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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to get rid of a lot of my controllers this year if anyone is interested. I have the following to sell all in mint condition, only used for 1 season (6 weeks) and were installed in plastic cases so they never were subjected to rain or snow 5 - Pixie 4's for $45 each or all for $200 1 - Pixie 8 - $60 1 pixie 16 which I never used, bought it strictly as a backup and to test pixels indoors - $80 Please let me know if you want any of them and if you want them all we can work out a price for a better deal, thanks!
  2. was able to get the pvc forms done and led's glued on just in time for 4th and added a few sequences. looks pretty cool
  3. so I want to do LED screens in my windows with nets and nodes but feel the resolution obviously won't be that great to play video on and then I came across these P10 LED panels https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Outdoor-P10-rgb-SMD-3in1-full-color-LED-module-Scan-Mode-1-4-screen-unit-board/701799_32601471511.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.1c620e56b49xpU does anyone know if and how I can integrate this into S4/5 to run sequences on these panels? thanks! I searched around a little but there are very different answers and no definitive answer
  4. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    you can configure them however you want but as of the lates Falcon software each output can handle 14 panels, I have only gotten 12 to run on each output though but I don't need that many, was just doing it as a test
  5. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    yes but there are 2 ways of doing it raspberry pi with a hat to plug the panels directly into )up to 36 panels I believe total) or Raspberry Pi without the hat plugged into a colorlight card (up 96-112 panels depending on the version of FPP I believe)
  6. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    a lot of those looking ones are 5v, 300-350 watt, 60A. For the amount of panels you are doing you definitely need 2 power supplies
  7. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    I think its more about what you use as the sender, for example a beagle bone or Pi running FPP is what really determines what can be displayed, LOR, Xlights and so on are just sending dmx data to them. Keep in ming doin that large of a display playing video in real time from LOR is going to kill your network in bridge mode, it may not look that smooth. You will have to play around and see what works best for you
  8. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    how many panels you looking to do? you may be better off starting with a a Pi and hat of a beagle bone with an octoscrolla and learn it all first like I did, then I jumped into big matrix sizes and colorlight cards
  9. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Thank you, this is actually 54 panels (not sure why I wrote 56 at first) . it is 54 P10 panels, 6 wide by 9 high. There are a few ways of doing this , Like ebuechner mentioned you can read through this thread and find a lot of good info... For me im running it from a Pi as my sender and a Colorlight board as my receiver. If you are using LOR you would want to setup 3 dmx universes per panel and map it all out, then put the Pi running FPP (falcon player) in bridge mode and configure the panel layout in there. there is definitely a ton of info out there on how everyone does this and a few videos
  10. FOR SALE: Pixie16

    Pixie16 (just controller, no p/s or case) used 1 season (6 weeks). Works perfect and in mint condition. $75 +shipping. Pixie connectors included, They are not in the pic because they were connected to my CCR's at the time. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nlaFybXulmdok0EzBxctEq2f8WlYVSxz/view?usp=sharing
  11. FOR SALE: Pixie16

    I do, thanks, send me a private message and we can work it out
  12. FOR SALE: Pixie16, 8 and a few 4's

    Everything sold! this can be deleted if possible, thanks!
  13. FOR SALE: Pixie16, 8 and a few 4's

    Not 100% sure how to tell that but I know 1 pixie16 has the new dip switches I bought around November and the rest of thencontrollers I purchased early 2017 and over the summer. I can post pics of them today if you want.
  14. FOR SALE: Pixie16, 8 and a few 4's

    2 pixie 4's sold, i have 3 left so 3 - Pixie 4's for $45 each 1 - Pixie 8 - $60 1 pixie 16 which I never used, bought it strictly as a backup and to test pixels indoors - $80
  15. How can I do this and then import into SS and control each pixell? Right now I create RGB tree from Tree Wizard and when all is said and done and I bring it into visualizer I get 1 box for the entire string vs 1 box to click per pixel I'm doing the following 180 degree stings in a wedge, no base number of bundles - 8 density - 1 using 8, 50 pixel CCR's with one folded so out 1 controls 1-75, output 2 is 76-150 run channel wizard, select rgb number of repeated channels is 3 (can't be changed) device type - LOR, normal 512 I've watched some tutorials but nothing is showing exactly what I want to do. I tried using a visualizer tree sample but they are using 1 50 pixel per output and my channels will not match up
  16. not here, i installed all, ran that reg wipe, installed S5 and still get prompted every time
  17. thank you Matt, Looking forward to .18!
  18. I haven't been able to try this in S4 and only use S5 now. S5 ran flawlessly all month long running my show so first off thank you!!!! Now to the issue i am having, Next year i am doing 2 big P10 matrix screens, roughly 56 panels each taking up 336 DMX universes. I add this all to my S5 profile for the house and now S5 is not even usable, if i open effects manager the entire program just locks up and i have to force quit. Can LOR not handle this? I did try adding the same in other companies software and it ran perfect, it was just S5 i am having the issue in and i really don't want to start programming in another software just to add screens.
  19. oh ok, then thats safe, lol thx K6ccc
  20. whats the registry wipe program? sounds dangerous, lol
  21. interesting... I tried even renaming folders and doing an install so it was all fresh but no luck
  22. mine is going to google drive but i did try a test having it local as the normal file path also and no luck, I'm hoping the permissions help. I did start having the issue too when i went back to S$ to test out a DMX light and then uninstalled and installed S5 again
  23. cool, not just me, i thought it was an issue on my PC. I am having the same exact issue, When i open .16 i have to confirm the file path again, happens 1 out of every few times i open. I looked at some security permissions to my folders and added "everyone" for now to have full control so i will see again tonight if the issue is linked to that
  24. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    I grabbed this one, they shipped it right away but it is coming from China so who knows when i'll get it lol https://www.ebay.com/itm/272481069287