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  1. I used to do this kind of thing in notepad ! Change intensity="100" to intensity="25". LOR SE provides this tool now. You will save and create the dimmer sequence to play. Thanks for the compliments.
  2. If I understand your goal. You have have a bunch of controllable pixels you want all to show the same. This seems like one of those cases where you need to press cntl-v a few times. If you were using a cosmic color device you could set the resolution to 1 which means control all pixels using the value in the first pixel.
  3. Budslights... is there an update to this story?
  4. Found this video in the way-back machine.
  5. what is the exact song from amazon?
  6. This part is unclear to me. SpEx listens to the audio file to detect volume at each of the 112 notes on a really wide keyboard.
  7. Working on this one.
  8. Duplicate
  9. I was debating if I should say Jim or Mij for a while.
  10. The tutorial from k6ccc is correct and exactly how I did it many times. This method is on overall volume. The video shows all arches making the same movement so yes you can use the VU meter method if that is what you want. Using SpEx would give you each arch with a different set of notes and they would bounce to the volume in the assigned frequency range.
  11. What do you want to know about SpEx? It will make a VU effect for you that is spot on the music with as many bars as you need.
  12. Warm sunny weather today in St Louis. Strangely warmer than when I put them up. 90% done with take down now.
  13. Thanks I was wondering if I should invest in these. Another person on here had reported a fail which had me concerned. Thanks for the update.