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  1. It took me about 5min, much was me fumbling at checkout
  2. you might be able to salvage what you have (itf you have the space) with an external buck- module
  3. I'll ask the other haf of this topic. When does you USB PCI Bridge (internal to your PC) get swamped? Is anyone using PCI9e) RS485 cards with LOR?
  4. does the single color (3) wire have a 'rib' like SPT-1 has?
  5. I think here should be a decimal point in there. 2.5 RPM For those of you that remember 33-1/3 LPs. We know how fast that is
  6. Just got my notice that my GRAB has shipped. Only 8 more working days before I get to play
  7. 12.4 is good.A safe Tolerance is 12V+/- 5% (you really don't want the low side. Who ever heard of a negative Voltage drop? 12.4 would not charge a Wet/Gel Cell (2.2V /cell). Typical Charge voltage is 13.6V @ 80F ( good battery chargers are temperature compensated)
  8. Any progress report on beating down the sipping backlog?
  9. Are the boards close together? Running High current any distance needs fat AWG wire. Also you are pushing into extension cord AWG/length and circuit outlet/breaker limits. A typical 5-15R (both only straight slots) is not good for more than 12A continuous per DUPLEX. 16A if you have a 5-20R (1 blade looks like a sideways T )
  10. I noticed that also. A 2 years ago, I bought 13' 5mm LEDs at Walgreens in Red,Blue,Pink, Purple,WWhite,Mixed. Last year I found Mixed, Red and WWhite. Similar at Walmart BTW I think they were $5.99 and there was an earlybird and post Christmas 2fer sales
  11. This applies for either Incans or LED. 2 wires is the 120V feed (and usually continues to feed the end outlet
  12. The Gen3 will detect the mode (standard LOR) and run fine together.. The old one will not like (at all) the newer protocol. There is a nice chart somewhere on the LOR site on which devices work with which adapters. (The adapter setting sets the mode)
  13. Depends on what type of LEDS you use. 120V strings are not easily shortened. They need a new resistor.value. 5V or 12V LEDS can be cut . (strips, while not used here, have cut marks) The excess wire is behind the scenes (and I believe all the designs are close, so 3" is fine
  14. If all your CTB16PC's are Gen 3, they understand Enhanced. If you have older ones, then you either need: to split off those to a basic LOR network (which is what your USB adapter is and run the new stuff on a HS adapter or just run on the standard LOR network and see if it can keep up with your show
  15. And a Check Valve is a diode.. MOV/Zener a relief valve Kircoffs law works on plumbing ! I thought I was the only one using Plumbing as an analogy. Glad to see I am not alone