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      1/18/2018 - LOR has resumed operations after the fire   01/17/2018

      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    


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  1. I suggest you DON'T if you use both Smart and Dumb (unless they won't ever fit together) LOR had threaded pigtails on their 10W floods, I used the opposite HC 4 core for others, just to make it stupid proof on which cable floods go to . I also have a CMB24D and a Pixie4 in the same CG1500, so I use both 3 and 4 core
  2. RGB Cross

    This looks like it is cylindrical. I see 5 stripes on the cross bar alone (i assume there are 3 more on the back side), and over a foot in dia. Did I mis-read your goal as 4.5" wide? I would say Strips not pushed to full bright for color line definition. Do others agree with my guess?
  3. Fire at LOR

    Gourmet smoked lights cost more. Very rare find, never to be repeated (hopefully).
  4. When do you just stop...

    Giant Slate Chalkboard (for those old enough to remember not White or Green)
  5. I recommend keeping any additional PSU close together Ground (keep wire short between PSUs when using more than 1. a dozen inches, not feet) to keep noise loops down. Also run + and ground to the inject point BUT ONLY break the + line just before the inject. The signal needs a continuous ground Always FUSE inject + voltage (never ground)
  6. Extension cord storage ideas

    I use the 'food' method for storage. (I get all year of snacking to get ready to store More ) 3 gallon Ice cream pails for longer strings/strips, SPT (prop) cords . Bagel bags or Tortilla (20ct) bags for shorter strings, Skippy jars for plastic hooks and bits. Small containers and bags go into totes BY SHOW SEASON/prop, Cords and some strings that are used across shows, get their own tote. Heavy Duty (SJO type) cords hang on METAL hose racks( Plastic ones frequently crack under a half dozen cords load after a few years
  7. You have UNGROUNDED U-ground outlets? Those are a code violation unless 2 things are present. 1) They must be GFCI protected (and all downstream outlets Labeled). 2) The label needs additional word UNGROUNDED.. If this is not done, the outlets MUST be 2 prong only. Replacement outlets are available at major home stores. Back then, even if you had U ground outlets, they did not require a positive (wire) ground, but allowed the yoke mounting screw to be the connection to a GROUNDED metal box.. I highly recommend that all old 3 prong outlets be inspected for the presence of a Green or bare wire on the Green screw of the outlet, and not rely solely on the test plug Ground lamp.
  8. CMB16D Question

    You have the 16D's? 2 @ 24D's (have 24 outputs) Another choice: Use the CMB24 and Run 1 or more banks at 24V (series 2 of those LEDS). The Amps stay down longer. 24V PSUs (open or LED.driver) are fairly standard . If you have 16D's already, they can handle 48V (4 LEDs in series), which is a standard Telecom voltage. Parallel is not the only way to wire, only a PITA when on item fails. With groups of 2 or 4 the troubleshooting is easier.
  9. CMB16D Question

    Monochrome LEDS? I think that configuration might be a power waster. Typical strips wire 3 LEDs in series with the remaining drop done by a resistor. (FWIW the only monochrome LEDs I have are strips inside Candy canes) @20ma that would be 200 LEDs per ANY port. BUT... the first issue is the 20A per bank limit. We are not mind readers on what demands your show imposes on any channels. The second issue is duty cycle derating. The higher the ON time, the more heat needs to be dissipated or current reduced. Push these too hard, and frequent repairs will result. Heat sinks add breathing room but do nothing if you are hovering about the 20A limit. Load balance when possible. Just because 2 strings are next to each other in the display, does not require they be in the same bank.
  10. CMB16D Question

    I believe 2 of these kits will work http://store.lightorama.com/cthekit.html << Someone pointed out that this was NOT correct for the 16D design because each tab needs to be isolated
  11. CMB16D Question

    4A no heat sinks 8A with optional heat sinks. 20mA = .02A
  12. Looks like what came with my 8 @ 10w + CMB24 package (the pigtails are the clue). The case and PSU? might be 3rd party
  13. Seconded. the 8 flood/CMB24D package is reasonably priced, has 16' cords, pigtails. You add a case and 12V PSU. No fiddling or mods needed
  14. Speaker activation

    Are you wanting to trigger the show or just turn on the speakers that will play the current program? Use a double pole double throw relay (or a 4 pole double throw for simpler). and a PIR (motion detector) or mat to operate the relay. You will also need 2 16ohm 10W resistors to provide a dummy load for the amp, when the relay is de energized. Amps really should not really be run with no load. 4 pole: speakers connect to the NO contacts, resistors to the NC contacts and the amp to the C contacts The coil is operated by the mat or PIR
  15. strobe light strings?

    Got sucked in I just ordered 4 @ of the 25 size
  16. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    Another (ex NAVY radar ET) techie here that just does not get it. Power, Data, Audio ... Easy-Peasy. Monochrome or dumb RGB: yes . Pixels: Duh!
  17. Setting up Pixie16 Unit and address on Pixel Editor

    On Pixies the setting is the Starting ID of the first port.: that Pixie 8 is 1 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8), the second one s/b 9 (a,b,c,d,e,f,11)
  18. Random channels staying on

    As a Sr (tube era) ET, I sure have seen examples of 'FM" (and Murphy) at work . I can't come up with a logical failure mode that explains your success by a simple replacement.. Being retired, I no longer have my employers $$ tool cage available. A TDR graph might show something, but it still does not explain the non-randomness., which requires the exact same bit sequence failure every time. The bottom line is, don't argue with success I did notice that LOR has included a RS485 Terminate jumper on the next gen Pixie4 <yes!>.. there are still 2 pair in that cable that are not connected, that could act as an antenna
  19. Random channels staying on

    This was a LOR network cable? That symptom make no sense. Random: yes. Repeatable: H no these are SERIAL digital commands. Dropping bits would be random. Noise errors, Random. Same light, says 'same command' received. Since this is serial, crosstalk (adjacent pair) is not possible.
  20. Did you guys see this?

    Where is the Cello (I am a TPG fan)? Anyone know where the shoot was done?

    Sounds fine as long as they are all controllers for dumb nodes. FWIW mine is set to '1F', I have 4 dumb and 2 Pixie4 , so there is a few future spares (I want another CMB24 for 2018)

    What is the maximum ID set in the upper right corner of HU? Was this good enough?
  23. Your LEDS use 12V? Do you powere supplies have spare headroom (capacity)?
  24. Balance the movable portion of the prop, before attaching the motor. Don't just try brute (motor) force. You might need 2+ counter weights locations to achieve just a slight force at various points of travel
  25. Plywood Castle

    Yep! Maybe a synthetic canvas like those banner signs. Also note how they have flap holes for wind.