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  1. Unfortunatly have not bern able to work on it. Recovering from a ruptured appendix and associated surgery. Ugh! Did purchase the items i am going to use for the frame before surgery so when I can get to the shed will start the build Sent from my LGL52VL using Tapatalk
  2. open the sequence you want to copy from, then go up to file-open- and get the sequence you want to put it in. You will get two tabs right above the audio wave form just like multi tabs in internet explorer, complete with the sequence names. You can use the pointer tool to highlight what part you want in the original sequence, then copy (control C), then select the tab with the second sequence, click where you want to insert it and paste (control v) easy peasy!! Assuming you are using sequence editor, if not this might not apply!
  3. We are going to try the make your own approach this weekend I think, will keep ya posted!
  4. Do have it made in visualizer, seems to do what I want, just curious if anyone has ever tried it
  5. Looking for some input. All standard led, no RGB. I want to make a prop that would be round and lined / filled with white LEDS ( a drum head ) with four sticks, two upper, and two lower lined / filled with red LEDS. The lower would go down into the round circle (sort of like this, but into not next to \O/ ) and the uppers would be above the drum head ( sort of like this /O\ but above it) THe drum head would get a channel, the left upper and right lower would be on one channel, and the left lower and right upper would be on one channel. 3 channels total. By alternating the the two channels on/off, in my head it would look like the sticks were beating the drum heads. Has anyone tried this? If so any advice?
  6. Thanks! good to know
  7. We are using an old HP business machine with Vista busniess 64 bit on it for running the show.. Picked it up at a thrift store for 40 bucks. Works just fine to run the show, but not so much for programming. Bad Bad lag if you use visualizer, so it just stays in the workshop for Pandora and the show
  8. For what it's worth, we made arches last year, and with limited channels (our first year) we used 6 segments per arch. We are actually pretty pleased with it and plan on leaving them that way. Easy to sequence
  9. Another thing to consider is everything will take longer than ya think. 2016 was our first year and the wife and I actually put alot of planning into making the props and light placement for the yard. We try to create items that were easy to break down and store, with the ability to go back up with ease. PVC and 1/4 inch rod are great for building things! We are so far running straight LED's and incans, but during this off time we will be converting most of the incan props we made to LED's (thanks after Christmas clearance!). RGB's are cool but don't think we are ready to go there yet. This is addictive, we started last year with three 16 channel controllers, and as soon as we had everything up and running Thanksgiving night, we decieded that two more controllers were in order. They arrived Tuesday!! Also everyone here seems to be a straight up helpful people so don't be afraid to ask questions! Got me through a lot of newbie what do I do questions!
  10. I found working on two different computers confusing as I don't remember which one has the most current work on it. So I have placed a working directory on our server, and have all the working sequence files there. Sometimes there is a small lag when saving or changing channel configurations but a small price to pay for not having to figure out on which computer I worked with last. I also have file duplication turned on for my "lightorama" folder on the server. This will "raid" the data across all drives in the drive pool so if I loose a drive, won't lose the files. Server dies and I can pop any of the drives into an external dock and get my sequences. Then when it is time to run the show, download the sequences from the server to the old shed computer and away we go!!!! So far this has worked for us.
  11. Just received two new controllers today, hooked them up one at a time to set controller ID numbers. When refreshing to find them, one gave me 16PC-G3VER_1.08 So I assumed this has Firmware version 1.08 which is the latest available on the Light-o-rama web page. The second one however, gave me 16PC-G3VER_1.09 Is this a newer version of firmware? Will it be put out for updating controllers?
  12. James, could I please get a copy? Big fan! Thanks!
  13. Quick question. Just got through repairing a controller that had a bad data jack. Part graciously provided by the Light O Rama service department. It got me to thinking what common repair parts should I keep on hand for emergency repairs during the season in case of problems.. I have found the triacs and figure I should have those on hand, found the COMM chip also. Do these ever fail? cheap enough will probably order a couple for a just in case. I already have figured out that I should have a couple of the data jacks on hand since I just replaced a broken one lol.. but I can't seem to find a good part number for those. If anyone has a good digikey or mouser part number I would appreciate a share on that one. Are there any other parts that commonly go that I should stock up on?? Figured you seasoned pros have seen just about every failure! Thanks everyone!
  14. Thanks for the input everyone! Much reading and thinking to do!
  15. Well after a lot of work, mistakes, and learning, we did get our first year show up and running! Started on Thanksgiving night. When everything was working properly my wife announced that she couldn't believe we pulled it off! It is so cool to have people pull up and stop and watch awhile! Lots of reading here and another place so we gleaned information as we went. We can hear some little kids outside right now!! Thanks to everyone for your help whether sending P.M.'s or just answering someone else's question that we learned from!