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  1. please may i get a copy - many thanks in advance . ukoberon@yahoo.com Rob.
  2. please could i get a copy - many thanks . ukoberon@yahoo.com Rob.
  3. Hi James - please could i get a copy if you are still sharing. Thanks Rob. Ukoberon@yahoo.com
  4. if you are still sharing this id love a copy please - many thanks in advance - ukoberon@yahoo.com rob.
  5. Sent to you just now. Please note its more than 16 channels but you can cherry pick what you want. Rob
  6. good advice - thank you - i think the auto configure was where i was going wrong. Also needed to work my way through advanced settings on manual network config - pretty intuitive once i was into it but a little bit of trial and error.
  7. Hi All - so i muddled may way through it - not sure how but using the network preferences managed to set my AuxA to enhanced and my standard network to standard. took a couple of discoveries with the HU but again got there with this. Thing that caused me problems was the HU kept asking me if i wanted to run the show on this network - and i needed it to run on both. Anyhow - by default i seemed to get there and my show is up and running. Thank you though for your offer !!
  8. wow - these are great - if you are sharing please send to ukoberon@yahoo.com - just setting up my first 12 ribbon tree and these would be fab! Many thanks !
  9. Ok - got the purchased tracks sorted - it was all about network config and channels.... So tommorow (Its late here now) will be all about the multiple network configs - any pointer on this still appreciated. Thanks
  10. Ok - have purchased and and set up Pixie16D hardware and have built the 12 ribbon layout - everything is connected and i can use the hardware console to test the units and ribbons no problem - so this seems all in order so far. This being my first year I have purchased several CCR pre built tracks from a couple of soures and have been able to open them in SS and had exported them to SE so i could add into my existing sequences as sub sequences running over 2nd network (older controllers will run on legacy network and CCR Pixie will run on High Speed using super 500 speed USBconvertor. As part of my testing I have tried running the sequence on SE (control light enabled) with just the new pixie tree controller connected - and i get nothing on at all. I have tried to understand the september 2016 user manual but am confusing myself even more... Looking for advice and assistance on 2 fronts please: 1. How should i set up my Pixe 16D controller with the 12 ribbons to run on separate network to the main show - any step by step help would be great here please. 2. Having purchased a number of CCR Sequences and exported them to SE tracks what do i need to do to get them in the main show - i suspect its all about the channel configs but again any step by steps appreciated. The show will be run from a laptop with the standard network on 1 usb (Comm3) and the super fast for pixie on Comm 5) Feel like im so close ...but so far - any pointer greatfully received. Many thanks in advance Rob - ukoberon@yahoo.com
  11. Has anyone sequenced any of the David Bowie songs other than Little Drummer Boy that they would be willing to share? Id really like to add something like Life on Mars/Starman/TheJean Genie this year. many thanks Ukoberon@yahoo.com
  12. Hello, any chance i could get a copy please - my first year with CCR trees....would love to include this sequence. Many Thanks. Ukoberon@yahoo.com
  13. Hello ,Would really like to add this to my show this year could i get a copy please? - many thanks in advance . ukoberon@yahoo.com
  14. Hi James, could you send me also. Thanks for sharing. Rob. ukoberon@yahoo.com