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  1. Am i missing something or is there no way to make a custom prop in PE with more then 1 string per output in it? I am trying to create a spiral tree with 150 nodes and the pixies only handle 100 per output so i need to add a second output to the same prop, can't figure it out. thanks! Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.24.45 AM.png?dl=0
  2. thank you so much, i was reading the help file last night and was shot, lol now i understand, i can go 1-100 in boxes for string 1 and then output 2 string start at 1000-1050. makes sense now
  3. I was hoping someone can help with this, I am taking some of my old collapsable LED spiral trees and taking off all the leds and zip tying on nodes as you can see in the video, I am doing all white wired ones, the one in the video was just to test, obviously im not leaving it like this how can i do a prop in PE for this? I cant seem to find something that works well and actually looks like a tree, lol... in visualizer i can do props that are ok but cant import that into pe. THANKS GUYS Mar 14%2C 12 56 12
  4. i saw, thank you so much, i was reading the help file last night and was shot, lol now i understand, i can go 1-100 in boxes for string 1 and then output 2 string start at 1000-1050. makes sense now
  5. no problem at all, thank you so much for the link though, still will be useful in future props i do
  6. thanks for the link, nothing in there though is going to work for my prop, Im trying to do a custom one in PE but theres no way (from what i can see) to break up 1 prop into 2 id's
  7. thank you! any luck k6CCC?
  8. Mr.p beat me by seconds!!! lol
  9. yes, if the test button does not light the pixels up then more then likely the wiring to it is wrong. check direction and look closely at gnd,data and 12v wire to make sure it matches with board input
  10. got it, took sme playing around with. It seemed that Spex wasnt saving the colors right, i set the colors to gree/yellow/red and it would output in a different order, then i would reset it and the color bar would show red but the little square above it marked 1 was green, definitely weird stuff going on but i got it to show green/yellow/red like a real eq. thank you. and i got your video Bob on the volume stuff, going to play sunday with it, thanks!
  11. so I have my windows wrapped in RGB and want the left and right to be VU meters with sound, I tried to make it myself last night in SE like you can see in the video on the top 2 windows but I feel it could look better if there was an effect that does this for you, XLights has one but its more for matrix screens with like 10 bars to create a full meter vs a green, yellow, red pulse to the beat
  12. not following you 100%, sorry BobO, can you send a pic of an example, not sure where the color speed is and what sliders to set to the height of my matrix which is 50 pixels, thanks!
  13. i am trying the SpEx2 program again and have it working pretty good on my 16x50 pixel tree but I'm trying to get the colors right. For a normal EQ on a mixer the first lets say 30 pixels would be green, then 15 yellow and 5 red for "peak" look, How can i do this? for all the setting i try it mixed red yellow and green all over the tree, its not keeping the order green/yellow/red from bottom to top as you can see in the pics
  14. anyone? I tried the "object creator" program but it only allows you to do 1 output per spiral tree, I would need to do 2 outputs on a pixie controller per tree being the trees will take 150 pixels or more each
  15. forget it, got it, thank you!
  16. I have a sequence and after messing with new timing grids i now have 3 under Edit/Timings/Switch timing grid,,, I see all 3 in the drop down obviously, Is there a way i can delete the other 2 so they no longer appear? when I open the sequence in PE it keeps defaulting to the one i dont want to use of course even though i have save the sequence using the grid i want. thank you
  17. I dont see that, i have this box and in the drop down just the list
  18. you have to decide if you want to use 5v pixels or 12v yes you can use that p/s with the pixie 4 BUT then you HAVE to get 12v pixels. if you go 5v use these power supplies, they work great, I have the 12v models but the 5v work great also. they are not waterproof but I'm sure you're getting an enclosure to put everything in anyway so you will be safe, even the 12v one is cheaper then the one LOR sells and 100w more powerful, 300w vs LOR 200w
  19. so my setup is like what you see in the sad diagram I made below, lol I have 8 arches, a pixie 4 powering all 8, runs great but I need to inject power at every other arch being I am using 1 16 foot 300 LED strip for 2 arches. I was going to run 4 power only cables from the 12v p/s to every other arch where injection is needed but that may look messy so I was thinking of running 1 30-40foot 16awg 2 conductor cable from the p/s to the last arch and then t-tap in at every other where needed. Will this work or will I again lose some power by the time I get down the line for the injection. was going to use the holiday Coro cables and t-taps which I believe at 18awg this is what I would like to do
  20. thank you robongar
  21. what size fuse you putting in the block? 5amp one should be good no?
  22. ok great, thanks guys I have all the power injection done already and tested and works great, just trying to rewire it now so its less mess running the injection wires definitely going to fuse them too, great idea
  23. i just got this one, tested it over the weekend. worked great
  24. awesome thank you! I was looking too into dancing characters, i have seen some people have like a santa or guy and girl dance on the tree