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  1. Holy cow!!! I might want to resize my tree now as it is easier to cut it down to size and lose maybe $20 in supplies than upgrade to the 40 CCR (at least until I am ready). Thank you for your insight as I would have spent the money and not know why it is not working. Thanks again! John
  2. Thank you Jim for that explanation. I do have a Superstar License with 2 CCR on it as well as the Pro version so this should work well and can edit it needed. Again, Thank You!!! John I had not thought of the 100 versus 50 pixels so good catch! Just priced the new CCR license, ouch $170 to upgrade. Looks like I will have to do some more research on finding a sequence that will fit my tree. Thank you for your help! John
  3. Thank you Jim for that explanation. I do have a Superstar License with 2 CCR on it as well as the Pro version so this should work well and can edit it needed. Again, Thank You!!! John
  4. Thank you Jim! I did forget to add the Superstar with the CCR. The sequence I want to purchase is for a 16 strand CCR Mega Tree and should have caught my mistake. There is so much to this software depending what you want to do that it often overwhelms me just like MS Office 16. I have all of these visions of grandeur to make my show good but stumble a lot. Here is what it comes with Two (2) files, One(1) "sup" file to view in Superstar and One(1) "Sup lms" for your Light-O-Rama S3 sequence editor and show. Does this meet the requirements to upload? Thank you, John
  5. I have a 16 WS2811 pixel tree (100 pixels per strand) and have the software version 4.3.18 Pro. I would like to transfer a purchased sequence that has S4 w/16CCR license. Will it transfer to my software to include the megatree prop and will it work with 2 pixie 8s? Thank you in advance! John M.
  6. Thank you Gary! I had read LOR was coming out with an update before I purchased the 2-Pixie 8 controllers and appreciate the reminder. I did not know they would not emulate the CCRs, how much of a difference will this make on programming and actual playing the display? If this is the case it seems to me the pixels would act like a regular RGB in both programming and display if they will not act like pixels. What is your experience on these? Thank you, John
  7. Thank you both for the help! It appears I will have to digest the info before I make a decision. I like the Super Star but have not tried the Advance or Pro for demo yet. Guess I will have to try it to see what works. Just wish the price was a little bit bearable on Super Star but as one person stated on this forum " this hobby is down right a very expensive one"! Thank you both for excellent advice! John
  8. Hi Jim and thank you for getting on this so quick as well as Mr. P.! I have the Superstar add on with 2 CCRs and can control my pixie 4 controller as far as testing the lights. When I started to test the lights with the software, it only gives me 8 segments in the pixel test, so I got curious as to an upgrade. When I look at upgrading in Superstar, it states each CCR is 50 pixels which now has me confused because I would need more CCRs to control the amount of lights. To me, Mr. P.s advice to go advance or Pro would be better monetary wise. There does not seem to be enough info on the LOR website on each to make an informed decision. In the end, what I am trying to do is build 4 leaping arches with 2-WS2811 pixel strips equaling out 1 strip for 2 arches, each at 8.5 feet in length (strips are 16.5 feet) controlled by the Pixie 4. There will be 4-WS2811 strips on the eaves and have 10 porch posts that will have 100 WS2811 pixel nodes on each. All of those lights would be controlled by 2-Pixie 8s. Any assistance on the software clarification would be a bonus! Thanks again for the help! John
  9. I have the Standard S4 Software 4.3.18 with 2 CCR and can access the Pixel Editor. I have a pixie 4 controller to test my pixels (ran 100 pixels on 1 port (tested each port)) and to run 4 arches I am building. This past spring sale I purchased 2-Pixie 8 controllers to run pixel lights on my eves and porch posts. Now, it appears I have a software quandary which will not be able to run the pixels on the 2-pixie 8 cards as well as the pixie 4 card. Can someone guide me as the ins and outs (pros VS cons) of purchasing an upgrade to pro or just upgrade to CCR X amount. The confusion is the CCR says 50 pixels per CCR (unless I am interpreting incorrect) and pro is unlimited or am I just not understanding either or? Thank you for all of your kind help in advance!
  10. Thank you for all of your advice. I will be trying this in the next month June-ish for the completion of the setup.
  11. I have 12vdc LED strip lights being run with the CMB16D controller and want to change out to 5vdc dumb nodes for half of the card (channels 9 thru 16) On the specs it says it can run any voltage (5 thru 60 vdc) but does not say if you can run half of the card one voltage and the other side a different voltage. The card is only concerned if it has enough voltage to run the card i.e barrel connector. Anybody have an answer? Thank you in advanced!