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  1. I like it also. Took a while to find it on the web, but I have sent the Lyrics and a link to the HQ audio file to you know who to sequence when he gets the time. :-) Here is the "link" if anyone else is after the mp3 file.
  2. I would like a copy if you're still sharing
  3. Would love a copy and link or deatils to audio/music used
  4. Any chance you want to send this one down under ?
  5. wow ! You did the whole track- That is great. Timing is bang on ! Love it ! I'd still be trying to work out how to do the first word Thank you so much. Now to edit the first 30 seconds into my music mix .
  6. Hi JR Do you have a list of 4 x 8 channel Christmas singing face sequences you have available ? Cheers.
  7. Here's the lyrics to the song Carol of the bell Carol of the Bells.txt
  8. This is very generous of you. I have a music mix I have created and have a section where I would like to use 4 singing Christmas trees. 4 x 8 Channels I have used Spaced out studios & Vizzwar "Carol of the bells" (dubstep) - Original song by Barlow Girl I believe the Original accapella song by Barlow Girl is the base line for the dubstep mix. The first 37 seconds is used. This is where the word Christmas is drawn out and ends with a quiet gaps before the song proceeds to the next Chorus. The following Barlow girl video youtube video displays the lyrics to the song Would really appreciate your help with this as I have never done it before. PS. I live in Queensland, Australia. - your work is going global.