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  1. S5

    Thanks for the information Mike, It is greatly appreciated. I wont hold you to that date, just knowing you have a target date is good enough for me.
  2. That is one I could use also. Thanks.
  3. Easy way out.. I personally dont think you are in a no win situation, but go ahead and play it that way.
  4. I remember those days, i think there is a more positive crowd in here these days. I sure don't think some sort of information can hurt. Unfortunately, what I see is no information is hurting.
  5. Make sure the control panel is running.
  6. Awesome news.
  7. The fact that there are 3 different software's has never bothered me, in fact I prefer it that way. The idea that a sequence could flow easier between the 3 software's does intrigue me. Like I said earlier, a higher workable channel count is a must if they want to keep up with the pixel craze.
  8. I am up to 41,000 channels this year, it could be a lot higher but I do quite a bit of grouping to keep the channel count lower. I do a majority of my sequencing in Super Star. Cant imagine using anything else to sequence. Super Star plays my sequences perfect and very quick. It is when I bring it all into the sequence editor and try to play it with the visualizer that it starts going downhill. Like everyone else I have started my 2017 display at some level. I have heard the rumors of what S5 might look like, all I need it to do is play 100,000 channels without any lag and life will be good my way for a while. I am definitely not waiting on S5, luckily I can put sequences together at this point, Time will tell what software plays the show.
  9. Please dont create a topic called S5 release. You got me excited for a minute.
  10. SS has "height" scaling, not "width". My pixel tree this past year was 16x75. SS makes it very easy to open a 16x50 tree and scale it to a 16x75 tree.
  11. Hey James. Would love to see what you did with the pixel tree. Thanks.
  12. We will have a mini sometime towards the end of March, We are beginning to plan it right now.
  13. I will dig up some videos. Anytime you want to talk about it just let me know.
  14. I did 4 20x30 matrix's for my singing faces this past year, I had about 60 different singing faces. My charlie brown gang was my favorite.
  15. Well thats Well that is why I asked. I use to do an opening sequence, put a lot of thought in to it. Then it would play and maybe on a good night there were 2 cars out there when the show started. Stopped doing an opening sequence after that.
  16. Question, when you all talk about opening songs, if this the only time you are playing this seqeunce, or does it play with the show when it repeats?
  17. Didnt have anything down til Thursday. It rained New Years Weekend and snowed this past weekend.The weather was beautiful this weekend. I was sick as a dog but I fought through and got everything down except my biggest mega tree. Had to take lots of breaks but the weather couldn't have been nicer for take down. Well crap, Was going to save that 1000th post for something real meaningful, forgot it was coming up. Only took me 10 years to get there.
  18. Hopefully will get the drone up to get a better perspective. Have a few others up there, didn't know which one to put here.This is what I have so far.
  19. Thanks.I watch your video every year, always enjoy them, your show is very original the way you do your music. I have always wanted to ask, who does the "DJ-ing" for your show? All of my videos this year were recorded using the camera from the DJI Phantom 3 drone. The video linked in the post I just had the drone sitting on a ladder about 10 feet high. It was too cold that night to fly. The camera itself has a very good manual mode, you can set ISO, shutter speed, exposure, white balance.
  20. I will take it
  21. LOL, What did I win? Good thing I decided to run my show one more time tonight.
  22. After a few years of people trying to give us money when we were passing out candy canes we decided to start collecting for a charity several years ago. I just heard back from the local charity today had my biggest collection year yet, almost doubled last years donations. On a personal level I also received in the donation box, a few Christmas cards, a note or 2 and some religious pamphlets, not sure what the pamphlets were trying to tell me.
  23. I seemed to have more voting than ever this year. I tried to get some video of a few songs. Voted them to the top and by the time I would start videoing, my songs were no longer at the top. This happened several times. Like I have said for several years now, cant imagine my light show without MIIP, and it seems the people who visit my display would feel the same way. Thanks again Bob for giving us this great program.
  24. Not sure what to say. These were in my show this year. 1,3,4,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,17,19,20,23,28,30,53,55,58,60,67,69,81,89,98 Oddly enough my number one requested song for the third year in a row didn't make the list. Let It Go.
  25. I would love to check it out. This song is so hard to sequence. Thanks.