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  1. And more here:
  2. The beer commercial didn't use that video. They actually redecorated the house and shot the video again. (Things you learn.)
  3. It's ironic that you posted this right now. April 1 is World Backup Day. (No joke!) If you *still* don't have a backup solution in place, and you don't want to pay for something, then look here: Promo Code: WBDAY17 (Offer ends April 2.) (This is from a product I use, and will NOT receive compensation for your free license.)
  4. The person who updates the FB page didn't have a warning the forums were going to be down, either.
  5. Yes. A license renewal always allows you to run the latest software, and then some. It'll be explained when you look at your license stats.
  6. Get some parameters on the project first. Then set a price you'd want to get paid. Then add more on top of it for the changes they'll want. Then add profit.
  7. Purchasing a License Upgrade has always counted as a renewal. As long as your "and any future versions released by" date is later than the actual release of S5, then you'd be okay.
  8. If the last 15 years are any indication ... yes. When? Dunno. Could be March, April or even May.
  9. Well, license renewals do cost money. You own a license for life, and can run any version -up to your licensed version- for life. If you want to run a version higher than that, you need to renew. Look at in the software section. Find the price of renewals.
  10. I've not seen a discount on software in 13 years. However, all you would have to do is renew your license, which would allow you to run versions higher than 4.9. Thus until 1/20/18 OR a version higher than 4.9 comes out *that you want to run* there is no need to renew your license.
  11. Na .. just happen to see the email come through. Welcome.
  12. This isn't TCP/IP ... it's RS845. Two completely and incompatible protocols. (So, no, you can't.)
  13. That's what the article says, yes.
  14. That should get you going in the right direction. Replace the "4 songs" with 1 song Increase the length of animation sequences. Be sure to have MORE than you will need. The "Why it Works" section will explain it.