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  1. It says on the fb page early July they have been releasing a few videos and montages at lorwebsite on YouTube
  2. I'm interested I'm in il will you ship and can you post pics and detail
  3. I'm intrested how long are the pixel strips holidaycoro does not work well on my phone, what chip too
  4. I'm having this issue I can't even download the firmware okay so on the page there are 2 assistants which one did you use the one had the download link removed
  5. I can't get my green light to come on in anything but bootloader any ideas.
  6. I have the same issue, why is the red status light on and not the green power light. The only time I can get the green light on is in bootloader and it will blink
  7. I Have a 1000 pixel tree and I sure would love this as I already have party rock anthem done you need a uy ith a box and santa hat shuffeling.
  8. I would love to have all three of thees awesome, my son left me with everything to do I have 24 lor channels, a pixcon 16 and a 24 dumb boaard I have my work cut out. Thanks in advance nything anyone can share. Melodyjustus@gmail.com
  9. I would love this sequence I am new crawling before I can run. Melodyjustus@gmail.com thanks in advance
  10. oooh can I have a copy? I was just saying how I wished I had time to do a rush song before te 4th Melodyjustus@gmail.com