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  1. I would like a copy when you have time. Thank You rmartin52@sympatico.ca
  2. HC shows that their 16 x 50 pixel node tree as a 180 degree tree with 2" spacing. Will this look alright or should it be a 360 degree tree. or can the spacing be changed to 3" or 4" spacing for a taller 180 degree and even better
  3. it says that the FV16v2 gets 640 nodes per output if you are going to do a roof line would you break it down to 100 nodes or max it out.
  4. On the FV16v2 what would be the longest tried distance of run wire before the first pixel/node, and does that change and does that change when you add the board to change it to a FV32v2. Can it be programmed in LOR S4/ Pixel editor or Super star
  5. I use a bunch of these you should try the site wish.com they are cheap and the shipping is cheap. The only thing is sometimes it can take a month to receive but if over their suggested shipping time they will give you the product and refund your purchase price.
  6. I have used rgb dumb strips cut into 3ft. sections mounted onto pvc conduit under my eves to make it look like smart strips. I used the 27 channel dumb DMX controllers and wired it with thermostat wire. The effect looks good. My house has aluminum clad eves so bought the green clips made by Noma and modified them so I could zip tie two clips per section and just clip it to the soffit. This makes install quick and easy.
  7. I have tried both Jack's different cables and a different computer. It was in the middle of a Daisy chain and the controllers after and before all work and this one will not control the lights on it. The green light blinks very slow but the controllers after has the light on steady
  8. I have a problem with a controller it is a gen 3 with the green light and is a CPT 16pc. It worked fine for a number of years. The problem this year is it wont control the lights. SO 1.problem the green light will not stop blinking. 2. disconnected and hooked it up separate and searched in hardware and it finds the controller but green light will not stop blinking or will not control lights. 3. tried resetting controller buy moving jumper but when you do this the green light is to blink fast (my green light just blinks very slow all the time). Tried many times same results. 4. hook back up the hardware and search and the it finds it again same controller number. but still doesn't control lights. 5 Tried renaming controller and same results. Any ideas Thanks in advance.
  9. I checked and the WHT has the switches and all the channels it says it can do have radio stations.
  10. I bought this years ago and never had a problem with it. Now in my town every channel has a radio station using every channel, some are very faint sometimes and sometimes clear. is their any way off changing the channel options other then the ones that came with it or what is the new one everyone is using now with more options of channels.
  11. You can also get a magnifying glass and a small pic and get behind the pins and bend them back outwards a little. I had the same problem cause by booted connectors because when the door of the encloser was closed it would put strain on it and bend the cat 5 wire down which bent the pins. Then I cut the boots off and not a problem.
  12. Still sharing would like a copy Thank You in advance rmartin52@sympatico.ca
  13. I had this problem when I first started because I used strain relief cat 5 ends and when the enclose door was closed it put pressure on the cat 5 and bent the pins in the jack. My fix was simple and fast. I got a magnified glass and a very fine pick. Look in the jack and you will see the pins are bent inward. just take your pick and pull them back out some. This gave me lots of grief at first but not now as I use no cat 5 with strain reliefs.
  14. Most of us started with incadesent lights then led 110 volt. so just remember how this hobby works no matter what type of lights you put up and they dance to the music people will come and watch. the easiest light to program are the 110 volt led. I have zipped tied red, green, blue, white, together and out lines my roof windows and doors and starterd this by only using 4 channels and as progression starts (and it will) start changing like separate channels for the windows the separate each window. I am now starting to use dumb and smart pixels after 6 years. Howevere there was always 1000's of satisfied viewers each year. You make the lights dance people will come no matter what lights they are.
  15. Im not sure if they have the lights your looking for but you could try the web site (wish.com)