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  1. Matt: I never thanked you for the information - so, thanks for the info.
  2. I just had this happen to me also. I am using v 4.3.18. I have had this happen several times in recent years. It just happened about 15 minutes ago. Does anyone know why or how to correct it? Thanks. Jim
  3. Matt (or anyone): In your Oct 15, 2016 post above you mention that CCRs have built in dimming curves. I can't find any reference as to how to implement the built in curves. All I want to do is to reduce the overall light levels of my CCRs. I am still using some of the original Gen 1 CCRs. I continue to sequence them in SE because there are times that I want them to do things that I can't do in PE. Is there any way to easily reduce the overall levels under these circumstances? Thanks. Jim
  4. Mike: Thanks for the information. That did the trick. Jim
  5. I wanted to provide an update on this issue. I am now using V4.3.18 and the issue still exists as the attached files show. In order to get the rendered lights in the correct place, I have to place the prop very high in the picture. I tried to send pictures with this but the limitation on file size prohibited me from doing so. I have pictures if anyone would like to see them. Jim
  6. Please ignore the above post. It was an operator head-space problem. I am a little overwhelmed with having to completely redo everything for the show becasue the operating system on my computer got completely messed up. Sorry. Jim
  7. I have just found a new problem with my renewed S-4 (v 4.3.16) installation. I just made a new short animation sequence (las) file. I developed a short pixel file in PE (lpe file). The lpe file is saved properly in the same sequence directory as the las file. When I open the las file, it does not show the pixel file connection on the bottom of the sequence file. Obviously, I have something wrong with my installation of S-4. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do? Thanks. Jim
  8. I had a major computer system blowup on the system that I run my shows on! Windows 10 became very unstable, to say the least. I tried a windows repair, with the help of Microsoft Support, and it had problems and failed. I had to reinstall Windows 10. Therefore, I lost all of my files. I had a back up and reinstalled all of the files. I also had to download and reinstall LOR S4 PRO. S4 has lost all of its hardware configuration and network settings. I have re-set up all of the hardware connections (I use 4 seperate networks to control my display). PE originally did not find my Preview file. But after several adjustments, it is back and working correctly. All of the props show up and PE will control the lights. However, pixel sequencing is not showing in PE and there is no Pixel line showing in the Ims file. I need help figuring out how to, hopefully, reconnect the PE file with the IMS files. I hope that everything is not gone or can't be reconnected. My show has now been down for 3 days due to this mishap. Can anyone help me figure out why I have lost all of the PE sequencing? I am desperate. I also just noticed that all of my favorites in PE are missing!!! Jim
  9. Report Number: JMW005 Module: PE Software Version: 4.3.16 Beta OS Version: Windows 10 Description: When playing a sequence in PE, if you click on the stop button, the red line that is the current position indicator changes to a thinner line, but the sequence continues to play. You must click on the stop button a second time to stop the play of the sequence. Repeatability: Happens every time. Hardware Used: N/A If this is possibly related to a particular sequence please save it and attach it to your bug report.
  10. Matt: Has this capability found its way into a release yet? When I paste an effect from a SE channel into PE all I get is a white effect. Also, I can't find the paste special. I am now using 4.3.16. Can you or anyone help me? Jim
  11. RN: JMW004 Module: SE SV: 4.3.10 Pro (and at least 4.3.8, if not earlier) OS: Windows 10 Pro Description: This problem concerns the use of the import and export channel configuration function. 1. I developed a full channel animated test sequence for 2016 by importing the final 2015 channel configuration. Everything was fine. I then made some modifications to the new test file, based on the new channel configuration for 2016. I then exported the new configuration as "channel configuration 2016 -1". This configuration uses 1 track and multiple groups with, of course, multiple channels in each group. This file also uses channels from PE. 2. I then built a new music file and imported the 2016-1 channel configuration into it. All went well. It worked great and I have been sequencing in the file for sometime without problems (in both SE and PE). However, yesterday I decided to make a few minor channel modifications to this file in just one of the groups (rename the channels and move 4 of the channels to a new location within the same group). I like to keep all of the channel configurations the same for each year, so I exported the channel configuration as "channel configuration 2016-2". All seemed to go well as there were no errors were encountered. 3. I then decided to update the channel configuration in the test sequence. I ended up with a mess (which luckily I did not save). When I imported the 2016-2 configuration file into the test sequence I ended up with garbage. First I had 2 tracks instead of 1 track that there should be. The first track, which should not be there, is named beat track and lists ALL channels in the sequence with just their original channel numbers (not the renamed channel names) and no groupings. Then, I have a track 2, unnamed) which has all of the new and proper channel configuration names, groupings, and order. The sequencing information was left, in order, in Track 1 only - but all of the grouping information and changed channel names do not appear in this track 1. Also, if I delete track 1, then all of the sequencing information is also deleted. This leaves the new file in complete disarray and unusable. Repeatability: I have done this 5 or 6 times, all with the same results. I have been using the channel export and import function to update channel configurations since 2009. It has always done what I wanted it to do as long as I did not move the physical channels and/or controllers around in the file. This is a new problem for me. Thanks in advance for the help
  12. I have been using the latest release of LOR on Windows 10 since 10 came out. I have had no issues except the issue with Windows update and I fixed that. In Windows update to to advanced options and select "Notify to schedule restart" instead of automatic. That way Windows will not update when you are playing a show.
  13. The reason for this problem is operator headspace. When the timing grid did not show up, I did look in the timing grid name and all I saw was unnamed. The problem was that the drop down box showed 19 "Unnamed" listings and at the very bottom the fixed grid was listed. Once I selected the fixed grid, everything was fine. I don't understand where all of the unnamed grids came from however. Thanks. Jim
  14. This is the only one that I have had this issue with. It was setup by someone else, on another machine. The timing grid looks OK. The only thing different that I can see is that the timings are all set to .05 seconds instead of the default .1. Thanks for the response. Jim
  15. I just tried to start a new file in PE, of course using the las sequence file. The timing grid in the las file is set to .05 seconds constantly throughout the musical sequence. When I load the file in PE and add RGB Props, no timing grid shows up. Or I should say that only 1 timing block 2:17.67 shows up. I thought that PE used the timing grid from the las file. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks