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  1. I have three LOR built 1602 30 amp boxes that I am looking to sell. Just tested them and they are all in working order. I am just replacing them with newer models. These are NOT v3 controllers. Unit 4 - $100 plus shipping from 60194 Unit 5 - $125 plus shipping from 60194 Unit 6 - $125 plus shipping from 60194 I can send other pictures and video of them running a chase sequence if needed.
  2. You could set up the projector as a second monitor on your LOR machine (assuming you are using a computer and not a Director) then you could just make a sequence with the video file as your media and program your props (or not). You could then manually turn on the projector at the beginning and end of each evening. Don't know if this fits your requirements, but it's what I do for Christmas and is pretty easy to set up.
  3. My family has been decorating with static lights ever since I can remember (late '70s). I can remember my dad diving off a ladder as it slid down the front of our house, while he was hanging frames of lights around our windows...remember the one with the clear plastic petals over the lights? I was very impressed with his roll out as he hit the ground...not a scratch. I thought he was a stuntman. Anyway, we did static until the bud commercial, like James. Luckily I found LOR right away. I wonder how much the one commercial has cost people?😀 Oh well, I can't say it hasn't been worth it.
  4. On my Pixie4, if you press and hold the button on the board it will sequentially light the pixels on all strings simultaneously. First in red, then green, then blue. I would assume it would be the same for the 8 and 16.
  5. No new information, but a nice tribute when you go to their website:
  6. Perfect. Thanks guys.
  7. I am trying to sequence a small pixel wreath with SE through the Pixie4 controller. I was planning on copying the device to a different track and reordering the pixels to program different effects. However, when I change the order in one track it changes in the other as well. This doesn't happen for other channels..just pixels. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks JR. That was the problem. I thought there was something weird when it wasn't righty tighty lefty loosey. Glad to know I am not the only one that had that problem. Live and learn. Thanks everyone.
  9. Just saw the post on data direction so I will check that, but I am having issues at the connection between the board and pixels. The pins on the board are measuring at 12v, but when I use the supplied connector I get nothing. Has anyone had issues with the connectors not "connecting"?
  10. Thanks Mr. P. I hit the test button and nothing happens. I guess I need to look at the connections to the pixels?
  11. I am not quite sure what you mean by "the test" in HU. As I mentioned, I am able to connect to the Pixie4 and was able to change the ID so my computer can communicate with the controller. When I go to the pixel console and attempt to control the lights, nothing happens. The pixels from Holidaycoro are 3 wire. If I understood the manual correctly, I should place the third wire in the DT slot and leave the CL slot empty. Is that correct?
  12. I am trying to use Holidaycoro 12V 2811 pixels ( with the Pixie4. I am also using the Holidaycoro waterproof power supply ( to power the controller and pixels. The HU recognizes the controller, but I am unable to control the pixel strings via the pixel console. Are their any special configuration settings I need to use to be the pixels to work?
  13. Can I use the 12VDC Power supply ( from LOR to power the Pixie4? Can I then use the pixels from LOR ( with that setup? The pixels say 5V, but I cannot find a 5V power supply in their store? Also, does anyone know what power supply comes with the Pixie16 Plug and Show package?
  14. I would, but I voided the waranty by adding pigtails to use extensions.
  15. This year I added 6 strings of LOR CCBs to my display. Throughout the season, 2 of them starting having different issues. On one string, the last 7 bulbs stopped working (always off). On the other, one pixel about 1/4 of the way down the string was stuck on with a dim red color and 3/4 of the way down a pixel was stuck on with a dim green color. I unplugged the both strings from the controllers and unplugged the controllers with no change. Where can I start to salvage the largest amount of bulbs? For the one with the always off bulbs, are all 7 bulbs bad? Or could it be just the 7th from the end. I have seen other places on the forum that it could be the one before the one that is off. Would that apply here? For the string with the two bulbs stuck on, would it be a problem with those particular bulbs? Can I just take them out and splice the string back together? Any tips that will save me from have to replace the entire string would be great.