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  1. so on my one PC i got the feature from S5 where you can highlight a row and choose to "insert from SS" working, it opens SS, you create an effect and close and it is added to Sequencer which works good for morphs but I can't get it to work with text. If i have S5 open SS and create a text effect and then close SS i get the error below https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ihWse8JZsoTlVmRUtES3Y2dEk
  2. and even grouped which i just tried it always throws in the motion effect row and you can't run a chase over that row
  3. this i what i have for a test view, theres no way to keep just the arch channels all together to chase throughout without removing the effect row which i don't want to do for obvious reasons https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ihWse8JZsocU1haUFwSWdveHc
  4. I need the motion row to do the effects and if you remove it it deletes any work you did in that row
  5. another thing driving me nuts is i love how the VU meters came out on my windows but i can't get S5 to do this,
  6. thank you guys! I am not too fond of the last song i threw into the mix, I may change that, i feel i need more of an exciting end changing icon, lol
  7. Hey Guys, i finally finished my first sequence with a medley of music i made between christmas and top40, Im always open to suggestions and criticism to improve on what I do, Please let me know what you think. Also, Thank you for some of the GIF files i used in the sequence, you guys on this forum are awesome and would love to share and give back anything i can help with FYI - in the video there is a straight line of lights along the back shrubs, thats a reindeer and santa 10 foot long inflatable i have with LEDs in it and the original bulbs cut out, also the 2 tiny lines on the right and left of my spiral trees are blow mold penguins with LED strips in them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVY75qRkzTM&feature=youtu.be also for some reason the audio is a tiny bit off on some parts in the youtube video but on the sequence every beat is spot on
  8. anyone figure this out yet? I can chase across one arch by creating a channel level but if I create a channel level on all 8 arches I can do a chase across all 8 by simply selecting pixel 1 on arch one and dragging to pixel 50 of arch 8 like I could do in S4,SE. when I try now it says "when applying the chase effect, all selected gris rows must be the same". But thats impossible being every arch has a motion effect row on it. there has to be an easier way
  9. S5 - Beat Channel disappearing

    HA so easy, I didn't see the tabs, sorry Matt for even posting this
  10. Computer type speed

    now that i saved them as compressed play files it all seems to work now in the "Show on demand", weird
  11. Computer type speed

    ok great, so its doing what i want it to do then, now if the play file would actually work on my controllers in S5, lol.... I have an issue with it, reported to Matt. Alll of my files in S4 show editor and show on demand work great and my lights all do what they should but in S5 they dont light up doing the same exact thing, weird
  12. Computer type speed

    when I save playback files in s5 it saves a .LID which is 52MB and a play.LMS which is 2KB and is what is added to the show editor to build a show, so i guess at 2KB, thats pretty compressed,
  13. Computer type speed

    so i guess in S5 if in Control Panel i select "use compressed sequences" that automatically will save all my stuff as i save playback files to "compressed"
  14. Computer type speed

    ok nice, will definitely work on using them then. thank you as always!