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  1. If you look at the lights on the ports, they will tell you (color) how fast that PORT is connected at. If NONE of you DMX stuff will light the '1G' LED,.. I use a Gig Switch for the backbone (and 4 POE devices) of my home network, the rest is 10/100 (with only the really ancient stuff connecting at 10 ) And what is the port speed on the DMX (LOR) host? Think 'Traffic pattern". Which CAT5 path carries the most traffic. Make those the FAT ONES (if the ports support)
  2. Another member of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht club (PIRAZ station)? Bird farm or Cruiser?
  3. My first was a TI99-4 with a loaded Expansion, 3@ home assembled Floppies. Next was a AT (286) clone with 2@40M HD's for great read/write database performance. Visiting the Computer History Museum in Mt View is like 'Old Home Week'
  4. ++ Mr Ps answer IMHO go with 12V strings because you can get longer LED runs before hitting the 4 AMP per RGB connector port limit. 32' is easy doable (you might squeeze more: Calculate the WHITE (all on) current. Since these are DUMB RGB, you can feed them in the middle, like "T" and reduce voltage drop artifacts.
  5. I am testing all my MAX Grab goodies. I have my Pixie4 connected and the HW utility finds it. the question is: how do I test Individual port connected strings. it seems to be All or port 1 All works, but I want to test by port BTW a neat trick: you can run the Pixies in slave mode. Both have the EXACT same settings. (same ID...) (I am currently running on a Basic+ license) I connect both to the LOR network. I set the HW Utility to twinkle and both port 1's twinkle., chase .... They behave identical. Great when you want pairs of same displaying props
  6. I ended up doing it like that. It does seem a bit odd the the Pixie 4 takes up 4 controller ID's, but you can only pick the 1.
  7. Navy 65-73 , reserves 73-75
  8. 25Y Not many with that much at any of my duty stations. Go for it, I am the short timer for Mil service. (Or maybe a Mod could split this thread)
  9. So how many of us are (ex) Military with active duty? Navy 8Y (+2 reserve)
  10. Got you, but not by much But your sequences are probably way better than my flickers.
  11. Ditto what George Simmions Said. LOR Primarily use RS-485. SERIAL, The younger brother to RS-232 (but on Steroids ) (LOR) Ethernet is used ONLY with the newer Model Smart pixel controllers. Color code your CAT5 cables so you NEVER mix Ethernet and RS-485 if you have both laying about you show. Damage is possible. Mixing HS and regular, RS-485just means loss of hair trying to figure out WHY it no work
  12. The Pixie4s can use a lot data running smart pixels. the USB485-HS is recommended. Depending on the Generation (Gen 3) of your AC controller, they may be able to run in the enhanced mode and exist on the same RS485 line as the Pixies. If you have an older LOR AC controller, that can not support enhanced mode and will need to be on a different (standard) RS485 line <I already had a Gen2, and Gen 3 AC controllers when I added pixie4's. So I now have 2 USB dongles. one is a HS and will be on the RED CAT5, the other, will be the Green CAT5. Blue will be for Ethernet >
  13. Power now requires a cover that allows the AC plugs to be enclosed while in use. (left) I used another one with a Decorra style Keystone insert (4 or 6 ports) for CAT5/6, RJ12 (phone) and TV, The cover collapses when not in use, (I did the LV for my neighbor, the electricion used that ugly cover, since replaced with a matching
  14. For low current (10A pins de-rated when used in multiples to as low as 3A) Molex (.093) series is good for 300V use
  15. George I got the impression from the first post that they have nothing and want to create something that LOOKS similar in their city.
  16. That is one complex (lots of channels) looking show. If you charge, there are 'expectations' (OK, there are still some if done for free, but they don't get to withhold payment) Who is installing the Lights and controllers and all the interconnects) ? Who supplies all the power outlets where needed?
  17. If you go with Dumb (RGB or Single color) , your license is good for up to 4 controllers (AC or DC), I have 3 channels of White LEDS in candy canes, on 1 (CMB-24D) RGB connector (which is really 3 channels). I also use some of the other connectors with real RGB strips / strings 12V just means longer strings before worrying about power injection ?I thought a Starter package had to include a controller (of some type)
  18. The term I will use for that is: Daisy chain How are your soldering skills? If you buy Smart Pixels, you will need to daisy chain (up to 100 pix//port for) as they have an IN and an Out that must be observed If you use Dumb RGB, the strips can be daisy chained or paralleled (up to the current limit of the port (typ 4A) In either case, Strips are marked with 'cut points' that need to be observed or a section will not operate. Your strips need to be the same Voltage (and match the ports power supply. 5V or 12V are most common) What controller? Your Basic+ will just run a Pixie4 (smart RGB). It will run 4 of ANY 'dumb pixel' controller Boards
  19. the channel assignment switch positions ar in the book, but it is basic Binary LSB on the right
  20. Only 2 other things to take into consideration when using the CMB24D, Strip voltage and maximum length of each strip. The CMB24 has 2 banks, so you could have Bank 1 (4 RGB ports) be 12V and Bank 2 at 5V (another 4 ports) (you will need 12V Aux power if both banks run at 5V) Oh! and power supplies are not included. 12V strips can be up to 100 long, 5V need TLC over 50
  21. Yes, tell us more about what you bought and what S4 license level you have. Monochrome / Dumb RGB strips use one kind of controller. Smart pixels use another Cosmic Color Ribbons (or pixels ) come with a controller and PSU
  22. Do attach the grounds (- term) to their respective bank. I believe they are inter-connected on the board,, but you don't want odd (criss-cross) current flows on that connection
  23. Your LOR License level also determines which ID's are allowed to be used.(outside of the HW Utility)