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  1. Very cool. This seems like iluminate which was on the 2011 season of AGT but came in third place. The technology and number of light elements are improved a lot. In 2012 iLuminate was selling the suits online.
  2. Here you go JR. Give this program a try. It will examine a .lcc file and find CCx device which has no macro channels (151-157). It adds them to the end of track 1 in a group with the like kinds grouped together. Creates a new .lcc file.
  3. Thank JR. Is this an attempt to lock in my free programming services? It worked! I have a great template already so I will need only a few hours I hope.
  4. My kids 'took me' to six flags for father's day! When it got dark I thought the 'FireBall' ride looked pretty cool with the many pixels. The sequencing was very bad and maybe sync'd in a few spots or maybe coincidence. Each little set of lights is maybe a foot long. There is a second reason I am posting. While I was taking the video, someone stole my $30 season drink bottle. For several minutes I was trying to figure out where it went while my wife was giving me the required trouble for losing it in the first month of the season. Then I realized I might have the thief on video. And it turns out I did capture the guy. Its at 14 seconds into the video. I had put the bottle down on the curb and kept backing up and away trying to get the entire ring into frame. Just a short while later exiting the park I showed the video to customer service who promptly gave me a new bottle. They say the get 'thirty complaints a day' about stolen bottles but this was the first time it was captured on video.
  5. JR this may be helpful to you to reorient your tree. I can do 'teamviewer' control your pc for a private lesson on your own setup.
  6. On this one you can see the CCB cone matrix with scrolling words at 2min mark. At the same time the CCR matrix is harder to see.
  7. I have a matrix of every kind in my display. Two CCR matix which have coro over them on either side of the door. Two bullet CCP matrix which are squares. In the front the Ican fountains are a matrix. The 8 cones are also a matrix. I can do patterns and words.
  8. You can find it here. Make a copy of keys and values by right click then export to a file. This should mostly be for reference. Use the LOR network interface to enter and change the values.
  9. Welcome Haunter! Great job on the yard and especially the MM reaper. While I dont do this much anymore, my first decorating love was halloween. Like for Christmas now, I went all out for Halloween back then. Great idea to do the crypt on the garage doors. Someday I will share some pictures.
  10. Congrats Mr P and thank you for your service. My lovely wife is younger than I. We had our first child when I was 50 so I cant retire until 72 ! I happen to have a twin brother who retired about 10 years ago from the Air Force. No time for envy, just keep on working!
  11. 58 and not even close to retirement like you plasma.
  12. I started on version 1.3 of sequence editor. A different kind of oldster.
  13. .
  14. Eye say that arrgh a groaner !