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  1. I'm looking for a sequence for a 12' spiral tree, 2 colors 16 channels per color. Thanks
  2. Michael Thanks for passing the on the information, I met Bill a couple years back at the Fl mini and really enjoyed his company.His fountain display was second to none. He will be missed. Chris
  3. To late Pete, I've already emailed your wife:P
  4. Pete Me and Tracey are just a phone call away if you need anything.
  5. Silver creek , it's in the northwest corner of the state near Rome.
  6. I just moved to Ga. from Fl. and was wondering if they had a mini here?
  7. Hey Pete, I think blue and green go together really good.
  8. I could'nt agree more!! That's the best $30 I've spent.
  9. Come on.......... No guts No glory!! We have faith in you.
  10. What size soldering tip do you recemmend for the pc kits? Do you normally use one tip or are there different tips for different jobs? Chris
  11. Don I was thinking about going to one of the parks this year. Is hollywood studios the best or is the main disney park good?
  12. Pete The new tree and arches turned out great!!
  13. Pete Sorry to hear about it ,maybe they will man up and do the right thing. You have every right to be pissed.
  14. Greg Thanks for the helpful tip. I just tried it and it works great. leave it to a florida boy for good advice!!
  15. My truck has the auto headlights and there's no way to turn them off. We are not being jerks, there's nothing we can do about.