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  1. Thanks!! I'm a nut case about my wiring.........can't have all the spaghetti running around. Controllers have to be located right by the props. No extra wire for power injection at this house!!!!.
  2. I am adding a falcon controller to my line up in SE. I want to insert 16 new universes - 80 pixels in each of 16 consecutive universes. Is there any reason why I can't insert a PixCon16 as the device and select the DMX settings when inserting the device to control the Falcon? ( I know I will have to set this up in the network settings- my question just applies to the actual sequencing side of things).
  3. I am not an expert on pixies but from page 4 of the users manual it states- Unlike most multi-string pixel controllers, the Pixies do not use a LAN. The Pixies run on a standard LOR network in either normal or enhanced mode at speeds up to and including 1Mbit/sec.
  4. I know I am high jacking a little here, but my question is, has anyone noticed a difference in 5 volt (60 amp) and 12 volt power supplies and the frequency of a fan running? I have used 12 volt power supplies (30AMP) the last 4 years and never heard the fan run in my testing- (most specifically I ran 2 power supplies on 16 ribbons on a falcon controller in a test pattern).. This year I got some 5 volt pixel nodes and my testing has the fan running as soon as a single strand of 50 nodes is connected with a very simple test pattern. Seems to be a waist of energy to have the fan running so quickly with such little load.
  5. And the sale is now over !!!!!
  6. You can see here how I did it.
  7. I have CCPs mounted outside permanently for 4 years and they are still working just fine. Some of the lenses are turning dark, but from the street, you can't tell.
  8. You have to degroup them before changing the order.
  9. If running show from a computer, did you try shutting down and restarting the computer? That has worked for me.
  10. Did you set the CMB24 unit id by using the dip switches like required. If not, I think it resets itself to unit 1. Did you check the box in SE to control lights?
  11. HC is Holiday Coro..........
  12. Unrequested response here........but will share that I found taking an old screw driver that was use for advertising purposes and grinding a small notch in the end made my life so much easier when trying to hold a small wire in place and soldering to the end of strips. My fingers got nervous when the wire heated up and I was moving the wire before the solder cooled. The little grove gave me just the right amount of control holding/ pinching the wire in place. Steve
  13. Drew OK. I raise my hand. This sounds like me. I could hide, but won't. I appreciate this community and all the information here. It's been posted here many times to sell on ebay for best pricing as the buyers are not so savvy over there and pay a higher price. There is also some headaches to be had if you go that route. You get buyers rating you poorly over shipping fees that were posted and then demanding a rebate after the purchase (my current peeve about my seller rating). You gamble on the sale as you don't know what the sale price will be if you put it up for auction. You pay a commission no matter what the final price is. I paid the asking price here. I even took the leap of faith and did what I would advise was the stupid thing and donated money to your paypal account. Giving up my buyer protection trying to maximize your bottom $$. You willingly sold to me. We had no conversations on how the controllers were to be used. I don't understand how this can be considered Crooked. I sell on ebay with many pictures and identify the units as used. I post what I think is general information about the controllers - pasted from the LOR website. In my mind, all non version 3 boards are the same. It doesn't matter weather they were built from scratch, assembled as a kit, or a complete assembly by LOR. But that's just me. The bottom line is all channels work as designed on the used units. Did I break an unwritten Brotherhood of Christmas Lighters rule? My funding of this hobby has expanded from scouring the stores after Christmas and purchasing every box of lights I can get at 75% off and reselling at a profit to also now include controllers. I am sorry if this is emotionally distressing . I will not respond again so as not to feed any fire here. Anyone that wants a response, send me a PM I don't think I did anything wrong, but would love to hear other opinions on this. Steve
  14. Regular adapter sold............Thanks
  15. High Speed Red adapter sold!