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  1. can I take a look at it as well?
  2. Most of the time this site and many other offer to share free of charge, mostly in the spirit of giving is the reason we dont ask for money etc, only that the sequence being shared is in turn shared with others. Like Djr said if its too costly no one is gonna buy it, If it were my town I would do it free of charge if it were in my capabilities to do it. JMO
  3. I sent my copy...enjoy
  4. wow awesome!!!!! email address is thanks
  5. I have nightmares when someone says pixlels.....Ill stick to the blinky blinky fade up fade down stuff LOL
  6. wish it were that easy lol, my sequencing talent in in the (-) negative
  7. My all time favorite and have never found it sequenced is Mary Did You Know by Clay Aiken
  8. Anyone sharing this sequence? or similar era version?
  9. got em!!!! They are perfect...Thanks a million!!!!
  10. In search of Mary did you know (any artist) Up on the housetop...(any artist) Silver Bells (Dean Martain, Bing Crosby feel) Jingle Bells (classic feel) Silent Night (classic feel) Last Christmas ( G Micheal/wham) Pretty much any "old style" feel. email
  11. I dont think I am, how do I find it? Thanks Don
  12. I will be home all evening cant wait to get started on these!!! Thanks again
  13. that would be awesome!!
  14. awesome
  15. anyone???
  16. sent some enjoy
  17. I will send you around 6-8 tomorrow just remind me, I have several you may like
  18. any specific kind? Classic, slow, fast, funny, etc?
  19. I have the Bob Rivers version, no lyrics all music. Pretty cool.
  20. got a few headed your way....
  21. any specific taste? classic, fast etc, also email address
  22. I have the following 48 channel sequences to trade with someone for the ones Im looking for this year, baby its cold outside chipmunks Christmas dont be late drifters white christmas frosty jimmy durante let it go frozen theme I am santa claus Bob rivers Ozzy parody Joy to the world Bob Rivers Hard Rock version Porky Pigs Blue Christmas TSO christmas canon, sleigh ride, wizards in winter, nutrocker Rudolph Gene Autry As always Im willing to share and will do so in as timely manner as possible, but I really want to lay my hands (or in this case my laptop) on some "old time" classics and SILVER BELLS is on the top of the list, away in a manger, do you hear what I hear (not spirling) Little Drummer boy, Mary did you know (clay aiken currently in progress). Im trying to bring a more religious feel back to my show so any Christian based/themed song will work, as well as any of the classics... My reason is the senior citizens in my neighborhood really enjoyed the light show but questioned where were the old songs lol....come on help me out and take any or all of these I have available. I will update the wish list as I receive set up for 48 channel but can adjust to fit my needs.......Thanks Don
  23. I have a piece of a sequence (christmas) that I would like fine tuned when you get time if you are willing...Don
  24. check email....Don
  25. pretty sure I have the zombee jamboree lms file , shoot me a email addy and its yours....