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  1. Thanks Matt and all. Looking forward to the next release. Jim W
  2. Thanks all. I give up. Here is a link to the big picture. http://wrightslights.info/assets/Pictures/JMW Curtain Problem.PNG . Jim W
  3. Default: The problem is that they only allow 0.01 MB files. That gives us almost no picture size or resolution left - to get it that small.
  4. Attached is the requested screenshot. I hope you can get some actual information off of this very very very low res screenshot.
  5. JMW-S5-002 Play Problems With Visualizer Module: S5-SE Software Version: 5.0.0 OS Version: Windows 10 Description: Using a musical sequence transferred from S4. The new visualizer works great in displaying a sequence that uses both standard LOR controllers and RGB lighting. However, when I click on Tools > Control Lights to also run the lights, the visualizer almost completely stops. It will display intermittent portions of the display, but never even the complete lights at that instant. Repeatability: It happens every time. Hardware Used: 1. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s). 2. 16 GB Memory. 3. Windows 10 x64 4. I use 4 networks to support my display. The file is too large to attach. Jim W
  6. JMW-S5-001 Curtain Effect Not Working Properly Module: S5-SE Software Version: 5.0.0 OS Version: Windows 10 Description: Using a musical sequence transferred from S4. The curtain effect is not working properly in my RGB sign prop. Instead of opening and closing across the entire prop, it only opens and closes across only the outside edges of the prop. There is also text in the prop and the curtain seems to flow around the text instead of covering it up as I originally intended (and as it did in S4). I found a fix to the immediate problem. I entered into the MEG and reversed the effects, from left to right, and that fixed the issue. I am reporting this because it is obviously and issue when converting to S5. Repeatability: It happens every time on conversion from S4 to S5. Hardware Used: Not a hardware issue. The file is too large to attach. Jim W
  7. I just had to comment on the new play controls in the S5 Sequencer. They are great, once you get used to them and figure out all of the capabilities. Congratulations to the developers. Jim W
  8. I would like to ad my information also. All musical files seem to do this. For me, if I click on the play button or press the space bar after first opening a musical sequence, it plays the first time mark and then freezes (or stops). Clicking the play button again makes the play continue. Once the sequence has started to play one time and then you stop it, the sequence will play properly with no problem from then on. However, when you close the sequence and then reload it, the same thing will occur. As a note, this did not seem to happen on animation only sequences.
  9. Matt: Thanks for the information. It took me awhile to figure out what slide 28 meant and how to use it. I finally figured out that I had to add a view with the RGB props in it to see and edit those items. I have a suggestion (I don't know whether you want it here or in the "bugs" section). I would suggest that, by default (or option) if, when importing to S5, a sequence contains both standard channels and RGB effects channels, another view be automatically generated for the RGB props. That would make it much easier to figure out how to use S5 and make the conversion to S5 more complete from the user's point of view. Jim Wright
  10. I know that this has to be a stupid question, but here goes. I have imported a 4.3.18 file into 5.0.0. Everything seems to be fine. However, I cannot figure out how to edit the pixel channels (RGB channels from PE). Where are they and how do you edit them? All I can see are the old SE channels. If you play the file everything shows up in the new visualizer window.
  11. Matt: I never thanked you for the information - so, thanks for the info.
  12. I just had this happen to me also. I am using v 4.3.18. I have had this happen several times in recent years. It just happened about 15 minutes ago. Does anyone know why or how to correct it? Thanks. Jim
  13. Matt (or anyone): In your Oct 15, 2016 post above you mention that CCRs have built in dimming curves. I can't find any reference as to how to implement the built in curves. All I want to do is to reduce the overall light levels of my CCRs. I am still using some of the original Gen 1 CCRs. I continue to sequence them in SE because there are times that I want them to do things that I can't do in PE. Is there any way to easily reduce the overall levels under these circumstances? Thanks. Jim
  14. Mike: Thanks for the information. That did the trick. Jim
  15. I wanted to provide an update on this issue. I am now using V4.3.18 and the issue still exists as the attached files show. In order to get the rendered lights in the correct place, I have to place the prop very high in the picture. I tried to send pictures with this but the limitation on file size prohibited me from doing so. I have pictures if anyone would like to see them. Jim