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  1. With my poems
  2. You guys are great. Some of you have indeed helped me and I know others will in the future. I have certain areas I can be of help but lack in other areas, which you/others make up for. As a group, we all make a team complete. We depend on each other to be better at what we do. Nobody knows everything. It's not required but should be said... Thank you!!!!
  3. On your hands
  4. The most points
  5. Amen to that. +1. With 11 years in this hobby and helping many folks, the approach and a show of appreciation goes a long ways.
  6. And Buffalo roam
  7. My dar ling
  8. With my sweetheart
  9. Thanks for sharing our little secret Doug. Lol Yes Doug gave me crabs (I did pay him). So in return, I gave a crab back to him because... Well he deserved it. What crawls around goes around. Anyway seriously, I thought it was only fitting to return the proto type for his first customer back to the rightful creator. So what am I going to do with the rest of my crabs? Hummm......... Light em up or save them for the next 7 minis? 😀 Thanks again Doug!!!!!
  10. Uh Jack. This post is over a year old. 😀
  11. Or Texas tea
  12. Attracts huge flies.
  13. Welcome rooster. It's been posted on the forum. Do a search of what your looking for. I would include the search results but I'm not real savy with my smartphone just yet. If not, you're in good hands with some great people here. Good luck. Tom
  14. From spider prop
  15. traveled many miles