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  1. try this link look at about 37-42 sec mark also around the 4:30 min. Mike
  2. Here is a video of my spiral trees they come on about the 1:00 min mark, also the 1:35 min. This is what I am looking for on the CCR maybe not as active maybe 1 or 2 strings going around. Mike
  3. This will be used on a 12 strip CCR pixel tree. The effect I am looking for is like the standard 16 string spiral tree, but instead of wrapping the strip around the tree make it look like it is twisted. Hope I am making myself clear. Also making what I call a wave effect where it starts at the top & sort of twists across the CCR. Mike
  4. New to SuperStar & was wondering if I could do a Spiral effect with SuperStar Sequencer. Mike
  5. bit the bullet and bought superstar. Mike
  6. Looking at using xLights to do the sequencing it is free. I have been a long time LOR user but seems like everything you want to do they want more money. Mike
  7. $199 is way out of my budget. Guess I bought a boat anchor from Holiday Core, back to square one & spend $1400 to redo my mega tree. Mike
  8. I am currently a license for Sequence editor v. 4.3.18 Advanced with SuperStar Demo. What I want to do is upgrade so I can use instant sequence in SuperStar in my show this year. I have 1- 12 strip pixel tree, w/50 pixels per strip. So what license do I need to buy? Thanks Mike
  9. email sent Mike
  10. Thanks but really looking for the Burl Ives version. I will keep this in mind though. Mike
  11. I have added a 12 strip pixel tree to my display for this year & purchased Burl Ives - You're a mean one Mr. Grinch for the tree. My problem is I am having a hard time sequencing the rest of the display, been using LOR sequencer for 9 years & just can not figure this one out. 4 arches 12 mini trees 2 spiral trees, 12 RGB dumb strips on roof. These are the major items I need help with. Anyone have the sequence you could send me that may help. Thanks Mike
  12. thanks these will help Mike
  13. A few years ago I bookmarked a site that had Christmas sequences you could download for free. Do not remember if it was a LOR site or maybe something like High country. Any one help me out? Thanks Mike
  14. Did an upgrade today to 4.3.18 & was able to get everything setup. Imported 2014 channels then added 12 universes one for each string in the tree. Then opened a new sequence & opened the downloaded Pixel tree sequence, copied the 12 string sequence. Then was able to paste into new sequence with 2014 channels. Before I pasted the sequence I saved the new channels as 2017 channels so I can use them in the future. Thanks for all the help now time to get to work with the sequencing. Mike
  15. Downloaded the update today & now using 4.3.18 advanced. Thanks everyone for the help. Now time to get to work. Mike