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  1. I have been working on a new sequence for the last month or so. The sequence file size is 2.5 gig. S4 and the visualizer could hardly play it at all. Lots of stuttering and lag. Just loaded it in S5 and it played it perfectly. Now the big test will be this coming season how it actually plays on the display. It does give me some hope I can add some stuff to my existing sequences and the editor will play them. Some interesting numbers to go along with this. Original S4 LMS file size: 2,492,945 KB Loredit file size: 4,170.088 KB Play LMS file size: 2KB Play.lms.pe.lid file size 166,677 KB So a 94 percent decrease in size from for the playback file from S4. Not bad.
  2. I already tried using vmware with it. It ran so slow. It might have been me, not familiar with the tweaks I could have done.
  3. Yes, I have done this on several computers and it has worked fine on all of them as long as you leave the default path the same.
  4. That worked, it is actually quite cool.
  5. I agree, Bob's tools rely heavily on clipboards and I cant imagine sequencing without them.
  6. I tried to get both running. Totally screwed up everything. Had to go in and edit a bunch of paths in the registry to fix it.
  7. Windows 10 OS When trying to open an existing sequence in the editor. Everything goes as normal I believe. Pick the preview, Pick what Tracks I want to use. After I pick the tracks whether I select all or select none, i get a box that tells me "These channels had no match in the preview and have been moved to the archive section of the sequence. Every channel I have except for one matrix id listed in that box. Just when the sequence should open I get an error box that says, A problem occurred while opening the sequence. An item with the same key has already been added. I click OK and no sequencing is in the sequence. Have tried several sequences and cant get to open.
  8. Within a selected in the grid, right click select "selected area" then click insert SS effect.
  9. I dont see an option called insert super star effects. Oops, found it.
  10. I tried the export to SS. I then tried to bring that file into SS as a visualizer file. Didn't work. Couldn't find a place in the new SS that would work with that file.
  11. I knew I saw an export SS somewhere.
  12. OK. Swore I saw something about SS export. I will revisit it this evening.
  13. I did something last night and it exported the preview to the importexport folder. The file that is in there is my preview name.lorsppr
  14. When you go to manage previews there is a button there for export to SS. I am not home now for the exact steps.
  15. There is an export for SS options I believe I saw.
  16. I will by in the morning. Uninstalling it right now to see if i can get S4 and S5 to run at the same time.
  17. SO if you install S5 on a different drive can S4 and S5 run independently of each other?
  18. Well I can at least open a sequence now. The last error was due to a sub-sequence. I removed the sub sequence and now the sequence opens. I still get those errors after tracks but the sequence opens and plays now.
  19. I too was hoping for better integration with SS. I was hoping some how you could bring a sequence editor file into SS. That would have been awesome. At this point I just want to open an existing sequence into the editor so I can see how that looks.
  20. That is strange. The LOR work shop was Monday and Tuesday. You would have thought someone would have leaked something by now. Maybe they all had to sign a non disclosure
  21. They hope to have a beta out by the expo, no promises but that was the goal.
  22. Goto edit/undo settings. Uncheck the box. That is the first thing I do anymore. Stops a lot of crashes.
  23. Make sure undo is off before copying that much at a time.
  24. S5

    Thanks for the information Mike, It is greatly appreciated. I wont hold you to that date, just knowing you have a target date is good enough for me.