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  1. Just some SPT1 wire here!
  2. TADA Went right through without a hitch! Updated! Thanks for the handholding dibblejr! Apparently the corrupt windows update files had the old laptop too confused to install the new version. Up and running again!
  3. After much digging discovered the laptop had a corrupt windows update file going on. Had to fix that as it seemed to have the hard drive near 100% usage. Now have that fixed, and all the updates that failed have installed, so will go try again and let ya know
  4. yup, got the key. will re-read the link in a bit! Dinner time! BTW. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated! Will solder on after dinner
  5. Nope, that just tells me how to upgrade the licence.. Durn it!!
  6. Installed new version, will try the upgrade
  7. OK,, What did I do wrong??? Version 4.3.14 installed and worked great! No issues, until.......Goofing around I saw there was a new version 4.3.18 Downloaded, ran the installer, moved along until it installed directx 9. then just hangs..... nothing nada no go... waited awhile nothing, sat down laptop and returned 10-15 minutes later, still sitting there so I finally hit cancel....... nothing nada uhh uhhh. Had to start task manager to kill it. O.K. Rerun the installer, gets to same place, wash rinse repeat......... go back to programs and features and uninstall LOR, that has install date of today. ok, Go back to version 4.3.14 run the installer. Whizzes right along, installs (takes a bit but it did) Ran it, chose the sequence path, everything okee dokee. Where did I go wrong??
  8. Cool! Never thought of using the server! Will have to look into that. Glad to know you can use a powered USB hub and have the adapters work.
  9. What k6ccc said! LOL He explained it better that I would have!
  10. We back up to our server in two different forms. Form 1- show files and sequences are uploaded to the main server storage area, with the folder they reside in set to duplicate. This puts a copy of the files on every hard drive in the server that is in the drive pool (currently 7 drives). Even if the server craps out, I can just take one of the drives and place it in an external case and get my files. Form 2 - Each computer in our home network is backed up entirely every night and saved to a client backup drive, seperate from the drive pool. If the computer crashes, can recreate the entire hard drive in a couple of hours from the server client backup. That server has saved our butts several times over the years, as it quietly hums along in the stairwell closet. It is what works for us, Your milage may vary!!
  11. Unfortunatly have not bern able to work on it. Recovering from a ruptured appendix and associated surgery. Ugh! Did purchase the items i am going to use for the frame before surgery so when I can get to the shed will start the build Sent from my LGL52VL using Tapatalk
  12. open the sequence you want to copy from, then go up to file-open- and get the sequence you want to put it in. You will get two tabs right above the audio wave form just like multi tabs in internet explorer, complete with the sequence names. You can use the pointer tool to highlight what part you want in the original sequence, then copy (control C), then select the tab with the second sequence, click where you want to insert it and paste (control v) easy peasy!! Assuming you are using sequence editor, if not this might not apply!
  13. We are going to try the make your own approach this weekend I think, will keep ya posted!
  14. Do have it made in visualizer, seems to do what I want, just curious if anyone has ever tried it
  15. Looking for some input. All standard led, no RGB. I want to make a prop that would be round and lined / filled with white LEDS ( a drum head ) with four sticks, two upper, and two lower lined / filled with red LEDS. The lower would go down into the round circle (sort of like this, but into not next to \O/ ) and the uppers would be above the drum head ( sort of like this /O\ but above it) THe drum head would get a channel, the left upper and right lower would be on one channel, and the left lower and right upper would be on one channel. 3 channels total. By alternating the the two channels on/off, in my head it would look like the sticks were beating the drum heads. Has anyone tried this? If so any advice?