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  1. Great show Sally, like the spiral tree. Earle
  2. Put them back up.
  3. Very well done for the first year. Earle
  4. Thanks Jeff, your's always looks great, just would like to have the area that you have so I could expand. The little spiral trees there in front of your display are an eye catcher as well. Cdanna77 It will come with practice, thanks for the comment. Thanks gsmith37064 for the comment.
  5. The Talley Spiral Tree display is back again this year, the videos can be seen here: www.vimeo.com/user2854453/videos Here is a sample:
  6. Merry Christmas from us.
  7. I think "EDM" is the one
  8. Looks like we are go to go for tonight. Looking at radar there seems to be some showers popping up to the south of us, but looks as if they will miss NW Ocala (I hope).
  9. We just had a shower go thru about 15 min ago, I think we should be ok for tonight, going to check it out now and make sure no breakers trip. The display has only been shut down one time this year do to rain. Earle
  10. If you want to make the trip there's this one in Ocala, North of Orlando www.vimeo.com/user2854453/videos We will not run the display if we have rain.
  11. Check the fuse on that side.
  12. Sorry to here about the problems, I was hoping to see some good video of your display this year. Earle
  13. Also make sure the opto went in the right way, as I remember one side is reverse of the other.
  14. Home Depot has them every year, here is the link, don't know if the are sold out or not. http://www.homedepot.com/s/female%20slide%20on%20plugs?NCNI-5
  15. I would say 90/10, I had one do the same and that fixed it, but I changed both at the same time.