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  1. Newb looking for Pentatonix and Mannheim Steamroller

    Can I have Carol of Bells? I am very new at this and have several that I can share depending on what you are looking for. Vicki Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  2. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=what+do+you+get+a+wookie+for+christmas&view=detail&mid=CFF24A037A38460A4EE4CFF24A037A38460A4EE4&FORM=VIRE
  3. I am looking for Star Wars Chistmas (something about a wookie and brush and what to get him).....yes there is a Star Wars Chistmas album. any help would be great. I have a 32 channel set up with 8 flood lights. Any help would be awesome. Vicki victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  4. I am looking for the christmas vacation song sequence

    Can I have it as well? Vicki Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  5. Hallowishes

    I have a 32 channel set up with 8 flood lights. I am looking for anyone willing to share Disney Hallowishes with me. I am brand new so do not have a lot to share. Thanks vicki Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  6. Cascada Last Christmas

    I was just starting to look to do this. Did you ever figure it out
  7. 2016 Song List

    Can I have Halloween and Wizards in Winter by TSO Hot Chocolate by Tom Hanks Polar Express? Thanks Vicki Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  8. Singing Faces Sequences

    can I have those as well? Thanks Vicki Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  9. Please Come home For Christmas Eagles

    can I have it too? Thank you!! Vicki victoriaphilipp@gmail.com
  10. My 2014 Christmas Lights to Music (and video) show

    This is awesome. Well done. We are new and just starting to get to program this. It's alot. Any pointers? Vicki
  11. 32 channel Maroon 5 "Animals" up for grabs

    I need this!! PLease Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com Thank you!!
  12. Snoopy vs the red Baron Sequence

    Would you still be willing to share? Thanks Vicki Victoriaphilipp@gmail.com