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  1. Yes, for those "RED, WHITE & BLUE + Green lights you have, Use the binders Mega Arch mentioned. I've been using those for years for attaching to shingles and gutters. A snap to put up and even faster for taking down.
  2. especially LIFE cereal
  3. Now wolf bait
  4. get rabbit's foot
  5. That sister-in-law would be in time-out for a very long time if she did that to me. LOL
  6. closer to retirement
  7. have the brain-cells
  8. In your shoes
  9. Nice secluded location and house. Don't be surprised if traffic for seeing your Christmas display is sparse. Being that far from a major city or highway makes it tough to draw in traffic without some extra advertisement through social media. Maybe I am wrong and hopefully so. Just don't be surprised if so.
  10. And 3D glasses
  11. pull em tight
  12. Iron Maiden tonight
  13. Oh man.... I was just about to place another order of crabs too. 😎 Great job Doug!!!!!
  14. for another prop
  15. Happy Father's Day!!!