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  1. Best of Luck! Hope your offer is accepted!
  2. Thanks guys! Got it! So far the RGB is easier than I feared! Still a lot to learn!
  3. OK, Got my first real RGB strip of LEDs, Just dumb ones, and a three channel controller to play with. I have figured out the color fade to get them to the correct colors that I want, but how do you change the intensity while retaining the correct color? Not even sure if it is possible but thought I would ask! More things to learn!
  4. Me too and I don't have a singing tree lol!
  5. No Sir, didn't know that was an option! Will keep that in mind!
  6. Just made my first order with him today... have my fingers crossed all goes well. Haven't read anything negative about Ray Wu Wish me luck! Gonna try me some RGB!
  7. Make sure comm listener is running, just run into that one
  8. Was never in the Navy but have worked for them for 36 years this year.
  9. OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhh What a great idea!! If I don't do the relay that looks promising!
  10. Gonna try an experiment and want to know if anyone else has done this. I have a walkway post light at the fence at the beginning of my yard. I need it to be off when the show starts. It is on a standard photocell mounted at the house. I plan on using a DPDT 120 Volt coil relay. (with appropriate contact current capacity for the single bulb) and place it in the connection box (ample room) for the post light. Will use the normally closed contacts for the lamp output, with a standard 110 plug cord for the coil. Coil plug will be plugged into the LOR AC controller on the same channel as our tune to sign. Show starts for the night, post light goes out, show ends for the night, post light back on. Minimal fiddle factor for the build, and already have the parts from other train related projects. Also have socket for said cord so it can be removed and put up with the rest of light cords after the season is over.
  11. OK GOT IT! Apparently Commlistner has to be running for the universe to work in visualizer. It works now!
  12. Actidongle, The actual physical lights are working, just not in visualizer.
  13. Update, deleted the old fixture in visualizer and remade it, but for the life of me I cannot get this dumb strip of lights to work in visualizer. The actual strip is hooked up and merrily flashing away. cannot find anything on youtube for this. pulling out the rest of my hair here, I am missing something!
  14. Yes Sir! Did that, but no joy
  15. Had a prop/fixture already working in visualizer. When actually building the prop in real life decided to make it easier by using dumb strips instead of LED strings. Have the universe set up in sequencer, and will control the dumb strips just perfectly. Actual lights turn on and off just like they should. Back to visualizer... Click on the prop, go to properties, change from a LOR controller to DMX - universe 1 - Address 1, 2, and 3 for the Dumb strings in use. Won't work.. prop will not show up in visualizer when a sequence is played. All other "yard" items are showing up just fine. What have I done incorrectly?