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  1. S5

    thank you for the info DevMike
  2. S5

    thanks k6ccc
  3. S5

    when is the expo? they should do a paid live stream for people who want to take the class but cannot physically be there
  4. this is what I did really quick to give you an idea of what I meant, ill be adding more but this was quick.... thanks for the help!!
  5. I see how you do it, thank you!! I'm messing with SS and image area now
  6. exactly but a filled in circle so its all white
  7. how did u make that pattern move? Maybe I can work with that and make it the way I want
  8. pretty much I want round white circles to smoothly go around the tree like a search light or flashlight is point at a wall in a circular pattern/motion
  9. video unavailable
  10. like pre show spot lights, similar to this but i just want it to be circles going all over the tree vs the beams
  11. I was hoping for an idea on how to do this, in the beginning of one of my shows i want to create circles that circle all around the pixel tree like a fan fair type movie opening type deal. any ideas? I tried using a few circle wing dings but no luck, couldn't ding anything good in SS either, thanks guys!
  12. really? My tree alone is 800 leds x 3 channels per led (2400 channels), i have to use a stand alone network just for the tree? that seems odd
  13. thanks guys, i was looking for a similar topic by searching, i figured it would be a common question but didn't see anything on it, hopefully he responds but like you guys said, i don't believe either that 7 controller is anywhere near the limit of 1 universe/network
  14. Hey guys, I have been adding some more to my show and thinking ""at what point do i add a 2nd network""? Is this a logical question? Not sure what the max is using a USB485-HS with LOR Pixie 4's, 8 and 16. Right now I'm using 1 box at a time to setup and test and but haven't tried hooking up all 7 at the same time, is there a max of what i can add to a USB485-HS? In my head i figure I'm good until i run out of unit ID's choose from right? thanks!!
  15. did you see this thread, theres talk about a beta being out