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  1. They hope to have a beta out by the expo, no promises but that was the goal.
  2. Goto edit/undo settings. Uncheck the box. That is the first thing I do anymore. Stops a lot of crashes.
  3. Make sure undo is off before copying that much at a time.
  4. S5

    Thanks for the information Mike, It is greatly appreciated. I wont hold you to that date, just knowing you have a target date is good enough for me.
  5. That is one I could use also. Thanks.
  6. Easy way out.. I personally dont think you are in a no win situation, but go ahead and play it that way.
  7. I remember those days, i think there is a more positive crowd in here these days. I sure don't think some sort of information can hurt. Unfortunately, what I see is no information is hurting.
  8. Make sure the control panel is running.
  9. Awesome news.
  10. The fact that there are 3 different software's has never bothered me, in fact I prefer it that way. The idea that a sequence could flow easier between the 3 software's does intrigue me. Like I said earlier, a higher workable channel count is a must if they want to keep up with the pixel craze.
  11. I am up to 41,000 channels this year, it could be a lot higher but I do quite a bit of grouping to keep the channel count lower. I do a majority of my sequencing in Super Star. Cant imagine using anything else to sequence. Super Star plays my sequences perfect and very quick. It is when I bring it all into the sequence editor and try to play it with the visualizer that it starts going downhill. Like everyone else I have started my 2017 display at some level. I have heard the rumors of what S5 might look like, all I need it to do is play 100,000 channels without any lag and life will be good my way for a while. I am definitely not waiting on S5, luckily I can put sequences together at this point, Time will tell what software plays the show.
  12. Please dont create a topic called S5 release. You got me excited for a minute.
  13. SS has "height" scaling, not "width". My pixel tree this past year was 16x75. SS makes it very easy to open a 16x50 tree and scale it to a 16x75 tree.
  14. Hey James. Would love to see what you did with the pixel tree. Thanks.
  15. We will have a mini sometime towards the end of March, We are beginning to plan it right now.