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  1. That's good to hear that it will be back in there. I'm hoping channel names being able to blink as well is on the list.
  2. Program: sequence editor version: 5.0.0 issue: if you try to start the sequence with the spacebar sometimes it will "stall" and you will have to hit the stop button and hit it again to get it to play.
  3. I don't care what category I fit in. Even with the change you could've left the clipboards in and even worst yet you could've left the ability for the channel names to light and fade that is a major help for preliminary sequencing. You don't want to be watching the visualizer where everything else is blinking while trying to do programming for one element or channel. I've been using lor since 1.6.9 (or something like that) and I always had the newest version and always used the latest beta since I was a beta tester during s3 beta. Overall S5 looks promising but the channels not lighting up is a deal breaker.
  4. all beta releases and updates will show up under the important announcements forum http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/forum/15-important-announcements/
  5. So in other words it's easier to do it in S4 probably because as of right now S4 is better than S5 LOR removed way too many useful tools from their "upgrade". This is worst than the time Microsoft removed the start menu from windows 8. Edit: you shouldn't have to run both versions to get all the features that our license covers.
  6. The bulb would still work even if you got the neutral and hot backwards. But for safety you want the neutral to hit the side of the bulb, so whatever pin goes to the side of the socket would be your neutral as opposed to the one that goes to the center which would be your hot.
  7. You say there is only one stab on it? Because there should be two one for the hot and one for neutral.
  8. Yeah if you hit alt+tab and hold it in you can hit the x on the banner and make it go away.
  9. Since I can't edit my original comment here's the update list of questions I have instead of having to look through my ramblings up top. 1.Toggle tool where is it 2.Channels used to light up that is a major deal breaker right there. That will force me to go back to lor s4 I do use the visualizer to watch my sequences but not while doing the preliminary programming. 3.Clipboard list where you could instantly switch between different saved clipboards. 4.Channel configuration list also where is this at It is nice to be able to print out the channel list, not sure if I'm not seeing it or what. 5Also how do I add a channel to an existing sequence? 6. and Where is the loop levels at? So far this is all I can think of
  10. It would also be nice to have a master list of suggestions and questions people have of this newer version.
  11. PROGRAM: Sequence Editor Version: 5.0.0 Issue: Opening a sequence directly by the file instead of opening the sequence from the editor will leave the Light O Rama Sequence editor banner on the screen blocking the box underneath. You have to hit alt tab and click on the x to clear it out.
  12. Also where is the clipboard at, that was another useful tool that was removed.
  13. good question.
  14. I was able to answer my own question on how to fade shimmer and twinkle effects. also why doesn't the channels names light up anymore. When I'm programming I normally don't use any visualizer at first I rely on the channel name on for most of the programming. You really should've left the original interface alone and put pixel editor in the software as a separate window that would popup with a simple button on the tool bar. Edit or at the very least left the ability for the channel names to fade and light up and add and edit channels (channel number etc...) by right clicking on a channel and selecting those options on the drop down menu.
  15. One what did you do with the Toggle tool, it was very helpful for certain things eg. like inverting multiple effects/elements where some were on and some were off. The ability to fade Shimmer and twinkle effects, I don't see that tool anymore either. If I want to add extra channels to a sequence how do I do that now?