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  1. thanks guys,,, Im not using DMX, all LOR pixies with the usb to ethernet converter
  2. that kinda sucks in a way, i want 1 flood for over my doorway so i need to buy a 24 output $110 controller to do so?
  3. I want to buy a few of these - will these run off my regular pixie4 controller? it says """ Requires a DC-PWM driver for RGB effects (use the CMB24D)""" do i really need a 24 port dumb controller or can i just use the pixie i have, thanks!
  4. ok perfect, thanks!
  5. guys, being this is my first year doing this i had a question about the power, do you guys plug in all your boxes and leave them powered up the whole time outside during the holiday season or do you put them on a timer to come on a few minutes before and after you hours of shows?
  6. Makes sense. lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. awesome, thanks
  8. u have fans in there too or just the exhaust vents?
  9. thats a great case too, I like the one I grabbed from Depot, like yours a little bit better though for the quick release to open the door. Are you putting in a fan to get the heat out?
  10. I just reversed one of the fans, once the box was sealed they were canceling each other out I guess by sucking the hot air out, there was no air coming out, so now one pushed air in and the other out
  11. awesome, thanks! ill read up tomorrow
  12. thanks K6! so theres literally like a Superstar are in the visualizer program? I was looking for something but didn't see anything in Visualizer related to SS
  13. I don't see the harm in just leaving the fan on all the time, I would rather the heat not build up and then the fan have to try and get it out.
  14. yeah no problem, I left all the settings default that came from LOR, I just used the HU to change my unit ID to 0D which was the next channel for me to start at
  15. tested it. all good so far, wiring up the LED strips now so I can plug in all 16 at oncc the fan is 12v ran right to the power supplies so its always on, ordered a second one for the other side to try and keep the case as cool as possible