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  1. Random channels comming on

    Cross talk is signals from 1 line bleeding (coupling) over to another. Possible vehicles: inter lead Capacitance. A good reason all lines that run any distance, be terminated (have a minimum load) Inductance. High current in one lead, induces voltage. Common example the 'light saber' hum Resistance. conductive 'dirt', 'solder bridge', poor or damaged insulation Poor power supply regulation. The Vcc wobbles with activity on one channel, and that 'wobble' appears as a ghost on another Print thru Common with magnetic media. The magnetic field of the recording, slowly magnetizes the adjacent layer with the same pattern. The stronger the signal (loud recording), the mor print thru. Really annoying if the adjacent section is 'quiet'. Vinyl records suffered adjacent groove distortion from loud passages.
  2. Random channels comming on

    Have you tried adding a snubber to these channels. (you can use a incan c7 night light and a cubetap) this might be cross talk sneaking into the channel.
  3. lor board

    It is a RJ45 (CAT 5 uses RJ45 with specific pins used depending on the Network TYPE.) if you are using a RS485 adapter, it is a LOR network and the daisy chain can be in any order. some controllers allow e1.31 mode, then it is a (ethernet) network jack AND can not be daisy chained
  4. Not to exceed 10% (theoretical) down from 12V or 10.8 (this is why I set the PSU to 12.6. It give me another 6/10 to play with without the risk of over voltage when all LEDS are off. BTW use a sewing PIN (pierce insulation) in the power wire at the first pixel to measure with
  5. Pixel nodes

    If they are Dumb, you have the 'red' wires on the 'blue' terminal. S4 just turns on the terminal for Blue when you say blue. OTOH Smart pixels get clocked. the order of the clocked pulses sets the color. Thus, you need to set the controller using the hardware Utility:cosmic color/Pixie config (IF LOR boards) to use the correct color order for your nodes. RGB, BGR... and if the channel sends RGB or does all R, then G, then B
  6. With all the lights ON? And White (the worst case draw)? I had 3 strings of 25 with 15' between and could not get above 10.3V at the start of string 3. And that was with my power supply set to 12.6 (5%. splits the 10% tolerance typical for 12V nominal) BTW I was using 3 core extension cables from the same light vendor. There was no issue, without the extra cables
  7. New and can't figure this out (UK lights problem)

    I have never seen a DC output rated in VA. VA is used for AC because of ELI the ICE man (AKA power factor due to phase angle) Your other choice is to get a CMB24D and a 24V power supply (or 2. depending on total load). the CMB24 will give you 12 4Amax (monochrome) ports PER BANK (you could make the other bank 5V or 12V. use any set of ports with dumb RGB of the proper voltage.
  8. New and can't figure this out (UK lights problem)

    How (what program) are you trying to do this? All my cheepo (1/2 wave) LED strings dim and shimmer just fine. Single brightness suggests constant current regulation (a blob) , instead if a simple, in line resistor (pencil dia)
  9. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    Black pipe is used (required) for Gas Lines. 1-1/2, 2 are frequently used for houses with tankless water heaters (gas is at a very low pressure past the meter, thus the big pipe to allow flow rates needed for these 'instant' heaters.
  10. Pixie 16 cant drive lights

    Do you have a single network? Additional Adapters need to be assigned to 'networks', channels (the group) must be assigned to the correct network. Is the Pixie connected to a 485HS adapter? The HU seems to allow any adapter. Not so, for a show. Did you configure (network utility) said adapter to run at 500K
  11. 1 1/2" steal pipe

    Rigid Conduit is Steel 1 1/2 is a common trade size used for the (power) Service Entrance mast
  12. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    I am still learning Pixels , Pixie4 I would think the slow clock would be more solid with marginal devices and 800Hz expose the flaky ones. Still puzzling why I get odd results in HU test (choice is a single color, 1 port at a time) [OK figured this out. Changing the settings requires a RESTART of the HU] p1 has 25 nodes. The last 17 light p2 has 2 strips of 25 nodes, end to end. the LAST 17 light on the first strip, All 25 on the second If I choose All ports, they all come on 100px per port. tried logical of 50 and then 100.
  13. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    :bulb: Data clock frequency. Pixies can be set to WS2811 400Hz, or 800Hz in the HU You may have a mixed batch of strings
  14. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    Why not use the HU . do each of the 3 colors , then chase with the RGBW box ticked
  15. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    That vendors reviews are in the mud. I was going to ask if the In-Out direction was correct. (you might visual each node to see if they ALL are correctly assembled) If these are not returnable, you might want to do a Binary troubleshoot isolation. Cut the string in half, and test each half. Splice the good pieces to make a 50 count string
  16. Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    1s that 12...12V ? aren't 2812's 5V?
  17. Dumb RGB Lights

    Old Ferengi rule: Enough! Is never Enough! I bought 2. I used all the ports up last month. Nice thing about the CMB24D is some ports can be used with RGB. Others can be used as singles (monochrome). 1 RGB ouput drives my 6 Candy cane (converted to LED strips) Propeller, another 3 mono ports Lighted path run pathway markers . 10 light incan strings use 12V bulbe. Snip, splice... watch thoe CMB24 ports disappear
  18. Dumb RGB Lights

    I just did my ridge with (HC) 8mm bullets. I used Plastic Plumbers tape, and a 12mm step reamer to make perfect bullet holes every 4th 'nail' holes in the plastic tape. (the Tape is available in 100' rolls for under $20) The bullets face Front when I anchored the tape. They are BRIGHT, way brighter than the C9 LED string that failed in storage.
  19. Xmas tree fail...

    Great catch. Alberta ! Yep, Snow and Ice.
  20. unknown devices

    What speed is your network port set to? I went thru the same. Threw out some CAT5 (no e, but should have been fine for RS485), added termination at the last (open) daisy-chain port. Changed the port speed (rs485HS) to 500K. have not seen this since ALL devices on the network must support 500K. If not, split into 2 (or more) networks. Fast and slow (And color code the network cables to keep thing straight )
  21. Xmas tree fail...

    Was that 30 or 40' tall? 2" RIGID comes in 10' sections. I think I would still add guy wires at the 20' mark (and maybe 30') to handle WIND loads. AND deep stakes Your lights /wires create a lot of surface area for wind to drag on.
  22. Where to get a STAR for my Tree?

    The Nose of the LED. (hole it shows thru) 8mm bullet (12mm body) seems common Are you looking for Smart or Dumb nodes? The controller determines the LEDS that are connected.
  23. Blow Mold Problem

    Neon (discharge) is voltage (limited range) sensitive. These would be for direct line (wall outlet) voltage use. LOR Shimmer and Intensity variations would sort of simulate this YMMV
  24. Tape lights are way too FRAGILE for loose (shrubbery/live tree ) use . They do not survive flexing well. Since you posted here (LOR Hardware), it would be a violation of forum rules to mention non-LOR string sources. Maybe the Mods can move your thread
  25. CBB2D heatsinks

    Makes sense, I could use a hex threaded standoff as it has about the same thermal contact area.and the washers are still limited by the nut contact But you made a good point. Per channel is less than per string BTW these were the newer black wire w/connector strings. the values were on a flag label. (the reason I now need this. I went to hang a 40' C9 LED string that I put away after a day DRYING, powered on, inside, last season. 1 section did tot come on and the other failed while I was looking it over. Leads rust off the LEDs, 1 socket came apart. Grrr 5 Years. My old C9 incans lasted 25 years (and only a few bulbs