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  1. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    I agree. This matrix will be viewed from at least 50 - 60 feet away.
  2. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    84x30. It hopefully will look OK. From what little I have tested so far it shows cartoons real well. One example was Reliant K's 12 days of Christmas. Found a great video for it online, playing the whole video on the matrix for that sequence. Mostly I use it as 4 singing faces on sequences. I have about 40 different faces for this year.
  3. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    Some people have to have the "latest and greatest". We rush out and get that newest phone the day it is released. I am one of those. Now in the case of S5 i probably didn't have a choice. I am running about 50,000 channels. I have a few sequences that are 2.5 gig. S4 was barely playing my show last year, had a bit of lag in a few sequences. This year I wanted to add a few movies to my matrix, I would not have been able to do that with S4. S5 preview plays them fine, time will tell how they look out in the yard. To be honest the change from S4 to S5 hasn't been that daunting, but I work in an IT department so software is not that intimidating to me.
  4. Something seems to have changed between version 5.04 and 5.06 when it comes to copy paste and deleting. My workflow is sequence all my props in SS. When I am done doing that I have 5 lms files. I bring the first part into the sequencer, import my channel config and delete all the existing effects. This is my first sign something has changed, I just select the entire grid and hit delete, this normally takes a few seconds. The sequence I am working on took about 15 seconds just to delete the effects. Next I load part 1 as a new sequence and copy and paste between my now saved new sequence and part 1. I select my arches and spinners from part 1, this is 384 total pixels. This took about 30 seconds to copy and paste between the 2 seqeunces. In the past this few of pixels was a few seconds at best. When it came time to copy and paste my pixels tree, 16 x 50 pixels, forget it, this took minutes. Anyways something changed. If you need any additional information just let me know.
  5. Switching to S5

    Well I have thought about that and it will be a big problem for next year. I am assuming that there will be some sort of export from the preview. If not I will have to install S4 somewhere to create my visualizer file for next year. There also appears to be a way to keep the visualizer from S4 when you install S5.
  6. Well I installed S5 back on the home computer. Looks like I am going to commit and make the change. Going to start a brand new sequence with it so there wont be any going back for that sequence. Pros so far. Much faster than S4 once a sequence is converted. Can leave undo checked. I haven't been able to use that feature in years. Preview isn't as good as the visualizer but since it is built in now it is a good trade off for me. Finally able to use pixel editor effects. never could use them in S4. Several new feature in SS. Time will tell how it does with large channel count but preliminary results look like it will do large channel counts much better. Cons. Clipboards, but we are being told they will get those in there. Well that is all I have so far, I am sure there are many more pros, hopefully not many cons. What has anyone else come up with on the pro and con list? Anyone else made the commitment to run S5 this year?
  7. Has any one else noticed a HUGE slowdown in copy and pasting between 2 sequences in versions 5.04 and 5.06? I do my sequencing in SS. I sequence groups of props individually. So I have several lms files that I merge into 1 lms file. Today when I was doing this it took forever to copy and paste my 16x50 tree from one sequence to another. I am talking minutes. In S4 it was seconds and I thought it was the same in S5 up until this version. I restarted my computer thinking it was something along that line but that didn't help. Was wondering if anyone else is seeing this?
  8. Switching to S5

    I also do a lot of sequencing in SS. I still do it the way I did with S4. Export out of SS as an LMS file. Import that into S5 just as I did with S4. Now I am able to easily add in Pixel Editor effects unlike with S4 when it was a separate program.
  9. is next beta release coming soon?

    Good news. Looking forward to checking it out.
  10. is next beta release coming soon?

    Patiently waiting.
  11. Multiple Pixel Controllers

    I had 7 controllers this past year. I put an 8 port switch in a plastic box out in the center of the yard. Ran one cable from PC to switch and then all of the controllers to the switch. Most controllers only needed a 50 foot cable at that point. Used a few 25 foot cables and 1 100 foot cable.
  12. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    Very nice Bob. I was also in the path of the eclipse and it was a pretty awesome experience. I wasnt expecting much so it caught me by surprise.
  13. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    In S5 the pixel editor and sequence editor are merged into 1 program so with it you can go either way.
  14. License Problems

    Thanks Matt. Will try when I get home this evening and let you know.
  15. Anyone else having licensing problems. I fired up 5.04 tonight and all of a sudden I am in demo mode. Tried t o register again and I get a message that says my license doesnt cover this version.
  16. Not sure if I just cant figure it out how to do it or not. Can you add a motion effect row to a group?
  17. OK, finally got around to test this and it worked as shown. Thanks for helping me out here. Now lets see what I can do with this information.
  18. Made quite a few changes to a Preview. S5 crashed. Now I get an error on startup saying that there is something wrong my preview and I should try and fix it. When I try and modify that preview S5 give me an error and shuts down. LORSequencer-trace.txt
  19. Can anyone from LOR answer this, whether it can be done now or if it is on a to do list?
  20. I have created a group of props. My arches, spinners and circles. I was wanting to put an effect on all of them at once by applying a motion effect to them.
  21. Introducing Tor

    1.54 was the first version I used, Seems like it was around for a year or 2.
  22. Windows 10 OS When trying to open an existing sequence in the editor. Everything goes as normal I believe. Pick the preview, Pick what Tracks I want to use. After I pick the tracks whether I select all or select none, i get a box that tells me "These channels had no match in the preview and have been moved to the archive section of the sequence. Every channel I have except for one matrix id listed in that box. Just when the sequence should open I get an error box that says, A problem occurred while opening the sequence. An item with the same key has already been added. I click OK and no sequencing is in the sequence. Have tried several sequences and cant get to open.
  23. DD01 - Open existing sequence

    This was resolved in 5.04. Sequences open perfect now.
  24. 5.0.4 Import of Ver 4 files

    My import under 5.04 worked perfect. I too have lots of tracks. Each track ended up being a "view" Once I scrolled down to track 1 all of my props were there, just like it was in the sequence editor for version 4.