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  1. Spt1 wire with female taps

    Go for it. LED's make this (max power consumption) almost worry free. If it were incans, I would not run the vampire PLUG (tota.l load) hard. For that, Screw Terminals
  2. My experience is: 1) a alternator type generator will drive the UPS crazy. (frequency drift) 2)If the generator is powering the UPS, it is in standby (maybe AVR mode) Many years ago, I put a scope on the output of a Generator my dad was going to use for Ham Radio 'field day'. The voltage and frequency were decent... BUT there was a nasty spike on every cycle due to poor field pole transition . Motors don't care, but electronics do. Honda make a good, electronics safe generator. The are not at the cheap end of the catalog
  3. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    fuses will take 400% for many minutes. That is for a 'normal' fuse used in those plugs.( Slow Blow, are even longer, 3AG usually have a spring as well as the fuse wire.)
  4. mega tree base diameter

    Small, yard. < 20' from road to (1 story ) house (and Rose bushes to dodge) . I wanted a 'round' tree look when it was static (no LOR then), . The rear half would have gained me nothing from the street and allowed me to better fit a taller tree in the available yard depth. BTW The tree is just 9 strings (4 now have a second string of WW along with the colored ones) of LEDs,, no animated pixels. That may make choice difference.to you. I'm a tech, not an artist :D, like many of you.
  5. Is your RV Generator a 4 pole (1800 RPM) or a 2 pole (3600 RPM). The later suffers from 'cycle sag' (uneven waveform). I have not run into any 'inverter' based generators (yet). Onan and Kolher (both common in RV's) are traditional alternators.
  6. Is there such a thing.....

    I have a few strings from the HC spring sale. So YES
  7. mega tree base diameter

    Yes, Radius but that number is to the stakes that hold the mono filament line The controller is next to the 12' post and 8" cords feed the strings (there is also a Star topper )
  8. mega tree base diameter

    My 12' (half-round) tree ended up with a 7' radius because I used 9@ common 13.5' LED strings and I wanted the plug to end up about 1' above the ground.

    Your ISP account may include a block of Free storage for use for Web pages or files. I use filezilla (versions for All OS) to FTP the files to the designated locations (see 'your account' pages at your ISP
  10. Bad Controller?

    Blown fuse inside? Is there 12V to the Ribbon connection? (the third pin is the control data) Weak PSU (output below 12V ). Have you tried another PSU? (the board logic runs on 5V which is regulated from the 12V line, so if that line was low, the l(HU) ogic may still function.
  11. Mini Christmas trees out of tomato cages

    And get a Zip tie gun (I got mine at Amazon) . It tightens and snips with a pull of the lever
  12. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    10 strands of LEDS is next to nothing. as a SINGLE channel load Look at the 'How many to be connected end to end'. Most allow 2 digits of strings, where mini incans allowed maybe, 3 strings before the 3A plug-fuse blows.
  13. Issues with Support?

    Upstate has Watkins Glen and Niagra Falls. Both fun places to visit. I was raised in New Jersey, but my folks moved us to California where we only have 3 seasons and no HUMIDITY I will say,that this year has been odd. We have already had more days that hit the 100 mark, than I ever remember in the 40+ years in the SF Bay area. BTW The last time I was in NYC, so were the Dodgers and the Giants
  14. Power inject using unused outputs?

    You should NOT leave the lead from the previous pixel power (red?) connected, only ground as that is also part of the data/clock circuit. Yem, when the EM's mess up, things get dark. It is worse when the Diesel also fails to start (ETR-2 on USS Forrestal CVA-59)
  15. Saving sequences to a sd card

    Hmm! I was wondering why S4 did not have a Backup / (smart)export on the file menu., instead of having us chase down each file By smart Export, I mean that it would export a Show with all the dependencies (With a tick to also include the copyrighted Sound files). Destination would be any Windows valid file location) LOR?
  16. Power inject using unused outputs?

    there is no point injecting Voltage if there is no current flow (AKA Load) P=I*E
  17. Power inject using unused outputs?

    Actually, Power inject is not really wrong as used. You are ADDING something (more Volts ) The definitive case is Data and ground are passed on.at the inject point POE injectors have a Net (RJ45) input, they inject power onto the Output RJ45 Network connectors, additional pins.
  18. solenoid to start projector

    Watching the Video, The solenoid is similar to that in an old time Door Gong, only stronger. These are Industrial machine grade items, possibly found in Grainger or McMaster Carr. You must have missed the THUMP action (1 to start, 2 times to shut off).. But Industrial solenoid systems CAN be continuous. The one I have seen. has 2 coils and an internal switch that disconnects the Heavy coil when the solenoid reaches the travel end. A hold current. Hold is not needed (or wanted) for this application: Simulated finger press.
  19. Okay son, go get the lights...

    Oh My I wonder who did the welding of those sections (you can still see the smoke marks)
  20. Strips vs. Nodes

    That sounds like a cracked trace. the 3 LEDS of each color are in series. That, or the driver is shot. I go with the trace/LED connection Is the covering soft enough that you could Voltage probe the trace with a sharp PIN?
  21. Strips vs. Nodes

    I thought I read somewhere that the current draw for Red was slightly higher than Blue or Green. Still... Where are the decoders? Does it support 1 pix or a group of 3? (and are all 3 bad)
  22. Input Connector For Trigger

    I might add, twisted pair is a good idea for better noise rejection. A shield, tied to Green wire ground (not the logic / psu negative) is better
  23. New to DMX, and moving heads! Help please!!

    Matt I was wondering about how these were being safely used outdoors (weather resistant). Your 'cover' comment answered that. TNX BTW MCM electronics lists some MH units. They are not cheap.
  24. c-3 leds

    Are you planning putting them Inside a t(arch) ube or outside?
  25. Tombstones

    HEAVY, Where are you planning in storing these at the end of the season?