Boscoyo mounting strips. I basically created a net to fit the bush using zipties and the mounting strips. This made for nice straight lines and for sequencing purposes its a Matrix
  12. Sale pending on the LOR controllers. Still have 6 Pixlite16's.. $130 each for the board. Some are in CG1500's with mounting plates, psus, ac power cord, HC pigtails, etc Ready to run on some of them
  13. The Pixcon16 is in essence a Pixlite16. Look at them side by side, see any similarities?
  14. Bump... Anyone interested. Will ship if I must. Looking to get $600 for the last 6 controllers + shipping and paypal. (4) older 1602's 5-8 years old,CTB16PC and a 1602 purchased 2013. These have been sitting for a few years now. Also have at least six Pixlite16's for sale if anyone interested PM me.
  15. I have both, 16x50 with strip and 48x110 with nodes. Highly recommend the Boscoyo strip for nodes