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  1. Are you planning putting them Inside a t(arch) ube or outside?
  2. HEAVY, Where are you planning in storing these at the end of the season?
  3. Well there is an INTERNAL (logic) Power supply and there is a jumper to switch from 120 to 240V I suspect there would be lots more issues if it was set to 240 (My kit was set properly from the factory) If there was a mistake in his wiring,,he was VERY consistent. I suspect something wonky with the Whites With 2 power cords, do ALL the cord wires feed the same bank?
  4. Put a (Axial lead) Diode/Rectifier (with enough fwd Amps) in series with the PLUS lead to the LEDS. a Silicon Diode drops about 1/2V (The Stripe to the LEDS) 1N4001thru 4 will handle 1A
  5. I believe LOR uses the same 'group' assignments on all their pre programed shows. (scroll down) as noted: you can run with only 16 ch or you can add another 16 or 32 for MORE detail
  6. Looks to be about 60ft dia. , ~189ft == 12 ft strips for row of lights But are CCR's bright enough?
  7. You need a Bluetooth transmitter with a 3.5mm plug ( 1/8) This model charges via a USB port on the adapter, others are battery only
  8. Ouch! Like others, I hold little hope that the fuses saved you. Solid state devices, capacitors are going to be stressed so far beyond any over design limits in an instant. I assume, you got confused with the input configuration for the CTB16 (AC controller). which can run on 240V mains
  9. I would think the old Real Estate saw would apply Location Location Location Subject to high heat (rests on a very hot surface) Located where water pools or floods the strobe EMP (lightning hits nearby), or RF (Ham transmitter very close)
  10. Me I also used them . mostly the smaller ones with my Kodak Brownie
  11. RS 485 is more like RS 232 on Steroids. and a College degree Disclaimer: I have not tried this with LOR I have installed other RS 485 stuff using allows a Star configuration for RS485 security components. 2 of the 4 output terminal leads are +12 and Ground (and can be ignored) But you mist INPUT those to power the board One note: Elk expects the line to be terminated at the furthest end (120 ohms), I noticed that LOR makes no requirement on the user to set a terminator.?? Auto Termination?
  12. They are small (<=16), desktop models?
  13. Polar Express coming out of a Tunnel
  14. If the drives are NOT RAID, pull them and put them in a USB enclosure.All your files may be intact for use with the new computer. RAID adds a bit of complexity. Be sure and label each drive with its connection ID (or slot if a card caged RAID)