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    thank you for the info DevMike
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    thanks k6ccc
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    when is the expo? they should do a paid live stream for people who want to take the class but cannot physically be there
  4. I was hoping for an idea on how to do this, in the beginning of one of my shows i want to create circles that circle all around the pixel tree like a fan fair type movie opening type deal. any ideas? I tried using a few circle wing dings but no luck, couldn't ding anything good in SS either, thanks guys!
  5. this is what I did really quick to give you an idea of what I meant, ill be adding more but this was quick.... thanks for the help!!
  6. I see how you do it, thank you!! I'm messing with SS and image area now
  7. exactly but a filled in circle so its all white
  8. how did u make that pattern move? Maybe I can work with that and make it the way I want
  9. pretty much I want round white circles to smoothly go around the tree like a search light or flashlight is point at a wall in a circular pattern/motion
  10. video unavailable
  11. like pre show spot lights, similar to this but i just want it to be circles going all over the tree vs the beams
  12. Hey guys, I have been adding some more to my show and thinking ""at what point do i add a 2nd network""? Is this a logical question? Not sure what the max is using a USB485-HS with LOR Pixie 4's, 8 and 16. Right now I'm using 1 box at a time to setup and test and but haven't tried hooking up all 7 at the same time, is there a max of what i can add to a USB485-HS? In my head i figure I'm good until i run out of unit ID's choose from right? thanks!!
  13. really? My tree alone is 800 leds x 3 channels per led (2400 channels), i have to use a stand alone network just for the tree? that seems odd
  14. thanks guys, i was looking for a similar topic by searching, i figured it would be a common question but didn't see anything on it, hopefully he responds but like you guys said, i don't believe either that 7 controller is anywhere near the limit of 1 universe/network
  15. as you can see in the pics I posted I jammed in 2-12v p/s', a Pixie8 and a fuse block, all closes and works great but the box is obviously getting a little hot running 700 pixels. Are there good vents you guys use for the Holiday Coro boxes? I have a vent in fan in bigger boxes but it won't fit on the side of these. I feel I should vent this box out on the sides somehow or come up with a different idea maybe. thanks guys Apr 03%2C 11 20 14 PM.jpg?dl=0
  16. did you see this thread, theres talk about a beta being out
  17. after I fix this I wondered if I should've left the ground connected and only cut the + I have a tree with 100 nodes tied to it, The data line runs the full length of output 1 on a pixie 8 but at the 51st pixel I cut the + and - and with my second 12V p/s I injecyrd power at node 100 to feed 51-100. Is this ok or should I have left the ground connected too and only cut the + after node 50? here is a sadly drawn pic of the string of lights, pixie 8 and 2 power supplies
  18. so in my show i am building now in preparation for 2017 christmas, I started with the idea that i will only do 1 box and LED light windows to music, HAHAHAHH, this now turned into a lot of fun and i am up to all 6 windows, a 16 foot high LED tree (800 pixels, 2400 leds), 270 LED star, 6 spiral trees (540LEDs) and 8 leaping arches (400pixels,1200 leds) resulting in a purchase of: 1 - Pixie16 4 - pixie4's 1 - pixie 8 7 - 350W p/s' 1 - 200W p/s am i going overboard by having an electrician come in and install a sub panel outside with 6 - 20A breakers? 1 20 amp for each box i have assembled i calculated the draw and its high up there but mainly during a burst of white during a peak of a song, then for the most part all the lights are blinking so i know they only draw a few amps during that time i know this is kind of a generic "do what you feel is right" question but wanted your guys opinion and ideas on how all of you are wiring electric for shows with this amount of boxes
  19. anyone? Bueller? lol
  20. so here is my situation, I made a cutom prop, 100 node RGB spiral tree as you can see in the links below in SE i can create a chase and then play it in PE and it looks like this which is great but i dont want to have to keep using SE just to make a chase and then go through all the trouble of getting it migrated into PE and wiping out other things i did in PE any way to do this chase up or down in PE? Any of the effects i try and cant get it to do it thanks!
  21. wow, thank you so much for that info, makes perfect sense AND would explain why last night i was getting random flashes of green when others where whit and with fast stroking it seemed like there were delays on some pixels also i know the voltage is most likely a little different between p/s1 and 2, I always measure the voltage first when i build a new box before i plug in the Pixie board to make sure its not too much to damage it and it always reads between 12.2-12.5 volts between different power supplies
  22. thanks, ill reconnect them on the trees, i hope i left enough sick in the wire to strip and add
  23. so on each strip pixel connect the ground back? i did connect the grounds between the power supplies too as per another diagram
  24. damn, i want to, i must have missed it, where did it post?