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  1. The FB link is very obviously at the top of the forums page which seems at least partially sanctioned, semi decisive, maybe to some extent official. ok I admit I looked there and on the LOR Website for a 'yes we know forums are down' message at least once.
  2. In the color picker increase the sliders up to the height of your matrix. In this case you dont want the colors to move across the matrix so set color speed to zero.
  3. Did the advise I sent via email answer this question?
  4. There is a local guy here in St Louis who tells me he has a national lighting business and a bunch of contracts with city parks to do light displays. To this point he has not done any pixels and he is realizing he is losing customers. He has asked me to consult with him on a bid he is working for a place many states away from here. He saw my light show and has contacted me several times and brings up that he wants to pay me. Anybody know what a lighting consultant gets paid? He says just say what I want and he will add it to the bid. Surely this is a fixed bid which could obligate me beyond my interest and ability. Pointers from anyone?
  5. Another minor bug fix release to version 3.5.6. It came to my attention that if the some of the floating windows and font assistant were open and you closed the main form, an error occurred. Also I added additional convenience to save more font information between sessions.
  6. Thanks for the plug JR, I appreciate it. Please honor the forum subject and who the OP is addressing. This question was posted in the SuperStar forum for help with that tool which Brian promptly provided. Offering alternative tools may be considered off topic here. I usually try post in the coffee shop forum. Thanks.
  7. Is this the missing post?
  8. New versions of both Vegomatic and Marquee are available. Several new background frames are now generated by Vegomatic. Spirals of different curvatures and Hex patterns which wrap perfectly. Marquee now provides the number of colors required to fill a background image. A bug was fixed if the undocked viewer was used at the same time as the color picker. And a very important upgrade to dimming curves for pixels.
  9. I used to do this kind of thing in notepad ! Change intensity="100" to intensity="25". LOR SE provides this tool now. You will save and create the dimmer sequence to play. Thanks for the compliments.
  10. If I understand your goal. You have have a bunch of controllable pixels you want all to show the same. This seems like one of those cases where you need to press cntl-v a few times. If you were using a cosmic color device you could set the resolution to 1 which means control all pixels using the value in the first pixel.
  11. Budslights... is there an update to this story?
  12. Found this video in the way-back machine.
  13. what is the exact song from amazon?