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    I just opened (MS) Paint, and used the color edit; Dark orange (looking) matches k6ccc ratios (255,25,0)
  2. Dying Pixels??

    I figured the Clearance was because they made 2 changes to current stock. 1)black wires 2) builtin WP (in and out) connectors
  3. Dying Pixels??

    If they were working when you stored them, and now some individual RED pixel fail. I would suspect a manufacturing process error (like: flux not cleaned) or Water rusting leads (happened to some Incans I used once. I learned to bring them inside, powered up for a day, to dry out before storage)
  4. outdoor speakers

    The Wowlights solution combines all this into 1 package Outdoor Speaker Audio (power) amplifier Audio Preamp (Mic input) If you are using a FM transmitter on the same program for those in Vehicles) You might use a FM receiver in a simple ventilated shelter Walls and a roof with a gap between the walls and roof, that lets heat escape
  5. I also disagree with OzAz. RF Transmission is a Science (and an art) Antenna length is a formula using the specific frequency. (band) (Yaggi's take this down to the frequency, to squeeze a bit more performance) Low SWR is the goal Element placement creates the Polar radiation pattern The 'art' is knowing Where to place it, considering physical factors.
  6. Flood Mounts

    I bought the metal stakes that Holiday Coro added this spring. Nice and solid for normal to hard soin. If you have sand, you need additional stability
  7. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    Yes, that is too tight if you arem running those hard. The 80% rule is to avoid heat buildup in the wiring (this includes your House) If ANY plug runs hot to the touch, it is overloaded or making poor contact. If you have Aluminum House wire and this happens: GET AN ELECTRICIAN before your house burns. Aluminum develops oxides that make joints POOR, thus heating under mild loads. 80% rule applies to loads of 4 hours or more at or above the limit. 12A is the tops for a NEMA 5-15P. (who knows what your outlet is really like inside. A cheap GE outlet failed: it was a slim slot in a sheet of brass colored metal. That was all that made contact with the wide blade of the plug. .065" ) Contractors grade have flats touching the blades. Others are somewhere in between 15A is 12A continuous, 20A is 16A continuous. Then there is the voltage drop on the extension. 16Ga is common. 14 or 12ga is EXPENSIVE. You should also bump the gauge for every 50' (16 becomes 14, 14 becomes 12 ) These are Switch mode supplies. They are constant power (for a given load) Pin= I*E. If E goes down due to voltage drop. I goes UP bond. Yes that means a jumper (18Ga is fine. it is not handling current, only making the EM noise reference equal) I tend to do 'best practice', being a semi-retired Electronics tech
  8. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    If those are 300W supplies, you are nearing the edge of a single 15A (14ga cord)) derated I would put a bond wire between the Negatives of each PAIR (on same PIXCON)b PSU
  9. Power injection help needed.

    according to the Alphapix chart you should be able to run 100 8mm nodes ( up to 5A ) on all 16 outputs (80A PSU) using a 350W PSU does reduce this to 1.5A / output. IF you are driving ALL WHITE. Distance is your enemy a high current. SPT is 18 (or 16) Ga and will drop quite a bit every ROUND TRIP 10' If you need distance (because you can't locate PSU's near injection), run heavy Ga wire to the point, then use a small gauge jumper to make the connection to the string. use copper wire
  10. And remember , No duplicates 192.168.x.1 is usually the router-gateway (Microsoft also assigned this to the computer hosting (over dialup) Internet connection sharing (because it WAS the gateway). Note: the subnet mask matches the addressing scheme used. The typical home uses class C : . That say that any address starting with 192.168.1. (the same subnet) will not be routed, ) Using Mr. Ps example. turning your WiFi off and still connected to your LOR LAN (via cable), you will not be able to access anything on you main (home) network The device needs 2 network ports to be able to bridge the networks
  11. Running multiple networks?

    Com3 has been assigned to that physical adapter. Modern Windows just made it USB port independent once detected. My regular one comes up COM3. My HS one comes up COM4 Under it all, it is still USB. Each new adapter will get a new COM# (I have a friend that keeps losing his RS232 adapters and now has COM15 )
  12. Dumb rgb ribboms, rope or pixels.

    Just about anywhere. (HC, Amazon...) RGB (dumb) is easy. Pixels (smart) have many additional rules to pay attention to. What voltage are you running on each bank of your cmb24D board? I chose 12V for both banks. If you chose 5V, you need the AUX 12V adapter to run the board as the board will power itself from bank 1 if 12V on that
  13. Leave yourself design notes in the future. I have a folder full of sketches including the 'materials needed' estimates. Not all get ordered. Not all get built or completed (eyes are bigger than Ability ) Find a place, and hang them. If you like the results (after dark) make a note that this was Good. If not, try something else next time.
  14. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    2 things I was taught as a new Engineering technician: 1) Don't fight mother nature. Hot air rises., so cold in at the bottom, Hot out near the top 2) Don't blow Hot air in the Customers Face Fan discharge to the Rear or side
  15. Pixcon16 some pixels remain on

    You are welcome. Learned a few tricks like this in my years as a electron wrangler
  16. Cannot make the pixels work

    Try the Hardware utility. Make sure you have the correct ID set. Remember the Pixie 8 will use that (starting) value and the next 7.. The HW utility can make the strings do basic stuff. Twinkle, color change, Chase. Have fun Then get back to your edits, once you have proved the hardware. BTW the Pixies have 4 terminals. Did you use the Data terminal (3 lead smart strings)? Another thing, that there is no INSULATION in the contacts wire clamp (been there )?
  17. RGB Floods

    if you go 1 flood per RGB output, independent colors You could double up 20W (1.7A), or even Triple (2.5A) up and not push the rating of the output. Those would be the same color.
  18. Arches

    Nope. Obsessively neat I keep my tools in the 1 no-car garage. I have to do work on the Porch or driveway. Tornado would be kind ^)
  19. Merge two SE files

    Your version in the forum is (re) set in your User settings and has no knowledge of what you have purchased
  20. Dumb rgb

    The most common: Outlines (windows,doors roof ridge/edge). Find an edge and Light it Simple (no pixel) maxi tree (2.5Mx16 or 8x5M 1/2 round tree
  21. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    Just a reminder to all. The CMB24D is a single channel (dumb RGB) license device., not a Pixie series OP 5 seats (CPUS) is not how many channels'The title bar will indicate your level (I suspect Basic or plus)
  22. RBG Guidance

  23. RBG Guidance

    Ditto. maybe for very 12V sort runs (forget it for 5Vruns over 3') 40', I would do 16Ga minimum for a 5M strip (~4A). bump it anothe ga (14) for longer or 2 strips. Dim lights will be the issue with small wire.
  24. RBG Guidance

    you used the plural form: Power supplies You have 2 or 4 Each CMB can have 2 power feeds (1 per 4 out RGB bank/8 outputs) Do NOT join the Plus sides if you use 2 supplies, but DO with the negative (I think the CMB does that for you, but mine is mounted, so I can't verify)