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  1. I got it. You were right on. Thank you.
  2. How do I do this on a sequence that has already been started? Thank you
  3. Ok here is the deal. Last night I was working g in sequence editor and all options were working fine. I have the standard version. Now today SE is not letting me sub divide the timings. When I right click the whole bottom third is not available. It is showing it on the list but not highlighted. What is the problem? Please help as this is very frustrating.
  4. I'm looking for Bob Segers little drummer boy please. Channel count does not matter mainly need the timing. Thank you in advance. shanny1024@msn.com
  5. I'm looking for Bob Segers little drummer boy. Channel count does not matter all I really need is the timing. Thank you in advance. shanny1024@msn.com
  6. another stupid question. i haven my house set up in visualizer on another computer and decided to purchase a dedicated show computer. how do I transfer that file to the new computer? thank you in advance.
  7. Home Depot has red and blue 100 count for like 2.50 a box. Check the website.
  8. Please explain how In would share a sequence. Thank you.
  9. They're so big
  10. Sharing the neutral would not be an issue if one arch is coming from the same controller. The issue comes when you use multiples of circuits to different. Controllers. The neutral carries the unbalanced load. So in a residential setting you could use two circuits of different phases and be fine as long as your not on anything bigger than 20A breakers.
  11. That gave her
  12. Not to stAte the obvious but have you clicked on the correct file for your house?
  13. Not on toilet.
  14. I with on live circuits all the time including 277/480 volts. But nothing racks my nerves more than energizing a newly installed circuit.
  15. As a 26 year electrician here I always stand behind the panel cover and look the opposite way of the panel while operating a breaker. Breakers were not made to act as a switch. Well said mega arch.