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  1. Make a big effort to get to know your neighbors and offer to help them out whenever you can, grass, snow, lending of ladders, fixing lights....Manage your show times, set-up/take down and be as considerate as you can to your neighborhood. As your show grows having everyone on side with your display will keep your annual event very positive.
  2. Captured about 40% of my takedown and put away with some time lapse photography. 85k lights, LOR, RGB all down and tucked away.
  3. Nice job, thanks for sharing.
  4. Very impressive, great job
  5. Put my CMB24D at the end of the network and added a terminator. Show has ran perfect for two nights. Feeling confident the problem is solved.
  6. Cat 5 cables are easy to build a little tedious but simple. Suggest you print a large wire color code chart and that a good quality tester is a must. Crimping the ends is one thing but being able to verify that you a secure correct flawless connection is a must. I had bought a kit on amazon that came with a handful of connections that seems to work good. My 10 watt dumb RGB system is using the LOR CMB24D controller that has worked flawlessly for the past number of years. I moved it to the end of my Network and added a terminator where I would normally daisy chain the next device. Show ran great last night, not sure if it was coincidence or if it was my controller creating reflection or memory down the line? May be an issue with the new firmware for an enhance network or a bug as a result of my S4 upgrade and Pixel editor use? Either way I'm good with the work around as show season is here and folks are lined up to watch the display. No I do not believe you can use a splitter or a switch with a USB485 dongle. From what I understand a repeater may be an option once one becomes available for an high speed enhanced network. Good luck whyintheworld, welcome to the madness.
  7. Good news. Bypassed my floods controller last night and from what I could see the show ran flawlessly with no issues. Hope to reroute some Cat 5 and put the floods at the end of the Network with a terminator to see if it will make a difference. Fingers crossed having this controller at the end of the Network will keep the Gremlins from creeping back into the CCRs. Thanks a ton BYRG for the suggestion.
  8. Thanks BYRG. Good idea to bypass my floods as most would not realize they are not playing and they happen to be located at the start of the network where I have been having the problems. I did have to update the firmware on them at Halloween to get them to work with the enhanced network. Will let you know how it works out after tonight.
  9. Temps warmed up and I ran some new Cat 5 avoiding as much power sources or other Cat 5 as possible. Ran my show Sunday night with no change. Weird sequence memory starting showing up about 2 hours into the show. Cycled the power on the affected CCR and this issue went a way for a few songs and than would show back up looking a little different. Sometimes the issue moved up the Network into another CCR. Monday I split my high speed network into two enhanced networks using another high speed adapter. Net A 3 x CCBs, 3 x CCRs ran flawlessly (these ribbons and CCRs have been running great all along, first half of the network). Network B (second half of my original network, problem CCRs) 4 x CCRs, 8x10w RGB floods, 1 x CCB. Same problem occurred in the last CCR on this network about 2 hours into the show. Random flashing that appeared to be consistent with another sequence? I did not touch this CCR and let it play out to avoid this issuing transferring as it is not too noticeable) This particular CCR continued to play 1 hour after the show schedule was completed. I needed to disable the schedule and unload my control panel to get it to quit. I did install terminators at the end of each network to prevent reflection. The more I trouble shoot the more I believe the issue is with software and the communication to the controllers that seems to only be affecting my CCRs further down the line only after the show has played for a couple of hours. All of these devices ran flawlessly last year all on the same network. Its a head scratcher.
  10. Not really sure of the make/model of drone? The video was completed by a friend of mine Dark Sky UAV, Cold Lake AB. He has a Facebook page that you could contact him directly on. Yes he did a great job capturing my display, thanks.
  11. Hey yes George maybe I will split my enhanced network as if it doesn't fix it will help to isolate where I might have a connection issue. Plan on replacing some more Cat 5 cable on Sunday when the temps get a little warmer. Stupid cold right now -35 C, -31 F. I can't touch nothing without it breaking in my hands. The challenges of the Canadian North eh! Derkngoogly I have not been using a cleanup sequence. I have 12 musical sequences and run a filler ever third song. I have had great success for an hour or two when I disable my show and unload light o rama. Not really sure how the cleanup sequence could help?
  12. Running 3 networks a low speed for LOR residential controllers, high speed for my CCRs and CCBs and a E131 for my pixel tree, matrix and pixel screen.
  13. Man still can't figure out what is going on. My CCRs continue to act up random flash. Show plays great for a few songs than a glitch shows up like a memory in one of the ribbons. I reset the ribbon and it works fine for a song or two than the issue creeps back in another ribbon. Sometimes I get random flashing in the ribbon even after the show has gone to bed. Updated firmware, separated the power cables from the Cat 5 cables, added a terminator to my last CCR, swapped controllers, replaced controllers.... just can't figure it out.
  15. I have also been experiencing some random flashing in my CCRs on my enhanced network during my Halloween show, did tons of trouble shooting, moving of cables, swapping hardware.... I built a terminator based on John Storm's post crimping in a resistor into a Cat 5 connector on line 4/5. Unfortunately I was unable to find a 1/8 w, 120 ohm resistor in our local radio shack however was able to crimp in a 1/4 w, 120 ohm resistor. Will this work? I have not tried this yet.