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  1. New look?

    Any settings that were there should still be there. No changes would have (should have) been made, just the software upgrade. (Along with whatever new things it threw in there.)
  2. New look?

    Yep.. Upgrades will do that. There is a "Dismiss" option up on the profile. Will look at the admin side later today..
  3. New look?

    Field updated.
  4. No word on S5 yet??

    I'm going to lock this thread for 24-48 hours. Please keep discussions about S5 in the Open Beta General Comments section. This will help the developers find everything in one place.
  5. Separate S5 thread

    I think it'll be best to leave all S5 comments here in the Open Beta for a little while longer. That will make it easier on the programmers to locate information about the Beta, and respond.
  6. CTB16PC's for sale

    FYI: Items for sale do not go in General LOR Questions. This thread has been moved to The Coffee Shop. Everyone is asked to please place your messages in the most appropriate forum.
  7. This thread is very, very, old. You might want to check with the original poster.
  8. LOR Facebook Page

    Some people like Facebook, others don't. Just because the FB page at http://www.facebook.com/lightorama is legitimate, doesn't mean one has to visit it. If your not a fan of Facebook, don't worry about it. Your forum admin doesn't know why the forums were down. Could have been technical, could have been billing, or just the simple fact something broke and it took a bit to fix. Either way, apologies for the outage, and the inconvenience folks may have encountered.
  9. Admins Forum Issues

    No idea what happened. The logs don't show any activity from an admin/moderator standpoint. And 4 hours is indeed past the time that edits are (currently) configured for. Nothing unusual there.
  10. Admins Forum Issues

    Looking at the logs, doesn't appear that anyone has removed any posts. Nor does it appear the edit functionality has been changed.
  11. "Edit" Button Gone

    I just saw this post. Mike has a million things to do, and doesn't always know the exact things going on the background. That isn't a slam/put down/smack down or anything else negative toward him. If you take it as such .. then check your ego at the door, please. The edit functions do vary on the forum based on the behaviors of the members. Admins can see all edits made. If we see that people are changing their posts in attempts to 'frame' other people into looking bad .. then we reduce the edit times to mitigate the issue. Time is allotted for corrections to be made to posts. However, the ability to 'Update' a posts hours/days/weeks/months later will require the assistance of an Admin. Sucks, yes. Not fun, I know. Anything else negative you can think of ... I know. However, there are some people (and I'm not suggesting anyone here) who will change things days/weeks later. In order to keep that from happening, edits are limited.
  12. Summer Sale

    I have a hunch that the official LOR Facebook page will be updated with Sales information when it comes out as well. http://www.facebook.com/lightorama
  13. Net lights

    Please refrain from starting duplicate threads.
  14. Net lights

    Please refrain from starting duplicate threads.
  15. No changes made that I'm aware of.