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  1. Bagel rolled away fixed now
  2. Lol no likes left
  3. Let me know if you have questions on your building them. Thanks for shout out but learned more from you and hubby than i gave you all. But someday i will be helpful i hope lol
  4. Just got home ty for all the pics, jr or ceasar or what he is today is still travelling and chet and best half too. Praying they make it safe. Thank you all i got to go play with pups and lor lol
  5. Thanks to all for putting up with my questions. And thank you Tom and your wife for being such a great host, it is hard to have so many invade your home. Food was amazing and loved meeting everyone. My wish is that you all stay close like we are today. Need networks etc. I got back to hotel and the desk already said i heard you dressed up today. Dang Chet or his wife. Sssssssh no one is supposed to know lol. So much fun. Can not wait till next year.
  6. Dang man trying to sleep, stop it this early. My cell mate is pissed now hard telling what he will make me do now! They call him Ceasar wonder why? Do not ask though
  7. Re you canoeing out here? Lol
  8. Lean to lol, so tent to your yard or debris pile hey? Lol hope not stay safe i will eat your lunker cookies
  9. Bringing my tent whose yard lol
  10. Ok, got to ask cause i am curious is this for windows from inside? Or outside onto the house? Saw some cool ones on the house and want to do it but clueless! Any help and a vid would be great don
  11. Ok i will mot sell ever!! So everyone give me all now ! Lol ty to the ones who helped me this year. Hoping someday after my classes i can repay. Just finished second one, lyme disease makes it hard to concentrate. Maybe i can build you something to repay that is easier for me right now. Seems every year i get worse. Love you all and once again ty. Don
  12. Of course to determine total wattage, you just multiply the watts per pixel, so a 50 count pixel string with 30mA pixels would be 18 Watts or 1.5 amps @ 12 volts. In a 16 output pixel controller it is common that the controller will be broken, from a power standpoint, into two banks and that those banks are often around 24-30 amps. There is a good reason for this - this also happens to be the standard amount of power of a 350 Watt power supply (12v @ 29 amps). If all the lights connected to both banks are less than the total amount of power supplied by the power supply, a single power supply can then supply both banks of power, otherwise you may need to break the power into two banks with two separate power supplies. Should be able to run 1600 pixels per power supply just stay in the 100 per channel.
  13. It will work no problem, just no more than 100 per channel. Pixcon will do up to 170 per channel but usually over 100 you will see lag and some dimming my experience only.
  14. Hi all, anyone know when the sales start? Do they reduce controllers etc? Ty don
  15. Please ty in advance
  16. License plate cam solves it all good one cost 219.00 works amazing caught nine criminals this year stealing from my neighbors but not me i have cams everywhere.
  17. Post Christmas stress Disorder, ok my first year at this, wanted to rip it down several times and rip my hair out had issues etc. but now i am so bored and have to keep watching my vids of my show. I am in amazement that i pulled it off, made some friends, won first in my city. Went broke, and now i sit ready to cry. Sad i left me mega tree up for a few more days just do not want it to end!!! My question is anybody else feel like this? Should i quit now or get in deeper?????? don
  18. Yep sure am, i start school friday sequence u
  19. Never quit lol just withdrawals
  20. Where is the sale? Need some
  21. Ok no problem used to recover filesfor navy. If i can help just ask.
  22. George, we got to talk, wow i am taking your class my display better be like that next year lol!! Don
  23. please can i get
  24. Do you want to send me your hard drive i may beable to recover your files. let me know
  25. Jr, of course i want lol