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  1. anyone familiar with these lights ?Do u think they would work well for my arches thanks
  2. anyone out there happen to have these two sequences that include the four singing trees in them would greatly appreciate
  3. appreciate the advice
  4. great idea I was going to get it from lowes but free sounds better
  5. Plan on making my tune to sign out of coro what is everybody using to punch out the holes thanks Jeffery
  6. Is anyone here selling any leds I am looking for Red/Green/Warm White Ineed alot of minis like m5 and c9sstringers or retro and all in between if you are looking to unload some leds for a reasonable price let me know
  7. THANK YOU jAMES Emoticon
  8. sorry forgot the G
  9. I would very much like a copy as well and also do you know anyone that has Mary did you know {Pentatonix sequence as well thanks
  10. so how many of the zenon do u guys put on one channel
  11. christmas light show says they have led strobes that flash 3-4 times per sec. are just as bright as the zenon can anybody verify that
  12. mind if I ask how much u paid per strobe
  13. there strobes are 1-2 flashes per second and christmas light show has led strobes that are 3-4 flashes per second so if I combined the to would I get that effect
  14. has any one used the led strobes from HLE was thinking about getting some the plan was to have them all on one channel but Im worried that I wont get the random effect/
  15. How old are the lights