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  1. Please forgive my ignorance. It might be that I just don't understand PE well enough yet. For a variety of reasons, mainly historical, my display uses primarily red, green, blue and white. In the past couple years, I have been adding more pixel effect props. I now have, a 5 pointed CCR star, a tree made of 100 CCB' bulbs and an LOR Pixel tree. This year, as I mentioned above, I have added a matrix. For the sake of discussion lets start with the CCR Star I have on my roof. It looks somewhat like the image below. Please forgive the image just concentrate on the shape. What I would like to be able to do is to have the matrix mimic the roof star. i.e have 4 exact copies of this in red, green, blue, and white. Going further I'd like to be able to change the star color and background colors. Going even further I'd like to be able to choose a background color and superimpose a chase on the star. It appears, that if I use the picture option, I need to create separate identical copies for each combination I want. I started to do this using Paint and Piskel. Is that the case or am I missing something. Going further, say I want a basic Christmas tree shape, that I could do the same thing on i.e. change tree color and background color. Then perhaps in the christmas tree inside part, be able to select a twinkle effect with white pixels twinkling. I hope this is enough for you to get the idea of what I am wondering about. Thanks Steve PS Thanks for the bell you sent above it looks great . I am still learning what looks best on my matrix. That bell shows up as 115 X115 in Paint and I thought I needed to find images that more closely matched my 32 x 25 size Also many times when I import images sometimes the fill color shows up as what I see, and sometimes it is black. I never seem to be able to predict what will show up.
  2. Hi I just added a pixel matrix to my display. It is rectangular 25 high by 32 wide using the 2 inch spaced coro mat.. I have been using PE for over a year now and it suits my needs perfectly. I understand the effects generator and realize that I can use pictures/videos to add effects I would like. It does however take a lot of time. So my question. Has there been any thought given to adding some "standard christmas effects"? What I mean is perhaps....... a 5 pointed star, 6 pointed star, a christmas tree, wreath, perhaps a swinging bell. I would hate to spend time trying to create them only to find out they are in the works. Would it make sense to start a thread and have all us PE users vote on our favorites. Thanks Steve
  3. Hi I started using the pixel editor for last years display. I thought for the fun of it, this year, i would add a pixel matrix, I ordered 1 17 x 50 set of the LOR lights and the coro pixnode net with 2 inch spacing. It should be arriving soon. My initial thought was to set it up as 17 high by 50 wide. I have played a bit with the standard effects in the PE editor and am comfortable with them. I just started to add animated gifs. I now see this might be a monumental task. I have downloaded a number of them. I played with getting the sizing right, using MS Paint and the piskel editor. So far I have not had much luck getting them to look good. When downsizing to 17 x 50 they don't look good. Changing the ratios also does not produce anything good. I plan on doing more extensive reading about matrix design. It appears the coro site has a number of good write-ups. But I was wondering if anyone has thoughts/insights on how to make this less labor intensive and how I could better use standard animated gifs off the internet. As I have the coro net, and can cut it to different sizes if need be, should I perhaps set it up a square instead e.g. 29 x 29. I will continue to do my homework but thought I would ask you experts. Thanks Steve
  4. it looks like it is USER error as I suspected....I just found the configuration pdf file, in another post, and see that I have incorrect defined it as up and over not as 360 degree wedges. See my pixel tree def earlier in this thread. I will change it and am sure all will be good. I am surprised so many effects looked as good as they did with the wrong definition. A final question, I hope. I have 14 different sequences. Do I have to redo the PE saves and intensity files for each of these files? I assume I have to.... Thanks Steve
  5. I have not changed the definition in the last month or so. I do however, do development on a fast PC in the house and then copy all the files to the show PC, which is older and in the garage. The development PC is not now connected to the controllers. When it was connected, before, I set up the full outside display, it used different comm ports not sure if that might cause a problem. I have been trying to fix a number of effects in this animation for about a week now and save the PE file and intensity file almost daily. Most of the effects work just fine. The first problem I noted was the one mentioned above. Since then while playing a bit more, I have also seen that the fire effect seems to do the same thing, i.e. run half the effect up to the top and finish the effect on an adjacent string coming down. I suspect it is actually going over the top and down the other side but it is hard to verify in the dark with so many strings on my pixel tree. Also, I just noticed last night that the bar effect does not match what I see on the PE visualizer. I have Vexpand chosen with red and white. On the visualizer it expands from the middle up and down. On the pixel tree it starts at the top and goes down. On the CCB tree it matches the PE display. I hope some of this helps give you an idea what I may have setup wrong.
  6. here is the pixel tree definition. No errors in the warnings section for the preview. Also when I run PE the visualization for the pixel tree it looks fine if that gives you any idea as to what I did wrong.
  7. I have 2 props, a tree made from a CCB string and the new pixel tree. I have set the trees up to use the garland effect see below. It looks fine on the CCB tree but on the pixel tree the effect paints half of the effect from bottom to top and the rest of the effect on an adjacent string from top to bottom. All other effects work just fine on both trees so I don't believe anything is wired wrong. Any ideas what I may have done wrong CCB tree is AUX A Unit 0a Circuits 1, 76, 161, 236 Pixel Tree is AUX A Units 10 to 17 each with start circuit 1 end 150. Thanks Steve
  8. not sure if you have the old 16 channel controllers like I have, but I had to create a second network for my PE controlled display elements as they need the enhanced protocol. My old controllers don't support that, so I had to separate the old and the new ones on 2 different networks Steve
  9. Thanks for the quick response. The machine in question is about 5 years old so I expect the video card is not up to the job. No big deal as the shows play just fine. Ill try your suggestions and let you know if I find any thing out. Steve
  10. I have 2 machines both running windows 10 latest version and LOR Software 4.3.14. Everything works fine on both machines except when I try to start PE. On my new fastest development machine it is ok. On the older machine I use to run shows I get the error. LOR Pixel Editor has stopped working with the PE "Welcome to PE screen displaying in the background." Do you have any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks Steve
  11. Hi I am new to pixel editor and just trying to convert old sequences to PE and add a new pixel tree. I am having a hard time creating fast color changes for a prop, especially since the color no longer appears in the PE timeline. What I would like to do is have an entire pixel tree cycle through white, blue, red , green holding each color for 2 timing marks. The timing mark are .1 sec. So white for .2 sec blue .2 red .2 green .2. repeating for X number of times. I understand I how can program it, but it is very tedious and hard to get right as the colors are not there. Is there an easy way to do this with an effect perhaps. Thanks Steve
  12. as another data point.....I have 416 channels I am using Ell's with 1 100 bulb ccb, one ccr, 2 ccf's and 4 16 channel controllers ......I do a reasonable amount of colors changes with 1/10 th of second timings and all is well.
  13. Take a look at the manual it says 36 watts BTW I have 2 and have been playing with them. I am amazed at how bright they are. I am using them to uplight trees. I have taken videos but so far none that look good enough to post
  14. I did a star with mine....looked great
  15. I agree check macros. I did paste multiples when programming my ccr and sometimes got the count wrong and cells in the macros section were turned on by mistake. It took me a while to figure out that this was causing wierd effects.