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  1. Did an upgrade today to 4.3.18 & was able to get everything setup. Imported 2014 channels then added 12 universes one for each string in the tree. Then opened a new sequence & opened the downloaded Pixel tree sequence, copied the 12 string sequence. Then was able to paste into new sequence with 2014 channels. Before I pasted the sequence I saved the new channels as 2017 channels so I can use them in the future. Thanks for all the help now time to get to work with the sequencing. Mike
  2. Downloaded the update today & now using 4.3.18 advanced. Thanks everyone for the help. Now time to get to work. Mike
  3. Thanks guess it is to early in the morning Mike
  4. Looks like the upgrade is $50 Advanced to pro So the renewal will only get me the same 3.9.0? Mike
  5. Thanks that is what I will do in the morning. I played with Xlights all day & still can not figure it out. Guess old age is keeping me from learning any new tricks. Mike
  6. I am currently running 3.9.0 So Jim if I read you correct for $29.95 license renewal I can upgrade all the way to ShowTime Sequencing Suite S4 4.3.18 Mike
  7. I just installed 3.12.0 & found out I am not covered under current license & need to go back to 3.9.0. It said to delete 3.12.0 but can not find it & do not want to delete LOR program as I will lose all my information, how do I go back to 3.9.0 Mike
  8. I am currently running 3.9.0 & see an update to 3.12.0 but my license will not cover 3.12.0 what is the cost of the upgrade & how do I do it. Also while at it what is the cost of the Pro version with pixel sequencing? Thanks Mike
  9. They are smart pixels mike
  10. This is the controller from Holiday Coro E1.31 & ArtNet to SPI Pixel Controller Mike
  11. Do I add these as multiple RGB channels even though the sequence is for pixels? Also how many channels do I add? Each strip is 50 pixels & there are 12 strips. Thanks Mike
  12. I do not have an existing sequence everything will be a new sequence. Only saved channel configuration from 2014 Mike
  13. First I am using LOR V3.9.0 Advanced with Superstar demo to sequence with. I have been using LOR for a number of years both to sequence & run my program. This year I have decided to venture into the world of Pixels. I have purchased a sequence 12 string 50 pixels per string imported it into LOR with no problem. Now I want to add my saved Channel Configuration to this new sequence & that is where the problem is. I have tried both starting with the channel configuration & then trying to add the Pixel portion to the sequence & the other way around Pixel first then add the saved channel configuration above. Neither way works,is there somthing I am missing or can it not be done. Hope there is a way to add as I do not want to re add 300 channel names to 6 new sequences for 2017. If I am not clear on the question ask your question so I can clear it up. Thanks for the help Mike
  14. Not looking for the colors but a copy of the pattern so we can redraw the elves. Guess I could order a new one from Winfield. Mike
  15. I have a Santa & Elves I have used for a few years & now it needs repainting badly. Unfortunately I let it go to long & have lost the paint colors & outline of a few elves. Does anyone have the paint pattern for this display (picture below) All I need is the stack of elves Santa is OK. Thanks Mike