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  1. someone had an ftp site with a heap of sequences but the site is no longer available. Luckily I got a copy of some of it. (hope they don't mind) I've put the folder from Dr Wizard on my dropbox, they are 32 Channel sequences, great for newbies like me. If anyone wants a copy let me know and I'll PM you the link. It's thanks to people like the person with the ftp site, Old_Sarge and others, that I'm going to be able to do my first light show.
  2. Impressive stuff if money is no object and you don't have the mad DIY skills like @Disparky there's always the SkullTronix option
  3. Ha Ha. I first read that as (missed the a ) Then thought "LOR must be making huge profits if Mike can afford to buy three Teslas." LOL "should have gone to Specsavers"
  4. It wasn't just Tapatalk, forum was down for everyone even via the web Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  5. Thankyou
  6. try this thread http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/32213-holiday-coro-fixturesprops/
  7. this is another mega tree calculator, has heaps of variables and gives a nice visualisation, also provides power calculations mega-tree-calculator
  8. Thanks James Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  9. James could I get both please ozaz@ozaz.org Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  10. to a sword-fight
  11. I struggle to sequence 1 house, let alone a whole Street! Awesome effort Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  12. I'll just leave this link here: audacity tutorials
  13. Using wire frame outline with coloured M5 leds (green for outline, blue/white for eyes, yellow for lips etc) each tree is 8 individual strings (see pic). Connected to a 36 Ch DC dimmer board
  14. old school LED 4 singing faces off 1 36 ch DC controller, with 4 channels spare
  15. 3 main types of projection 1. inside projecting onto windows - eg "Virtual Santa" << did this last year and was a big hit for not much money (you don't need as good a projector as you do for outside) 2. outside - just projecting pictures or patterns onto parts of the house, eg garage door 3. outside - "projection mapping" - where the whole house becomes the display surface, eg a link from google
  16. it's almost a bit remiss of lightorama to not include the rj45 dongles on their ready to go boxes. I've used Ethernet-LAN-RJ45-Jack-to-Jack-Outdoor-Waterproof-Connector-M20 , with a short network cable, on all my other boxes. Also saves having to open box to connect/disconnect cables.
  17. Looks great Greg Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  18. Welcome to the mad house of pixel lighting My first year of doing this and I wished I'd done my homework better. a loaded question, like asking which car is better, everyone has their own opinion. Being on a LOR forum we will all recommend LOR products of course Ask the same question on one of of the other 7 christmas forums and you'll get 7 different answers. apart from the 4 @dgrant listed there's also products from advateklights and Falcon. The type of pixels will be somewhat determined by how you are physically going to hang them. bullet or square nodes appear to work well in pixel strip holders as in LOR's pixel tree similar pixel strip holders are available from other vendors too. I haven't ordered from Ray, but have been informed you should email him your order to get a better price on the freight. Mostly. LOR, and a few others, have two versions of sequences, one that can't be modified (which may not work with any set up) and one that can be modified (should work with any set up, but often more expensive). There's also free sequences around which are a great way to see how others sequence and to learn how to do it yourself. LOR of course but there are 2 other popular contenders, each has their own quirks and suit particular programming / UI preferences. Download them, have a play (you can set up example layouts without having actual lights) and decide which is best for your needs/budget. Confused yet?
  19. BMurray you are a lucky man with a wife who obviously likes you a lot.
  20. Jaynee, have you considered doing the mini trees using smart pixels? any color you want then have you considered "leaping arches"? again, using smart pixels. the Virtual Santa is a crowd pleaser, simple to set up and not that costly - added bonus if you opt for a reasonable projector, you then have a projector for home movies the rest of the year I've started to write up my 2017 shopping list - for one "megatree", two matrix columns and one 24*48 matrix plans don't necessarily match time, money or ability
  21. If building a "MegaTree" (180, 270 or 360 degrees) straight smart pixel strips, or bullets/nodes, is the way to go these days. LOR are even selling kits now (not a personal recommendation, for example only) Not only can the software emulate spirals but you can do a whole lot more exhibit A for small spirals trees, a single 5m/16ft smart pixel strip wrapped around a tomato plant trainer is ideal, eg: small spiral trees Majority of trees you see with multiple strands wrapped in spirals aren't using smart pixels and that was the only way to do "effects" in the past. IMHO
  22. my 2 cents worth (haven't used a pixcon): 1. you may be better off using pixel strings rather than ribbon (easier to cut and join (usually), easier to go around corners) 2. looking at the comparison guide you'll probably want the Pro version for pixel control and DMX http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/ 3. looking at the manual it looks like you can connect the pixcon directly to your LAN (interesting) 4. if using pixel strings you can join them together as 1 continuous string (up to 340 on each port according to the manual), or cut them down to length; BUT you'll need power injection.
  23. how are you doing the " Zara schedule immediate play command " ?
  24. "We don't want the Christmas Lights Addiction Problem --->"