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  1. E682 LOR S4 DMX Setup

    No, should be e1.31
  2. E682 LOR S4 DMX Setup

    I am sure it is nothing a teamviewer session wont solve. Sometimes it just takes a second set of eyes.
  3. E682 LOR S4 DMX Setup

    Here is my trouble shooting questions to myself. First step, do the pixels light up via test sequence in the web config on the 682? If so I know my setup is good. Next for LOR, is my network setup match the 682 setup correctly. is the control panel running. Is the commlistener running and has no errors. Next sequence editor. Does the channels in the grid match my setup. Is there something in the grid to play. Is control lights on and stays on. Is the schedule off in the control panel.
  4. E682 LOR S4 DMX Setup

    I cant read this morning.
  5. S5 16 CCB Pixel Tree Sequences

    Are you converting the pixel tree sequence in SS or did you also get an LMS file?
  6. S5 16 CCB Pixel Tree Sequences

    Should be able to open any S4 sequence in S5. Then copy and paste into an S5 sequence that you already have.
  7. Everything channel wise is setup via what channels you link the prop to in the preview.
  8. I feel 100 percent confident with MIIP and S5. Played my show through all the way during the day this past weekend. All 101 sequences played as expected. Great job getting it to work Bob. I would have had to go back to S4 if it didnt work. Thanks again for an awesome program. Now I need to spend some time with the new features.
  9. I have a matrix that I scroll messages on and have used the last 2 years via a sub-sequence. I got the matrix hooked up today and was unable to get the sub-sequence to play. When I load the sequence itself it plays perfect on the matrix. When I add that sequence as a sub-sequence nothing plays on the matrix. I tried adding as an LMS file, a play.lms file. Nothing worked. I am on the latest beta version. I have no idea what else to try.
  10. Charile Brown Skating Pixel

    I will check it out. drdelong@outlook.com Thanks James!
  11. S5 Show Editor

    When using S5 you have to create playback files. Open your sequence in the editor. Go to file and select create playback files. You will then have an .LMS file to use in the show editor.
  12. DD03 Sub-Sequences Wont Play

    So I can start creating my play files and hopefully my subsequences will work? I need to get started creating my .play files. Hint Hint, a utility for creating those automatically sure would be nice, select a folder of .loredit files, come back a few hours later and your 100 sequences all have .play files.
  13. DD03 Sub-Sequences Wont Play

    Anyone have any suggestions to try. I am out of ideas.
  14. Sub-Sequence

    Has anyone successfully gotten a sub-sequence to play with S5? Thought I would ask before I report a problem. I have my matrix up that I use to scroll messages and I can not get the sequence to play via a sub-sequence. It plays perfectly as a sequence.
  15. Anyone happen to have any spooky effects for a pixel tree for Halloween. Since mine is up thought I would throw something on it for tonight.
  16. LORMonitor has stopped working

    Do a search on the forums for LORmonitor. I thought they were pre-patching the file but you might need to patch it yourself.
  17. Printing channel config in S5?

    Thanks Matt, nice information. Any way in the network column you can add a leading zero to the network name. That way we can sort on universe number and it will be 001, 002 instead of 1,10,100 so on.
  18. You need to use the foreground and background paste options.
  19. Thinking ahead to running my show. In the LOR control panel if we are using the playback files does "use compressed sequences" need to be checked? Also in the control panel "show player memory restarts" always needed to checked, with playback files, will that be necessary? When creating a show I always choose " Sequences are loaded when they are needed", again when using the playback files where the .lms file is so small can we choose the other option? Anyone have any ideas here?
  20. RT 005 Copy/Paste Causing Shut Down

    Copy and paste is so much better now. Thanks for the upgrade to 5.010.
  21. The Hype Is Building!

    Yeah, at work get questioned on whether I had started setting up or not. Last weekend after setting up stuff in the yard did our first Facebook post. The post had 23 comments, 27 shares, 338 likes and reached over 6000 people. Pressure is on.
  22. Somehow I have potentially messed my sequences up. I need some understanding to know how to properly fix them. I have had 2 16 x 50 mega trees for a couple of years now. 1 tree my first string is bottom left, 2nd tree my first string is bottom right. This way i can put the same sequencing on them and they mirror each other. When i re-created the trees in the S5 preview I forgot to choose on the second tree that the first string was bottom right. I noticed a few days ago that the trees were not mirrored and changed the prop to first string was bottom right. Didnt fix my problem. I just noticed that even though I have the first string is on the right, When I turn string 1 on in the grid it lights the first sting on the left. Question is this, all of the channel information anymore is in the preview/prop which is a great idea. What links the sequencing data to the prop in the grid? How does Mega Tree 1 sequencing data know to light Mega 1 prop? Hope all this makes sense.
  23. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    That is another great thing about MIIP. You know what songs people are voting on the most, and Yes it was still very popular still this past year.
  24. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    LOL. Guess i should have worded that a bit different.
  25. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    Cant imagine running my show with out MIIP. Hopefully this year I can talk the wife into letting me do the all night show.